With 60,000 Dead, Mexicans Wonder Why Drug War Doesn’t Rate in Presidential Debate

Mitt Romney’s single mention of Latin America last night, calling it a “huge opportunity” for the United States, generated immediate glee from Latin Americanists across Twitter – but the hemisphere got no nod from President Obama, and then both went silent on the topic.

Given that the final presidential debate Monday evening was dominated by the Middle East and terrorism, most of the world was left out by President Obama and Mr. Romney. That includes the whole of Europe and its debt crisis. India. South Africa. And not a single mention of any country in Latin America or the Caribbean: neither Cuba specifically, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, nor Peru. (Read a transcript here.)

That means no candidate talked about the drug trade, despite historic violence playing out in Mexico, much of it along the 2,000-mile border that the US shares. They did not talk about energy policy in the Americas. Or the economies of Brazil and Mexico.

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  1. gutrod on

    The real slap in the face is that we taxpayers have to cover the tab which is in the trillions and counting. The American government just keeps printing greenbacks which inflate the dollar while Canadians just have our taxes increased to cover the hidden costs which are never disclosed.

  2. gutrod on

    America: Uncle Sam is watching you
    Canada: Uncle Harpo is watching you
    I’ve never felt so safe.

  3. Paul Pot on

    Behold the American Dream.
    It really is just a dream.

  4. gstlab3 on

    Too many Americans watch too much T.V. and are brainwashed idiots who are spun to the point of being sickened.

    Add this their education system that has taught them Socialism and Communism all their lives and the end result is quite clear.

  5. gutrod on

    The debates are orchestrated and narrow minded. Real issues like cannabis legalization and the American Drug war will never be discussed. Mexico is just a dumping ground for American made weapons. The American government has no conscience.

  6. G on

    Very true. The only stake I would hold for Mitt Romney at least, is the fact that his family is actually from Mexico–residing in a Mormon colony since the late 1800’s, and those people, along with his family, have been directly impacted by the drug traffickers in Mexico, even resulting in mass shootings, hostage situations (both his uncle and cousin have been directly involved and kidnapped), and out-right street shootings. I give the Mormons credit–they don’t just bend over and take it, they fight back. Ironically, they’re some of the biggest supporters for stopping the drug war and even decriminalizing/legalizing ganja. Yet, not a mention from Mr. Romney. I’d consider actually voting for him if he came out on this issue. Obama has been the biggest disappointment on many things, but especially this. If only America ran on common sense. Then we’d have Ron Paul in office, and a minimal local police force to deal with. Nevermind the bollocks, vote for Ron Paul!

  7. Jeremy on

    It is hard to trust a government that has declared war on its own citizens.

  8. cliff on

    Obama and Romney are both puppets of international corporations. The deaths in Mexico mean nothing to them. They only say what was rehearsed and allowed by their corporate masters.