TOMORROW: Toronto City Hall Smoke-Out to Protest Project Claudia Raids

CANNABIS CULTURE- Join Cannabis Culture’s exiled Princess of Pot Jodie Emery at Toronto City Hall tomorrow at 11 am to mark the one-year anniversary of the shameful, violent and expensive Project Claudia police raids against marijuana dispensaries.

From Jodie’s Instagram:

Join me TOMORROW, Friday May 26th 11:00am at Toronto City Hall – I will be marking the one-year anniversary of the brutal Project Claudia mass dispensary raids by holding a peaceful protest calling for an end to the continued raids & arrests in Toronto and all across Canada. If you’re a member of the cannabis community, a victim of prohibition, an advocate for medical marijuana, or just a supporter of personal freedom, please come out and show your support! Our activism is more important now than ever… Bring a sign, be seen & heard, and help speak truth to power! ✌🏻 #Toronto #Cannabis #Marijuana #CannabisCulture #ProjectClaudia #ProjectGator #activism #activists #LegalizeIt #EndProhibition #NoMoreDrugWar #NoPrisonForPot #NoMoreMarijuanaArrests (Photo of this year’s Global Marijuana March taken by Paul Salvatori)

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Friday May 26th marks one year since the massive, brutal “Project Claudia” dispensary raids in Toronto. Thousands of people were hurt by those raids and arrests. Millions of tax dollars were wasted. Patients lost access and peaceful people were abused by the cruelty of arrest and jail. Businesses that help save lives were victimized by the government & police… it was HUGE news, for weeks. The cannabis community responded the next day with a protest at the Toronto Police Station, which led to some intense developments – including an inadvertent protest inside the police chief’s press conference, where media & activists like myself demanded answers & justification for the raids. It was a huge scene broadcast live across Canada on every network, and I believe it was my own “Marc Emery vs. US Drug Czar John Walters” moment, in a way… we told everyone ‘The emperor wears no clothes!’ and the police & government were beyond furious. That same day, we opened our first @CannabisCulture Toronto franchise shop – the first equal-access recreational shop for everyone 19+ with no discrimination against the healthy or sick. It was a grand opening that had been planned for weeks… coincidentally the day after Project Claudia went down. So now a year has passed, and the raids & arrests continue… And the Project Gator crackdown in March this year saw me, Marc and three top activists (Chris & Erin Goodwin, and Britney Guerra) arrested & jailed, facing life in prison… and then all of the Toronto CC shops closed after repeated raids. April brought even more bad news: we know now that the Liberal Gov’t fake “legalization” bill makes it clear prohibition and criminalization will continue… so we definitely need to keep protesting. Join me TOMORROW, Friday May 26th at 11:00am at City Hall, where I will be holding a peaceful protest calling for an end to the raids & arrests in Toronto – and all across Canada. Please join me, bring a sign & some friends, and let’s speak truth to power! No more demonization! No more criminalization! No more prohibition! No more anti-cannabis war! ✌🏻💚🙌🏻 #Toronto #Canada #CannabisCulture #cannabis #ProjectClaudia #ProjectGator #dispensaries

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Let City Hall know where you stand, raise your voice and let them know we will not be silenced!

Stay lifted!

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