Letters from Marc Emery

Below are the letters Marc Emery has written me from prison and asked me to post online so that everyone knows what’s happening to him.

If you are Canadian please use these letters by sending them to your elected officials, the Justice Minister and anyone else who will be instrumental in getting Marc transferred back to Canada.

Monday, Nov. 29 – 7pm

Dear Loretta,

Checking on my commissary account I see you put $300 on the account Nov. 19. 14 days later would be Friday Dec. 3, 15 days would be Sat. Dec. 4. Try every day to put another $300 on my account. I have .02 cents in there right now and my phone minutes will run out on Thursday or Friday, although I don’t call Jodie Friday (she’s in the air) Saturday or Sunday (visiting me) or on Monday (in the air); but I am desperate so I hope Access Corrections takes that money soon.

Otherwise today was a good day. I got a job in the library Monday (8 – 10 am, 1-3 pm) to Friday. I’d prefer not to work at all. I’ll have lots of newspapers, books and magazines to read. Today I got 56 letters alone, that will take me weeks to respond to, even more now. But its also a job I can help others at. We dispense legal paperwork for appeals. I want to get some magazines/books in there.

Side notes from letter: As of Thursday I will have no money for phone or commissary. HELPLESS PLEASE HELP! If you can’t put money on my account by Saturday then you’ll have to get all my supporters to call the prison about me being starved for money by their insane policies. Have people call here and GEO headquarters. (Loretta’s notes: This was rectified)

4:30 pm Tuesday, Nov. 30

Today was my first full day at the library and I got the entire book collection re-labeled, straightened out and looking as good as possible. However, it is a very sad library. They have no current magazine subscriptions. The most recent copy of Rolling Stone is August 2009, Michael Jackson’s Death issue. When it converted from the State Prison the company that owned the State Prison (Cornell) canceled all the magazine subscriptions and GEO has not renewed any of them. So, I need you to ask people to send me a subscription of any good magazine, especially Spanish language ones for me to put in the library. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Please DO NOT send any more books or magazines to the prison – they will NOT be accepted.]

Same with any new or like new paperback books or magazines bought by anyone. Should be sent one per envelope. The library can’t take books from the public weirdly, (everything about this place is all weird, odd, or contrary to BOP regulations —- this whole set up is wrong. And it doesn’t seem to have ordered any new books. They are all ancient library books, most very worn out. There are a few good books and the small collection of Spanish language books were bought new. But they have maybe 250 Spanish books total and they need about 2,000 – 5,000 books in Spanish alone. There are no more than 100 recent or like new books out of 2,500 English language books. Most of these are 10 to 40 years old and obsolete. The inmates are truly being ripped off here. Yet the prison employs probably 150 people, but they have nothing to do and know little; they just warehouse us. Inmate labor (at .12 to .20 cents an hour)does most of the work in the kitchen, maintenance. Yet the yard and volleyball court are already deteriorating because no professional grounds keeping (watering and fertilizing the yard for one) is being done.

GEO has run this place for 2 months now and progress in any area is not happening (putting money on inmate accounts; collect calls, getting inmate property from previous prison, getting inmate money from previous prison, visitation forms.) Its supposed to be low security but our movements are rigidly controlled. We’re searched all the time. The 6 Canadians are isolated. Very challenging.

I have 20 stamps left so I am going to last on stamps if my phone time stops Thursday. Please keep calling the prison and beg them to change this strange restriction on inmate deposits. The BOP limit is $10,000 on any inmate account. Inmates can issue checks drawn on their inmate accounts to pay bills, order books and magazines, pay lawyers – let alone cover phone bills like my phone account. Its so cruel and completely punitive, as so many of the rules about this place are, the way GEO runs this place.

The food is very repetitive too, with almost no fresh fruit, after 12 days here I can tell you I’m going to hate this place after 60 or 90 days.

Called Dana and told him to send you $500 to use on my account. I talked to Jodie and she’s having a rough day. She cried the entire 15 minute phone call. She’s exhausted and frazzled.

