Colorado Cannabis Users File Class-Action Lawsuit Over Pesticides

Brandan Flores is a careful shopper. The 24-year-old raw vegan avoids chemicals and additives in the foods he eats, and he approaches his recreational marijuana purchases the same way. He asks budtenders about the cultivation practices behind the weed they sell and quizzes them on whether their marijuana concentrates are made using butane, carbon dioxide or water.

That’s why he was appalled when he heard last April that LivWellone of Colorado’s largest marijuana chains, had sprayed its plants with Eagle 20, a petroleum-based fungicide that’s used on crops like hops and fruit trees but not on plants like tobacco, since it releases hydrogen cyanide, a toxic gas, when burned. Flores had frequented a LivWell shop near his home, and he’d purchased a quarter of an eighth of high-CBD marijuana for smoking from the store in early 2015. When he heard about the fungicide, which is a type of pesticide designed to kill fungi, he threw out what he had left from the purchase and told his friends to stay away from LivWell. He hasn’t been back since.

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