Marc’s “Freedom Party” Back In Action for Ontario Election!

Dearest Jodie: That was a wonderful three day visit we just had, the only three day visitation weekend I’ll have until Memorial Day next year, when you’ll hopefully visit me again for the three day weekend. We took ten photographs today on Labor Day, and I’m hoping they turn out as well as we think they should. The next photo day is when you visit me on New Years Day, January 1st, 2012. By that day I’ll be near the half-way mark of my sentence, and the downhill slide to my release day of July 9th, 2014 begins.

As of Labor Day today, I have 1,038 days to go in my sentence. The next milestone I’m excited about is October 14th, when its 999 days to go, down to three digits from four!

On your next visit to me on the weekend of September 17th and 18th, something special happens. Long ago, in my home province of Ontario in 1982, I founded a political party dedicated to individual liberty, freedom and limited but rational government. I know that seems like a contradiction in principles (government is never rational), but you know I have been an idealist all my life, and I always held that is was possible for limited, rational governance oriented around a strictly adhered to set of principles.

These principles were articulated by Ayn Rand, my great inspiration for my life since 1979, and other great philosophers in history such as Thomas Jefferson, Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig Von Mises, Frederick Hayek, Isabel Patterson, Lysander Spooner, and other great individuals whose outlook on government and life would be considered libertarian. That is, the answer to all crises is liberty and freedom, and that governments that respect and protect the liberty and free choices and free markets of its people is most faithful to the idea of ‘governance with the consent of the governed.’

The name of that political party was The Freedom Party, and it has never gone away. It was quietly awaiting a renaissance since I departed its daily workings in 1989. Thirty years after it was founded by myself and a brilliant, wonderful man named Robert Metz, the Freedom Party renaissance is happening now.

In Ontario, there is a provincial election on October 6th. There are the usual statist parties vying to bury the province of Ontario in a graveyard of debt, regulation, police empowerment, the dictates of the nanny state, prohibition, and decline, but there are now 65 candidates of the Freedom Party on the ballot in that election to challenge the status quo. By mid-September there may be more to contest the 109 ridings up for grabs in this election.

The Freedom Party candidates in this election are all opposed to the prohibition of cannabis, but significantly, over half of the candidates under the Freedom Party banner are activists from the cannabis culture! Our people have invigorated this party I co-founded, under the inspired leadership of an incredible man of vision and principle, Paul McKeever, into a contender of a political party.

Paul McKeever, whose blogs I have enjoyed while I have been incarcerated for my 18 months now (he is one of my 30 Corrlinks prison “email” contacts), is a constant correspondent of mine, and, incredibly, for a man I have never met in person, the producer and director of the definitive video-biography of my life, The Principle of Pot (watch it at

Paul is a dedicated and articulate activist politician determined to bring liberty and freedom to the people of Ontario. I love Paul, I cannot endorse anyone more than him to protect the fundamental rights of liberty and all that entails in Canada. Ontario voters are incredibly lucky to have a great yet humble man like Paul McKeever as the leader of an Ontario political party that is on the ballot for Ontario citizens to support October 6th.

The Freedom Party has a moneybomb fundraiser on Saturday, September 17th, in just a few short days. Political campaigns require money. Chris Goodwin, perhaps one of my greatest proteges in this movement for liberty, this cannabis culture, is a candidate in this Ontario provincial election. He has recruited dozens of candidates to the Freedom Party campaign and is organizing a 24-hour online fundraiser moneybomb from midnight Friday, September 16th to 11:59 pm Saturday, September 17th.

Click here for information about WHERE to watch the LIVE event online and HOW to donate!

I know you will give some money to them, to support the party I founded long ago. It’s vital you show as much support as possible to uplift the wonderful members of the cannabis culture who are Freedom Party candidates, as well as the others who are running with Freedom Party because they have a passion for liberty and a thirst to make that a reality in Ontario.

I hope you will encourage as many other people as you can to watch, participate and donate to this moneybomb. I know Chris Goodwin has an incredible show planned, webcast for 24 hours live. The owner of Vapor Central has generously committed to donating the revenue of VC from that day to the Freedom Party campaign. I hope our supporters will be generous to the cause of liberty, and donate that day. I am so proud of them for what they are doing, and all Canadians can participate in enriching their chances in this election campaign.

The Freedom Party isn’t just about freeing the cannabis culture, they’re about freedom for all! Go to for information.

Thank you for everything you do for me and others, my sweet wife. And thank you to everyone who has supported me during this ordeal, with letters, mailed photos, books, and donations to my commissary. I’m looking forward to returning to Canada and helping restore liberty when Canada will need it most.