Kirk, my lawyer, is supposed to come in the next few weeks and this place is so badly run legal action ought to be taken. But once I get money so I can get phone time and essentials I will feel better. I was distressed at Jodie being so distraught. I’m going to call you up and urge you to call her and calm her a bit. Reassure her.

I’m very excited to get a visit from you. Excited to see Jodie Saturday and Sunday but she’s worried about being turned away, being tired when she sees me, money in my account. I understand, I worry about those concerns and more, too.

I worry that they are not working on making the transfer paperwork happen, even though Sylvia Royce (US lawyer in Washington D.C. hired to make this happen) is supposed to call this week.

So, you can tell that though I am glad I got a library job I worry about all these things because this place is so bizarrely run and I feel I will be stranded helplessly in this place.

Like I say, I’ll feel way better once I see you and Jodie in visits. Write me often and keep trying to put money in my account.

Please visit soon!

Thank you so much for everything!

Love you,
In Gratitude and Affection

Dec. 5, 2010 – Sunday night 7 pm

Dear Loretta,

Jodie’s visits were AWESOME! Only 5 inmates had visitors all day, most if not all inmates here are from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba or other Hispanic countries, living in the US (often with wives or family or children who are US citizens) for the past 2-30 years. They will be deported on release. It’s all nutty! They could solve this problem by allowing any immigrant to work and pay taxes with no option to collect benefits for 10 years (until they’ve paid 10 years in taxes) and by legalizing drugs! The US taxpayer is paying a fortune for incarcerating these people who normally work and support their families.

But visits are rare here, because all of them are from California or the Western, Southwestern States etc., None are from the Southeast.

Look forward to seeing you when you come with Jodie on Dec. 19.

You’ll be needed to escort Jodie on Friday Dec. 17 to Sunday Dec. 19 (departing evening) Friday Dec. 31st to Sun. Jan. 2 (evening). These BHAM to Jacksonville flights should be booked ASAP for best prices. You may want to leave J’ville on Mondays but for the purposes of school of Monday you may need to leave on Sundays. But, then school is probably closed on Dec. 19 and Jan. 2 so perhaps hanging out with Jodie till Monday is a better idea. Talk to her about it.

By now you’ve probably put $100 on my commissary account somewhere between Dec. 12-16. Then I’m ok till Jan. 1 or so.

There are some other requests for current catalogs for magazine subscriptions, addresses of places, I’ll get you to research it for me as nowhere in this place (unlike SeaTac) are we connected to email or the internet.

I’ve put out word to my supporters to send paperbacks, single copy magazines or magazine subscriptions to me or D Ray James C.F. Library. It’s going to take a while but I’ll get that library relevant yet! I already do legal forms for 1/2 time served deportation, appeals and other legal assistance in the library.

I also prepare job application paperwork for the Hispanic (700 out of 750 inmates here) inmates to get them jobs in the area they would prefer before they get assigned to the dreaded kitchen or dining hall at .12 cents an hour. Once you are assigned a job you can’t quit for three months, or they threaten to send you to solitary. Kitchen work is 8 hours a day 5 days a week at .12 cents an hour! So, inmates come to me and I say, “Pick a job” (laundry, translating, orderly, clerking, medical aide etc.) and I’ll write up a request application and direct it to the one guy who works here and can assign a job immediately. So far all of them have gotten the jobs they wanted. So, I like my library job. But, if they turn down my transfer application I’ve got numerous legal actions planned against this place based on the clear discrimination of deportable aliens (like me) vs. USA inmates. The BOP claims that they don’t discriminate against foreign nationals incarcerated in US facilities but that is patently not true. This GEO group does/is allowed to deviate from BOP policy affecting us as compared top USA inmates several areas.

My transfer paperwork is underway and is required to be back in Washington, DC by Jan. 16. Then a decision on approval/rejection should be done by end of Feb. If approved it goes to Ottawa for their approval. If approved there I’d end up in Canada by July or August and out on parole by mid-November.


