Great News from Marc Emery

I just talked to Marc and he said these blog posts containing his letters have created quite a change among the staff at D. Ray James.

He said everyone is calling him by name, being nice to him, working to fix the problems he has complained about etc. He said that someone from the BOP is there today and they are pissed like bears about the phone problem. Turns out the problem is with the computer system at the prison and not with the phone company PCS. The BOP inspectors are very upset that it has gone on for 6 days and is still going on.

He said today he got 51 books and loads of magazines from his supporters. Many thanks to all of you who participated in the Christmas book drive. Not only have you made Marc happy you have provided something for the other inmates to take their minds off their terrible situation of being in prison for simply being in the US without the proper paperwork. I still can’t believe that Americans are willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for such bullshit! As he said in one of the letters I posted it would be better to let them work and pay taxes and support themselves instead of us being forced by the government to support them. Hell, they are obviously willing to work. That is why they came to the US in the first place. Non-violent people do not belong in prison. And it shouldn’t be a crime to want a better life for your family.

He said to tell Dana Larsen that he got the book on Jailhouse Lawyer and Prison Legal News. He said to tell Catharine Leach that he got her books on Keith Richards. He said the policy about books has changed. I’m not sure what it was before (probably in a letter somewhere) but as of today he is allowed 5 books and three magazines a day. He said when he was called for his mail that it was one huge stack of boxes and envelopes.

He said for me to keep posting the letters he sends me because they are reading and it is having the desired effect.

I want to say a few words about my experience with the staff at D. Ray James thus far. The staff there is actually very nice. One counselor named Mr. Maynard has been an absolute gem to me and to Marc. He has helped with every question, returned all my phone calls and spoke with Marc over the weekend when he was having a very difficult time. He told me he understood the frustration about the phones and said he would be frustrated too…because it could easily be his son or daughter in there and he would want to be able to talk to them and know how they were doing.

On my visit a couple weeks ago my back began to hurt very badly after sitting in a chair that had no arm support for many hours. One of the guards noticed my discomfort (because I repeatedly got up and stretched and massaged my lower back) and he brought me over a better chair to sit in. I am not used to being treated like a human being in a prison setting and was very grateful for his kindness.

From what I have observed of the guards and employees there they all seem like good, salt of the earth type Southern country people (like me) who probably only took that job in order to be able to feed their families (who the hell wants to actually work in a prison right?). The area where the prison is located is severely economically depressed. There is no visible industry anywhere there. I don’t think their not doing the things that Marc has complained of is deliberate (or at least most of it isn’t). I think it probably has a great deal more to do with lack of proper training from GEO.

So, to the staff at D. Ray James, thank you for reading and responding with an effort to make things better for those incarcerated at your facility. A special thanks to Mr. Maynard and to the nameless guard who was kind enough to get me a better chair when he saw that I was in pain.



  1. Tony on

    Why is there no one on the website of gdoc.for marc emery. They do not want anyone to write to him? Even at the D.Ray James site. This has to be against human right of the US

  2. h4x354x0r on

    Sorry, I haven’t followed the case closely enough to understand the inferences. I get that they’ve been yanking his chain at every step possible. It’s happened to my brother, too. They’ll still do whatever they can to screw him around, but in this one place, in this one locale, there’s enough attention and scrutiny on his situation I can hear the workers at the prison crying uncle.

    It will be imperative that they keep moving him around, and try to put him somewhere that can withstand Marc’s popularity. In the meantime, it serves no purpose to bank the negativity and malfeasance the prison grunts usually deal with. You can grow better bud with nicer weather and better fertilizer.

  3. 420jockey on

    Lorreta you mention the guards and employees seem like good,salt of the earth kinda of people.I’m sure some are okay people,but let’s not heap to much praise
    on anybody who takes up a job that locks up another human being like a dog at the kennel.I would would work a Mic job before that.These salt of the earth people didn’t change things until Marc arrived.Now that things are changing is because of Marc bringing awareness to the situation.Let’s not kiss to much but.Not trying to be rude. Lorreta your doing great things and being new to pot activism I’m impressed!

  4. Anonymous on

    What a wonderful place you make it sound Loretta! ”The staff there is actually very nice” ???? Wow, sign me up. It is prison. There is nothing nice about it. If you go, you will know. Thanking the staff for making things better? They are not interested in making things better at the facility, who are you kidding? Anyway, good on ya for visiting your friend.

  5. mtnlionco on

    whats even more diabolical about it is that with the advent of technology, its really now a global world. there is no place to run and hide now. why do mexican citizens flock to america for a promise of a better life? why dont they stay in mexico and fix their corrupt govt?

  6. mtnlionco on

    the reason it is so diabolical is because the people with the most money are the ones who create the money, and issue it to the federal govt with debt already attached to it. of course i am talking about the federal reserve. this is a private corporation who has been given the authority by congress to issue currency for the USA, which serves as the worlds standard for currency valuation.

    its an unsustainable system from the peoples point of view because the debt can never be repaid. america (and canada) are now in the great deindustrialization phase of history. our wealth is in our paper currency, everything of tangible value is now being produced offshore.

