3 Ways to Have a Cannabis-Infused Dinner on the Table In Minutes

Sometimes when you’re not well prepared, having food on the table out of the pantry seems not only daunting but a full hour’s work to have something accessible. It’s especially tricky to cook for one or two people at a time on the fly, but here’s three ways to have a marijuana medicated dinner on the table in minutes.

Living in a really multi-cultural place (NYC), I’m lucky to have access to some cool stuff. Wonton wrappers are one of those things that I always seem to have around, because the package is enough to make more dumplings than are humanly possible for one person to eat, even two.

Finding ways to put them to use has opened up some culinary doors I’ll never go back out, and my quick dinner game is fine-tuned as can be. It’s only fair to also flex that muscle with medicated food too, and if you have an oil or butter on hand from a previous recipe, you can bust one of these out in record time.

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