I hope to have the library ship shape by mid-Feb. At least if I’m stuck here I’ll hopefully have a job I like and do good work on.

I’m busy now from 6 am when I get up; I eat, shower & shave, go to the library at 8 am, return to dorm at 10:30 am, write letter #1 til noon, lunch, begin letter #2, go to library at 1 pm, return to dorm at 3:45 pm, call Jodie for 5 minutes, finish letter #2, eat at 5:30 pm, return, write Jodie’s daily letter, with additions after my mail arrives at 730 pm, finish Jodie’s letter, do letter #3. By 10 pm I’ve looked at my mail, read most letters and glanced at the newspapers, which I take to the library next day, along with any magazines or paperbacks or hardcovers anyone has sent me to read or for the library. (Eventually my 12 subscriptions to magazines will start showing up too.)

So, that’s my day from 6 am to 10:30 pm. When I’m exhausted I fall soundly asleep. That’s each day Monday -Friday, no time to play cards or watch TV or movies or listen to radio. On weekends if I have a visit that is from 830 am to 330 pm. I’ll write a letter or two (like this one now) to catch up. I do my laundry every 2 or 3 days (like today after Jodie’s visit).

I pick up my commissary purchases on Tuesday morning. I commission the artists to make a special card for Jodie every 10 days or so, right now they are working on a special hand-done Christmas card for her from me. That costs me $4 in commissary goods. Any crafts or other services I require (any onion, green pepper, banana for example) costs .75 cents for an excellent banana, $1 for half an onion, $1 for half a green pepper, that gets paid out of my commissary. So, each week I have a few lists of items I have to get to pay debts.

I’m in no danger here. I get along fine with all the inmates and GEO staff. I’m polite and acknowledge that the C.O’s are in charge. There’s no privacy but it no longer bothers me. Our property is stored in two inconvenient bins I keep under my bunk but it will become more complicated when my property arrives from SeaTac. I’m looking forward to my book light, books, notes and photos of Jodie.

My money in the commissary accounts at SeaTac, Oklahoma City and Nevada Southern should begin arriving this week which is about $160 from OK City, $170 from SeaTac and $75 from Nevada Southern. That’ll give Dana a break for a few weeks.

So, considering I’ve been here only 18 days my progress is good. Job I like at the incredible pay of $7.25 a week! Transfer paperwork underway. New shoes. Food for evenings ( I always have chicken, tuna, chocolate bars, potato chips, envelopes and stamps and whatever I need.) I’m super busy.

You are being super helpful with getting money on my commissary account Dana & Jodie’s letters to me, escorting my wife. In fact, without you I’d be really screwed! You, after Jodie and Dana are the most important person in my life without question! THANKS!

And actually I would have been bored with the desert at Taft and I feel I have a purpose here, to help inmates , activate the library (we should have the photo copier operational this week, and a word processor is being put in, we use typewriters now to do paperwork for the inmates). I should get piles of mags for the library and books donated. I hardly have time to read anything myself anymore.

Love you, See you soon,

Loretta: need you to do these things.

I need magazine current subscription listing from

Broadway News
206-324-7323 (Ph)
206-324-2521 (fax)

[email protected]

I need current magazine subscription list from

Grant Publications

Need subscription rates to D Ray James Corr. facility for;

The Nassau Guardian Online (printed edition)
This is Nassau Bahamas

The Miami Herald – How much is a subscription of this paper to D Ray James CF?

(Loretta’s Notes: I contacted both the newspapers and have yet to hear back from either of them)

Monday, Dec. 6, 2010

Dear Loretta,

I sent you a letter yesterday asking you to do a number of things. This morning I saw you had put $150 on my account, so I am financially OK until Dec. 18 or so.

I am going to use you as a researcher/go-to person in a variety of requests. I already ask Jeremiah to do journalism and research on specific prison issues and Jodie gets swamped with my requests, but from you I’ll often need you to find a phone number, fax number, address or send a request for catalogs (often books and magazines) or documents of a legal nature, BOP regulations etc.

