The Cannabis Closet

“Coming out of the closet” is a figure of speech long associated with the gay community but the expression has been used to describe many situations in which admission of some societal anomaly is involved. Deviating from the norm, even when one is certain their path is correct, can be a nerve wracking experience. And while it may seem that medical cannabis is completely “out of the closet” these days the fact remains that for many, especially healthcare professionals, there is still a strong degree of paranoia and confusion when it comes to the topic.

A recent essay on Linkedin provides an example of this. Entitled, “A Nurse Discovers a Little Known Side Effect of Cannabis Medicine,” it was written by a Massachusetts nurse who four years ago was asked to work in a medical cannabis dispensary. The nurse agreed, even though she had no experience with the substance (either medically or recreationally), because she supports “broad latitude when it comes to the use of anything prescribed/recommended by a physician, even this federally illegal plant; if it improves the quality of patient’s lives and eases suffering.”

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