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The last election special I’ll be hosting for sometime is taking place today (Thursday, Oct. 6) at Vapor Central. The Mernahuana Show is doing a Thursday night crossover with regularly scheduled Third Klass Comedy. It’s going to be interesting because comedians will add the necessary vibe that is actually found inside Queens Park. They’ll provide antics. I’ll provide the politics.

Dearest Jodie: That was a wonderful three day visit we just had, the only three day visitation weekend I'll have until Memorial Day next year, when you'll hopefully visit me again for the three day weekend. We took ten photographs today on Labor Day, and I'm hoping they turn out as well as we think they should. The next photo day is when you visit me on New Years Day, January 1st, 2012. By that day I'll be near the half-way mark of my sentence, and the downhill slide to my release day of July 9th, 2014 begins.

This video by Paul McKeever is about some of my early activism from 1982 to 1986. Please ignore the 80's hair.