My first request relates to work I do in the inmate library. In there I often fill out a cover letter and request for what amounts to a fast track deportation. Basically, as you can tell by (*stipulated deportation order and pursuant to A.R.S. 41-1604-14) letter, if an inmate meets the criteria set out in points 1-6 he can request to be deported after half of his sentence has been served.

We type in the inmates name, BOP number, address at DRJCF (although it’s in top right corner too) on the cover letter (marked #1) and on the stipulated deportation order (marked #2). We type their name, BOP number & return address too. And they mail it completed to the address listed on the form letter (Atlanta ICE office). I’ve done about 15 of those in the last week. Here is what I would like you to find out for me by calling the Atlanta ICE office and asking the following questions.

1) What is the name of the field director in the Atlanta office that these letters go to?

2) What is the phone number?

3) What is the fax number?

4) Do they have an FAQ or information online or in reprint or policy paper about this ARS 41-1604-14 that you can get, make a copy of so that I can make additional copies?

5) What is the turn around time in processing these applications?

6) Does the field manager or staff there have any advice on making applications easier, more successful or clear for the purposes of getting the deportation to happen?

Another thing I need you to find is the definition of class 1,2,3,4,5,6, felonies. As you can see the eligibility for deportation at 1/2 time is to those with class 3 through 6 felonies.

I understand Class 1 is murder, arson, serious bad shit, but I’d like to know, if a list is available, what offenses are in each class. Can you find that out and send me what you find?

I also need to know a place I can order Spanish language books/Spanish language magazines from. Retail is fine. We typically want to order only one copy of each. You might find stores online with outlets in Miami nearby. Print out their ordering info, list of titles. I especially need their phone, fax, email, terms and catalog.

I’m in charge of acquisitions so I need catalogs and online catalogs reprinted so I can order books, magazines and newspapers for the library.

Also enclosed is a print out called “Legal News” (I’ll need this back). It’s from the Winton, NC INS low security facility that just closed down its INS part at Rivers Correctional in Winton.

I want you to google that case: Case # 1:09-cv-00200 (RWR) Patel et al. US Bureau of Prisons et al.

The arguments made there are substantially the same arguments I made to Jeremiah in a 14 page letter I sent him Friday. Ask to get a copy of that letter faxed or emailed to you. It’s meant to be a blog by me and it outlines my opinions on how GEO and the BOP discriminate against foreign nationals in this and probably other facilities contracted out.

One thing has changes, the limits on deposits. First deposit $300 made out Oct. 19. No further deposits were possible until Nov. 30 when $200 was put in. On Dec. 6, only 7 days later $150 was put in, exceeding the previous restricted limit of $300 in 10/11 days. As $350 has been put in a combined 7 days. The front office says the limit is now $300 per day in an inmates account. We won’t test that threshold, but clearly $350 deposited in 7 days is a change from $300 max in 10 days.

So, progress is being made. I love my library job. I get to help inmates, get magazines, books, reference material for them. Today I helped an inmate arrange to get married here. The chaplain, warden and counselor are all giving him the run around but BOP policy is very clear on in-prison marriages. (Look up the policy at BOP) and they (the prison) require very little consent, it’s just a few formalities, but the people here have never done one so they keep saying, “talk to the chaplain” who says, “I don’t know anything about that, talk to the warden” who says, “the chaplain has to approve it.” In fact, the chaplain has nothing to do with marriage approvals. If the inmate and his fiance legally qualify the warden MUST marry them at the earliest convenient opportunity with a justice of the peace present. The only stipulation is that it can’t threaten the security of the prison (DUH!) and the inmate has to cover the cost of the Justice of the Peace and marriage license. So, I got out BOP policy, underlined and highlighted the clear policy for the warden to read and sent our would be groom to unit manager Carter with BOP policy and a polite summary of the run around so far and what is the correct prison procedure for in-prison marriages. Feels…..AWESOME!

