Paul Ryan’s Campaign Immediately Retracts Candidate’s Support for Medical Marijuana

Campaign aides for Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) busied themselves this weekend with telling reporters that the candidate “agrees with Mitt Romney” on keeping marijuana illegal, despite him telling a Colorado television station that he supports letting states flout federal laws on medical marijuana.

Romney said earlier this year that he believes “marijuana should not be legal in this country,” calling it “a gateway drug to other drug violations.”

The views would seem to directly clash with what Ryan told KRDO-TV in Colorado on Friday night. “My personal positions on this issue have been let the states decide what to do with these things,” he remarked during a pre-taped interview. “This is something that is not a high priority of ours as to whether or not we go down this issue. But I’ve always believed is the states should make the right to decide.”

Ryan was trying to draw a contrast with President Barack Obama’s apparent hypocrisy in seemingly asking for marijuana consumers to vote for him by promoting popular stoner characters Harold and Kumar in a commercial, even though he’s taken a hardline stance against medical marijuana dispensaries in states where voters have approved them.

Despite Ryan’s comments, campaign spokespeople told reporters on Saturday that Ryan “agrees with Mitt Romney” that marijuana should never be legal — a position that is, unfortunately, incompatible with his prior statement. In order for states to legally permit medical marijuana, the federal prohibition must first be lifted, I.E. the drug must be legalized by the federal government for the states to “decide” on their own.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Theft from those that have, to a preceved entitlment, through Gov force.That is whaty Romney and his duplcate Obama.
    Only Dr.Ron Paul offers real Fredom.

  2. Anonymous on

    With reluctance i must interject that while agreeing with your position on Romney and Paul…I believe Obama deserves a chance to reverse the policies of Kings Bush and Bush. The record of their shenigans not to mention two illegal wars that are still breaking ours and our children’s “bank” would be enough to in all likelyhood change yuour opinion. Having said that its overstating the obvious that Obama appears to be the lesser of three evils: a vote for the 3rd party would simply put Romney in the Oval Office. Not denying 99% of politics is BS but as for myself and everyone I know-OK at least those I like-we’re voting for Barack. Its ours, and believe it or not, your only hope. Where goes the US goes much of the world, Lets talk herb and leave thuis subject alone…please.



  3. cliff on

    Ryan of course is a POS., Romney is also a POS., and not to be left out Obama is a POS.
    Republicans and Democrats are the same evil monster. They will take this country to bankruptcy in the next four years.