A Guide to Marijuana Microdosing: How Tiny Hits Could be the Future of Weed

Given the tumultuous and traumatic past few days, anyone would be forgiven for rolling up something large and potent for the weekend. However, a new marijuana mantra has been emerging as the drug has become increasingly legal and that is: less is more.

Microdosing, the practice of taking tiny amounts of marijuana for all the benefits and less of the side effects, is being increasingly embraced – and it’s as much by professionals as professional stoners.

Weed received an almost universal endorsement across the country this month, with eight of nine ballots proposing legalized medical or recreational use given a “hell yes” by voters. Only Arizona rejected it recreationally, while California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada made it legal for anyone over the age of 21. Arkansas, Florida, Montana, North Dakota approved medicinal use.

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