So, I’ll let you know when he is getting married. It’s not complicated and there is almost nothing in the ordinary circumstances that can derail a prisoner who wants to marry a legally qualified woman. So far he’s encountered a lot of, “I don’t know how that’s done, but there are many here in authority who seem unaware there is a BOP policy ON EVERYTHING and it’s very clear.

So, I’ll let you) and I’m hoping I get some magazines or paperbacks to add to the library shelves.

OK, more tomorrow. I know you are super busy already so I hope you’ll forgive me getting you as my researcher – inmate rights liaison – helper – library assistant person. I hope you find helping me do good a fun thing.

I love you,

Dec. 7, 2010 – Tuesday 5 pm

Dear Loretta,

Today was another interesting day; the guy from Laos who’s in here because he’s not a US citizen (speaks perfect English, engaged to marry a Chinese-American, trying to marry her in Jan., when she visits him here in prison) but is not deportable because the US doesn’t have a transfer treaty with Laos (or the following countries: Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba); well the Justice of the Peace agreed to come out to the prison to conduct the marriage ceremony. That’s the biggest hurdle overcome. Now the Warden or Chaplain really have no excuse at all not to allow the wedding, but they are still trying to find one. But, the BOP regulations are pretty clear, as we keep reminding them.

Today, inspectors were here from the BOP asking about the quality of the food we get served. BOY THAT WAS GOOD! I told them the only ‘fresh’ fruit we ever get is a scrawny orange that Florida/Georgia would be ashamed of, once every two days. Never an apple or banana or God forbid, Georgia is the “Peach State”, how bout some peaches? The BOP requires we get fresh fruit every day. That’s violated for sure! Then I said, “We get too much of the same repetitive corn/corn products and ground beef/ground chicken stuff day in and day out.”

Getting our commissary is a total clusterfuck! We had to wait one hour to 90 minutes outside to get our purchase items. At 1 pm there were 100 guys lined up to pick up their items. The dispensing window did 1 inmate every 3-4 minutes, but that meant an average wait of 45-60 minutes. That’ll have to change.

I worked on several treaty transfers today, a number of 1/2 deportations, ordered some more magazines on the library tab, and tonight the library opens from 7-9 pm, so it will be packed. I’m working evenings also. The key is to become indispensable as well as on top of everything. New inmates arrived today, another 75 to 100, including two Canadians. I haven’t met them because they are in solitary (they couldn’t process them readily into dorm even though they are fully aware they are arriving), one Swede, one Lebanese. Both speak English well. I gave them the orientation of this place (here’s what really goes on and we’re here to help.”) Meaning the library staff which has evolved to be a multi-national brain trust of cynics and jailhouse lawyers. And they indicated they were appalled at how the place runs.

Yet, progress is happening. A spectacular new photocopier was turned on today in the library. What we can use it for or how often and how much it will cost remains unknown. (Loretta’s note: They have thus far been unable to use it at all.) Tonight or tomorrow we will be read the riot act on who & how it can be used. I hope any of the knowledgeable library aides (that’s us who work there) can use it on behalf of inmates. We shall see.

The computer was activated yesterday. It’s in constant use even though it’s not hooked to a printer, but we are lobbying to get it hooked up!

So, I need you to find out the following:

What is the subscription price of “Hola!”

It’s a magazine from Spain
Phone: 91-781-17-64 or email them at [email protected]

Another magazine I need subscription info on is ‘Muy Interesante’
01-800-849-9970 www.tususcripcion.com

Put it out there! Need to find out if there is a group in Canada that assists Honduran refugees (from Honduras of course!)

I need books in Spanish, French, Portuguese, popular fiction in those languages. Ask my Facebook supporters to send paperbacks or softcovers to me for the inmates who read these languages. There are no books here at all in French (inmates from France, Caribbean and Quebec) and Portuguese (for Brazilians).

If anyone has a copy of Jean M. Auel’s “Plains of Passage” book #4 in the series (English) that would be a great Christmas gift for one inmate.

