Italy is Fighting for Marijuana Legalization with Weed-Infused Gelato

Don’t call it marijuana ice cream: It’s cannabis creme gelato. Lucky locals from the quaint coastal village of Alassio—situated in Liguria, along the eastern coast of Italy—can now enjoy a scoop of the aptly dubbed “Marley” (as in Bob) flavor at Perlecò, a local gelato shop.

Emanuela Baudana, the owner of the shop, has long been known for launching far-out flavors like beer and lavender creme. But for the cannabis gelato, she had a little help from her friends at Canapa Ligure, a legalization advocacy group.

Alberto Barbieri, the founder of the organization, is humble about the part his group played in incorporating marijuana into the local gelato. “Our role in the production of the ice cream was simply connecting the shop with the seeds seller,” he explains.

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