This Entrepreneur Quit Her Career in Architecture to Make Marijuana Edibles

When Christine Smith quit her decades-long career as an architect to make marijuana edibles, she didn’t know much about chocolate. But she’d seen the competition, made with cheap chocolate and reeking of weed, and she knew she could do better.

So the fortysomething mother of two decided to target people like her, who shop at Whole Foods, with a high-end chocolate. Four years later, her company, Gron, is the largest edibles business in Oregon: It makes 50,000 bars per month, employs 18 people, and is on track to do $5 million in sales in 2017.

Gron makes artisan dark and milk chocolate bars using fair-trade chocolate and a clear cannabis distillate made from organic cannabis grown on Christine and her husband Jasper’s Tier 2 OLCC-certified farm, where the couple lives with their two children and a variety of farm animals. The process of making the distillate is extremely expensive, and each gram of the oil costs between $20 and $30. “So a pound is thousands of dollars,” Christine explained.

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