If you are able to get parole regulations for prisoners in the Bahamas I’d appreciate it. There are two Bahamian’s who are applying for treaty transfers back to the Bahama’s (illegal entry into US) and want to know how much of their US sentence they would have to serve in the Bahamas.

The library under some weird rule cannot have books about religion — at least they won’t order them– so if anyone wants to send me a book about philosophy or religious ideas in Western culture that would be welcome by some inmates who have asked.

Here is a list of Spanish magazines that I am requesting a year subscription to for the library;

Spanish Magazines

Don Balon
GO (en espanol)
Mechanica Popular (en espanol)
Men’s Health (en espanol)
National Geographic (en espanol)
My Interesante
People (en espanol)
TV y Novelas
Pre Seso
El Zeta
Readers Digest (en espanol) and English
American Curves (in English and Spanish)

A magazine that would be extremely popular (perhaps the most popular) would be a ‘girlie’ magazine called ‘American Curves’, which is allowed in prisons (Loretta’s notes: I have purchased a years subscription to National Geographic and American Curves for Marc so no need to duplicate those.)

These can be sen to me at;

Marc Scott Emery # 40252-086
Unit Q Pod 2
D Ray James Correctional Facility
PO Box 2000
Folkston GA, 31537

Or they can be sent directly to the Librarian at;

Mr. Folk, Librarian
PO Box 2000
Folkston, GA 31537-9000

Any subscription arriving that way will appear to be a subscription ordered by the librarian or library aide (me) in the normal course of events.

Broadway News in Seattle sells single copies (the latest issue) of many magazines as well as subscriptions. They are at http://www.mymagazinestore.com
Subscriptions are cheaper at http://www.tradewindspublications.com

Single copies should be mailed to me.

Loretta, I need a divorce package from Arizona. Can you call up the county clerk in AZ, specifically Besbee AZ and send me a divorce packet?

I bought these shower shoes that are so good! The ones I was using (standard prison issue) were terrible (albeit tolerable) but I jumped at the chance to buy a new pair of actual super high quality shower shoes. Ask Dana for this money. I said to him I’d be a money pit in here. Tell him I’m doing God’s work battling the Anti-Christ, so I’m worth it. I’ll send him a letter thanking him. I called him yesterday to thank him for keeping me comfortable here.

I have a cold but I’m so busy and excited about my work that it doesn’t bother me. I really appreciate that you are teaming up with me to research this stuff.

Thanks for being my Wing-Man.

Doing God’s work Behind Bars

Peace & Justice


Friday, Dec. 10, 2010 10:30 am to Noon

Dear Loretta,

I hope you are reading my letters to Jodie because then you know about my hell night when we got moved because our dorm heater was dysfunctional (as it had been for 3 weeks but no one cared to fix it until they were in violation of the law when the outside temps dropped below freezing.) Then we got terrorized by SWAT-style C.O’s herding us around to a filthy, unready dorm; We got returned the next day, and now we think our existing dorm (Q-2) is like the Hilton. Changing perspective!

Among my 2 million requests our law library brain trust needs a directory or addresses for

*Presidential pardons
*Attorney Generals Office at Department of Justice
*Directory of Bureau of Prisons from director, transfer division
*ICE, including regional offices
*Addresses of all federal detention centers (there’s about 30-50 in the USA)

This is so we can write on behalf of prisoners. Check to see if there is a book or something that is a guide/reference handbook to the Dept. of Justice regarding contacting various departments.

I need a reprint of an article that appeared in Forbes once with the pot leaf on the front page “Inside Dope” I think it was called, by Quentin hardy. From the net is fine. (Loretta’s note: I have this printed and ready to send)

Any exposes you can find on GEO and any lawsuits against them. Any lawsuits by INS prisoners like us against BOP/GEO/CCA. Reprint those and send them. (Loretta’s Note: This has not yet been done. If any of you reading this want to help fill Marc’s requests this would be a great thing to research for him and send to him. Also finding the contact information listed above would be a wonderful thing to do. I try to fill as many of his requests as I can but fall behind due to traveling to see him, family duties, school and my work as executive director of ACC. Any and all help from his supporters to get this information to him will be greatly appreciated)

If any of your people want to send paperbacks or magazines in excellent condition, one per envelope, I’m sure Dana can work out a postage compensation fund.

