Inside GrassFed’s Pop-Up Cannabis Cuisine & Virtual Reality Soiree

“I’m so glad you could make it. Okay, let me give you the tour. As you can see, there’s an assortment of brownies. They’re all infused. Later, we’ll have infused ice cream. For now, there’s the vape bar. Both indoor and outdoor flowers. And, once you’re feeling good and high, you should try the virtual reality.” This is how Dan Braunstein, founder of GrassFed, gives me the short tour and introduces me to his pop-up cannabis and VR soiree.

The crowd is young creatives. We mingle in a loft space on the top floor of a building, just south of downtown Los Angeles. The brick walls and wooden floors provide a certain feeling of timeless intimacy inside the open loft. There’s plenty of scattered furniture, comfortably arranged in clusters for conversation. Leaning up against and hanging on the walls is artwork that’s bold, striking. And then there’s the giant psychedelic-painted lion statue. Setting the vibe is a playlist of music that ranges from hip-hop to classic rock, psychedelic rock to Arabian folk music. It’s eclectic without ever feeling pretentious. A delicate balance to strike these days.

Now that California has passed Proposition 64 — which will see a legal recreational marijuana market open for business in 2018 — all sorts of savvy cannabis entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to give consumers what they want. Braunstein’s pop-up pot event is one new model for how people might soon enjoy cannabis in intimate, one-time events. There’s a certain magic to a pop-up event for this simple reason. Just like a flower, the joy of the blossom only lasts so long. It’s a perfect way to create something special – something that provides a subtle feeling of wonder, like when Brigadoon magically appears.

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