Yours, always,

MARC EMERY #40252-086
P.O. BOX 5888

Mailing guidelines and more information at


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Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. guitarod on

    u r not well perv

  2. guitarod on

    It appears that there is a gag order on Marc as we haven’t seen a blog since Dec 24/11. Too bad as I look forward each month to reading it. Marc, keep your nose clean in there and you will be free to express your opinion when you get out of that hell hole. They will probably try to put a gag order on you as part of conditions for release. These conditions will be interesting.
    Are you rehabilitated yet?

  3. Anonymous on

    I agree ^

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  5. Anonymous on

    I know and thanks for agreeing – yes Marc does maybe need a beat down
    I found it disturbing that he finds so much pleasure in fantasizing about other women
    If you read his blog like I’m sure you do then you saw how much he relishes “American Curves” magazine, which focuses on these bimbo’s asses, pretty sad that he finds it so important to mention it at all, but then how he goes on begging for more magazines and tells us all how it is his favorite, Lol

    Marc is right where he belongs, except when he gets out he will be even more greedy and manipulative and self serving and perverted

  6. Anonymous on

    Yawwn, thats all u have to say to ur wife is news about learning songs and what u have to eat?
    how bout an apology for being a conceited screw up

  7. duke of pot on

    So much for Overgrowing the Government which seems now to be officially super bad news to even try unless you want to play in Marc Emery’s new band. Poor Marc when he gets released will be shocked to see all his wonde4rful activist work down the toilet thanks to Harper

  8. Brian on

    It always amazes me to see how stupid some people are getting. Maybe its time for you to walk out in front of a bus or off a cliff. If only people like this would off themselves and save us from having to give you the time of day. Moron!

  9. Anonymous on

    Dearest Jodie,
    I just want to thank everybody for these nice magazines so I can sit here with a raging boner and imagine having sex with these naked models with big fake boobs, ahhh yes send me more magazines! American Curves is my favorite!

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  11. owen g on

    i live in on now
    small town – very small..
    just want you all to vote.
    and same for manitoba –

    i would like to get that shithead there booted..
    that’s my goal – get that retarded clown in manitoba booted.
    it is very important.

    owen g

    — i wonder if that stuff is still in my mouse buffer ….

  12. Anonymous on

    Monday, October 10th, is Columbus Day in the U.S. and is a federal holiday. Hence there are 3 consecutive visiting days that weekend. Monday, January 16th, is a federal U.S. holiday for Martin Luther King Day. Monday, February 20th, is President’s Day, another federal holiday and 3 day visiting weekend. I don’t know why he thinks he has to wait til Memorial Day.

  13. Anonymous on

    That explains one copy, can we hear from the other three purchasers? LOL

  14. Anonymous on

    Well, for one the DVD is in 1080p HD format, where the youtube video is only 480p, and not really viewable full screen. And the same is true of every torrent online, I can watch a movie still a week away from being in theaters, but its a cam at best, and we all still buy DVD’s, or pay for on demand, etc for the good version. Finally, lots of people want value for their money, and its good to get a 3 hour video of so much marc emery information, much never before seen footage, i suspect many people would like to own a copy. I paid $20 for mine at the vapour lounge in toronto during marcs money bomb, i felt good to contribute and went home with a dvd…

  15. Anonymous on

    Smoke a bowl and count to ten
    do it for the Freedom Party
    they need more retrogressive thinkers like you
    to stay in 38th place

  16. pestcontroldept on

    There are only a couple of people in the world with this much VITROL and TIME on there hands. OMG…So what if you think Paul is lame, or if you cant read well, probably needing a spell check to wipe your ass.
    What does it have do with trying to validate your own point (while pointing out the selfish nature) of which you claim you couldn’t read. Money sure can buy alot these days, look what i do with paint and paper, but it hasn’t bought you success or cunning. If its so awful and dumb to gaze your old eyes upon this page, then please enlighten us why you stalk these forums, and who god knows what else. —–johnny Galt – Ont.

    Why not open your own store to copy Marc Emery? …well you have i suppose.

    Or made a lame dvd ? which (if so) will never be a tenth of what Paul made in the eighties for the Emery the first time.

    Or was it the last time Tommy Chong wore your shirts that made you so bitter?

    C’mon, Join the Party Man…. The Ontario Freedom Party!

    Crack is whack!

  17. Anonymous on

    This video being discussed is not listed for sale in the CC inline store with the other pot videos.I can’t find it for sale anywhere else either. So even if somebody wanted to buy one they can’t get one. So they watch it for free online and don’t actually pay for personal copies. A number of them do, but it would seem its a very small number, like a single digit number. Maybe four.CC has been anti copyright all along. I recall that claim promoted in back issues of the magazine. Making the video was probably a labour of love. Good thing it is available for free on your awesome website. But I agree, Ayn Rand books are pretty boring, movies made based on them are really boring and that whole movement of intellectual gimme gimme never went anywhere. She is not a bitch but she is very self centered and selfish.