As you can see I’m determined to change this place by sheer force of will and with my army of supporters. One paperback book or magazine foes a long way here. The quality of letter writing by my correspondents is getting very good. I read Jodie some very touching and inspiring letters from several people I received in just one day all saying I’ve changed their life in substantial and fundamental ways. Since Jodie’s been fragile the past two weeks (she’s feeling overwhelmed) I try to remind her she’s making a huge impact and keeping my reputation higher than ever. The Knowledge Network (in Canada) ran “Prince of Pot” movie nationwide again Wednesday right after the Angus Reid headlines “Canada wants Prince of Pot Returned Home” showed up days earlier. “The Principle of Pot” 3 DVD’s that’s out now is selling well and I really like that movie, too.

This week I received 12 new or like new magazines from December so already the magazine library rack looks greatly improved. I got a nice atlas of the solar system in Spanish, Billy Gibbons “Rock-N-Roll Gear head” big coffee table book and a few other good books for the library, none of which have been stolen yet. (magazines only get taken by the staff it seems. The Chaplain walked off with the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine that I donated and said, “Back in an hour.” 24 hours later no Rolling Stone magazine.

Hello! 8th Commandment “Thou shalt not steal”

(Loretta’s notes: The magazine in question was eventually returned)

I am in good spirits and am pleased you will be escorting Jodie next weekend and visiting me on Sunday. She needs a lot to get done including a letter to the DOJ on my behalf by mid-Jan signed by elected officials in Canada and the US (hopefully) urging my transfer. The trip to see me is exhausting and its gloomy, rainy, dark at 4:00 pm in Vancouver and the Holiday season is particularly hard on her without me there.

And no doubt you have burdens yourself, but i hope your two children are not amongst your problems. (Loretta’s note: My kids are no problem at all. They are spectacular and we are very, very close) I look forward to meeting them one day.

I watched an Auburn vs. Alabama State (Loretta’s note: It was actually the SEC Championship game Marc watched…Auburn vs. South Carolina) last weekend because I know Auburn is your team and Alex’s (my son) University. That quarterback Cam Newton is AMAZING! (Loretta’s Note: Damn right!) 13-0 for the season; l that’s a Hell of a record. On the news this morning was some business about his father refusing to attend the Heisman trophy award ceremony (which Newton is sure to win). You’ll have to explain what that is all about and why such a thing got on the news in a letter or when I see you in person. (Loretta’s note: I did explain all about the NCAA investigation and why Cecil Newton did not attend the Heisman ceremony to Marc when I visited a few weeks ago).

I read in Time Magazine of some mean, bastard sheriff who arrested Willie Nelson for pot (Texas I think) that he hoped Willie would get sent to his jail where he would delight in making 73 year old Willie “cook and clean all day.” What a piece of SHIT! Read that in the new Time magazine a supporter sent me to put in the library, but it was just a quote by the sheriff beside Willie’s mugshot.

There is a full page ad in Wednesday’s USA Today for CNBC’s “Marijuana USA” special on Wednesday night. It’s a full page image of a black & white suit with a big pot leaf on it. The same marijuana growers alas who contributed to sinking Prop. 19 no doubt.

Keep reading all my letters to Jodie and Dana and you, of course, I need you to know what’s going on.

Love you,

P.S. Get a catalog or online website for this store in Miami

Revistas & Periodicos Inc.
Foreign books, newspapers, and magazines
7971 SW 40th St.
Suite 10
Miami, FL 33155
Phone 305-264-4516

This place handles Spanish language material I need to order for the library as well as giving specific information to supporters who want to help me replenish the library.

I have ordered a catalog but I can use a few and I want you to have one to advise supporters on Facebook