An Entrepreneur Asks her Customers to Arrive High at ‘The Goodship Academy of Higher Education’

Remember that super intense conversation you had stoned in your dorm room? Imagine that experience in a lecture hall where the foremost expert on a technological or cultural topic is leading the conversation and the whole audience is high. Now meet Jody Hall who wants to take you there.

Hall can make a delicious cannabis cookie. But what this entrepreneur really wants is to see legal marijuana integrated into American society in a positive way. “Pot will eventually be as commonplace as alcohol and cigarettes,” she said, “It can be a party experience, but there is also a place for marijuana in a more sophisticated setting.” Hall is doing her part to make that sophistication a reality though a series of events where attendees are invited to arrive high, and through her upscale marijuana edibles company.

The “Goodship Academy of Higher Education,” percolating in Seattle’s hip urban Capitol Hill neighborhood may provide a glimpse of the future Hall has in mind for cannabis. She has been collaborating with Greg Lundgren and other cannabis enthusiasts to create a lecture series where “heady topics” are discussed by local artists, philanthropists and inventors with an audience that is high on marijuana. The first lecture will feature the head of artificial intelligence at Google GOOGL -1.37% talking about how his company is using AI technology around gender issues.

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