  18. Jodie on

    There are a number of people who want the DVD even though the video is available online, just as there are people who like to buy TV show and movie DVDs even though you can download them for free. Those people feel the product is worth the cost, and buy it – and anyone who doesn’t feel they want to pay for it can see it for free. It’s wonderful that so many people do want this incredible documentary of Marc’s past work, campaigns and accomplishments. 🙂

  19. Anonymous on

    How are sales of the Paul McKeever video going these days if you are offering the entire production for free online ? Have you sold _any at all? Just wondering

  20. Jodie on

    Paul McKeever contributed all his time making this documentary for free without Marc being involved. It was done as a labour of love, not for profit. We bought DVDs to sell to the people who want to buy them, but that is a fair exchange of money for a desired product with no unhappy participants. Liberty is best, always, in every way.

  21. Andrew Brannan on

    Sorry, it should say “even if pot is unequivocally bad for you”.

  22. Andrew Brannan on

    “The way to Cannabis liberalization is through a scientific fact based approach.”

    No, or should I say, the most fundamental issue is that cannabis liberalization is a matter of rights. No amount of “scientific fact based” evidence is going to change the mind of an individual, or the direction of a culture toward liberalization, unless pro-cannabis activists can defend their right to use marijuana with the moral certainty that they own their life—even if the best science says pot unequivocally for you. This is exactly what Marc set out to do, though (as the documentary outlines) Marc arguably went off the deep-end, and departed from his principled activism and embraced a more martyrdom-oriented, messianic force for the cannabis liberalization movement.

  23. Andrew Brannan on

    “…the lawyer dude who talks on and on about who knows what was just about 100% wrong on every one of his predictions on how it would turn out for Marc.”

    If he was talking about “who knows what” (i.e. you fail to grasp the message or intent of the video), then on what basis are you able to evaluate the veracity of the video’s content?

    How is the video not accurate about drug law and policy? I didn’t gather that predicting “how it would turn out for Marc” (what does that mean?) or precting concrete-elements of drug policy, were central to Paul McKeever’s (the “lame brain”) video. Articulating that the battle for freedom (including to sell and consume pot) rests on certain moral-political ideas—such as individual rights, which rest on the validity of rational-selfishness as an ethical system—was, in fact, a take home point you may have missed.

    If this message is indicative of your literary-intellectual acumen, then I’m not surprised you couldn’t finish any of Ayn Rand’s “her major yawn books”—or even Harry Potter.

    Let me help you out: ad-hominum (e.g. McKeever is a “lame brain” and “Ayn Rand is a bitch”) and content-empty diatribes do not an argument make. I suggest actually watching the video (did you even watch it? Or maybe, you didn’t even “yawn” finish it?) and maybe try finishing one of Rand’s books. Maybe you’ll have a substantive point and not present like an ignorant wind-bag.

    Kind Regards,


  24. Anonymous on

    Freedom of speech in action. Whether or not the Marc movie will be entertaining, this “Freedom Party” may be the only real alternative for freedom minded Canadians. If they can stick to Issues that most Canadians care about, and avoid being labeled as a “Marijuana Party”, they may actually have potential. Any Party based on freedom and common sense would be a stark contrast to the Conservatives. The way to Cannabis liberalization is through a scientific fact based approach. You just look at the issue in an objective way and gather all of the available studies together. We know that they show that Cannabis prohibition is counter-productive, so the Party doesn’t need to actually endorse cannabis use but simply say that they are doing what is appropriate in light of the study results. That way they can’t be labeled as druggies or whatever, only as being the only pragmatic Party in the nation and the only one that actually follows what the studies suggest they should.

  25. Anonymous on

    Looking back at this video and comparing it to what actually went down, the lawyer dude who talks on and on about who knows what was just about 100% wrong on every one of his predictions on how it would turn out for Marc. This video is as accurate about drug law and policy in 2011 as Star Wars is about Space exploration. Too bad Marc hired such a lame brain to represent him and then make this shitty movie . Ayn Rand is a selfish old bitch , who the hell can finish any of her major yawn books? Harry Potter was at least entertaining,

    oh well marc will out in about 1000 or so days, he can then see all the Harry Potter movies he missed, including the soon to be released Harry Potter Goes to Las Vegas . I doubt Marc or anyone with a single brain will be looking forward to watching this stinker of a documentary that is featured above.