How Cannabis Came to My Rescue

Today, I heard shocking news. In late September, Trey Yant, a manager from early in my sales career, had a massive stroke at age 50. Trey spent one month in the ICU and will be in the hospital another two or three weeks for rehabilitation. Now that the worst is over, I thought it would be okay to visit him.

Physically, he was the same cute guy, with an added touch of grey in his hair. Mentally, he was as sharp and witty as ever. I was amazed that he remembered every detail of when the stroke occurred, how it felt, and being life-flighted to the hospital.

In the ICU, alarms and bells were constantly going off around him. There was a tube draining brain fluid on the right side of his head. By the third day, he couldn’t sleep and his anxiety was at an all-time high. That’s when his father brought him an edible — a marijuana-laced candy.

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