  7. mtnlionco on

    the people with the most money get to make the decisions, thats what is so diabolical about it. money is like the glue that holds us together as social beings. are we really more evolved from primate apes or animals such as cats or deer who dont need money? or is the deer hunter the more evolved superior creature? only YOU can answer that.

  8. Anonymous on

    We all need to give Jodie and Marc our support but we are only preaching to the choirs
    Its a new year, 2012 is not that far away. We need now to pin point where we will collectively direct our passions. Any legal scholars with a minimiun ability of the queens english will agree that these words say it all and vent our passion, to the decision makers that have allowed this injustice to continued with our own elective officials and to violate our rights. Any legal scholars with a minimiun ability of the queens english wiil agree that these words say it all. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We the world need Marc and Jodie to be in a place to advocate our rights.

  9. Anonymous on

    Thanks loretta… Book has been ordered!

  10. MtnLionCO on

    I sent this book to Marc today from amazon.

    The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America [Hardcover]
    Jim Marrs (Author)

  11. Anonymous on

    well that’s an interesting thought about georgia having a ”high profile” inmate causing his keepers to ”play nice”….is this the same ”high profile” inmate who was going to do his time in california??…just a hop ,skip and jump from vancouver??…..maybe he’s the same ” high profile ” inmate who thinks he’s going to be sent back to canada next year….is that the ”high profile” inmate you are talking about?????

  12. h4x354x0r on

    Is this one of the first real high-profile inmates they’ve had? It sounds like they started out wanting to put Marc “in his place,” but have discovered really quickly that when the inmate’s supporters are on you like a massive DEA stakeout, playing nice is definitely the path of least resistance.

    The workers most likely normally experience such an endless cycle of negativity; giving them praise and support for doing positive things, even if it’s only to avoid a crushing horde of watchers, could likely be a very transformative experience for them. I still wish for all the world that Marc (and everyone else) were free from the senseless negativity of prohibition. Any positiveness, especially in the face of such horrible circumstances, that comes out of the cannabis community is a step in that direction.

    Best wishes for continued strength and endurance throughout this crazy mess.

  13. LorettaNall on

    You can send books, magazines and letters to:

    Marc Scott Emery #40252-086
    Unit Q Pod 2
    D Ray James Correctional Facility
    PO BOX 2000
    Folkston, GA

  14. Anonymous on

    Great job Loretta! keep the information coming, this is how america works, if nobody knows , nothing changes!

  15. Anonymous on


    could you tell me, or send a link, to current instructions for mailing mark stuff?

    i am going to order from amazon. is this ok?

    in the past there have been restrictions on mailing stuff to marc, i.e., in canada, he was only allowed a certain # of books and had to give some up if more came, i guess that’s not the case any more. there was a restriction somewhere that if you mail him a book, it has to be from one specific online retailer only.

    is there a web page with current up to date instructions on how to mail to marc, any instructions/things to pay attention to, and his current address?

  16. Anonymous on

    ……not that i doubt what you say…butttttt…….how do you know that the work crews on the side of the road are ”non violent drug users”……..

  17. Anonymous on

    These blogs sure are making changes behind bars allright
    Mark got fired from his library gig .
    Fired – from prison slave labour? thats pretty lame
    it sure wasn’t for being late for work

  18. Anonymous on

    The biggest US prison strike in history actually happened in GA while Marc was there… it was an effort to get proper nutrition, hearings, access to family etc, no torture, proper treatment overall. I hope it worked; I see slaves here in GA all the time, working on the sides of roads followed by a slow moving van… they are treated badly, & most are non-violent drug users. Cannabis should be legal because it’s safe & useful; just though I’d throw that in there. I hope Jodie is well: Marc isn’t in Saudi Arabia on the bright side! He isn’t facing stoning to death in Iran! He’s in a nation with some degree of civil rights… it resembles a democracy too! Well, on paper it does… sort of! Better than China!

  19. LorettaNall on

    Hi Anon…..Yes Marc welcomes all books and magazines. If you are sending a paperback you can just send it in an envelope or small box through regular mail,one per package/envelope. If you are sending a hard cover book then it has to be shipped directly from the supplier. The one per package rule appears to apply there as well. And many thanks for your thinking of Marc and helping by sending a book.

  20. Anonymous on


    I want to send a book to Marc… From his last letter to you it sounds like he has a million and one books already. But, I have one in mind I think he would really like. Is it possible for me to send a book to him? I know it has to be ordered in a special way. Let me know.

  21. Anonymous on

    The world owes Marc a debt of gratitude. The DEA is now replacing the CIA and this agency is out of control They are now making there own laws where before it took and act of congress. We cannot have a government agency make there own Laws and then with out any checks and balances enforce then. We have far to many cannabis POW’s who have never done a violent act rot away. I know people that on their last few month on earth were given some relief and comfort because of Marc Seeds not everybody is lucky enough to live in California. All I can think of are those famous quote from the McCarthyism days. To the DEA Have You No sense of decency Have You no sense of Shame. ( can’t remember the exact quote and the senators name but I know Edward R Murrow had a few choice words also for him.)