I Drank Weed Wine – Here’s What Happened

The presidential election aside, a resounding “WOOHOO” could be heard coast to coast last week as marijuana became legal for recreational use in four new states. This means that now over half the states in this great nation are green-friendly!

It’s no surprise then that weed and wine can be consumed in the same package, and (being a devoted wine scientist and consumer advocate) I couldn’t resist coordinating a taste test.

For the sake of science, we tried a weed-infused wine made in the traditional, homestyle fashion. Unlike complex, commercially produced cannabis wines like Melissa Ethridge’s “No Label,” which use a marijuana tincture to infuse a wine, the traditional method simply dumps a pile of marijuana into fermenting wine. Over the course of fermentation, alcohol pulls THC into the wine, similar to how THC is extracted into butter or oil.

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