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I got an email from a parent in Shelby Co. who has a juvenile child enrolled in drug court. This parent informed me that the judge (Kramer) forced a drug test on the spouse under threat of arrest "to prove the parents are good role models" and that this is standard procedure in Shelby Co. drug court.

It was eight years ago this month when my friend Marc Emery first alerted me to the plight of then Alabama teenager Webster Alexander, whose high school principal Ricky Nichols set him up by placing an undercover cop in the small town Lawrence County high school to pressure the kids into selling him weed for his FAKE cancer stricken grandmother.

I just talked to Marc and he said these blog posts containing his letters have created quite a change among the staff at D. Ray James.

Below are the letters Marc Emery has written me from prison and asked me to post online so that everyone knows what's happening to him.

Yesterday, for the first time in nearly three years, I got to see my mentor, close friend, and freedom fighter extraordinaire Marc Emery.
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