How a Young Man Changed My Mind on Cannabis

There are some things that stay with you no matter how much time passes. Almost a year ago, I met a young man named Dan Haslam, and the look in his eyes that day is something that will remain with me always.

Dan was 23, planning a future with his wife Alyce; to have children and to start a hobby farm. He wanted to talk to me about the use of medical cannabis and what a difference it had made in his battle with cancer. Cannabis oil had allowed him to eat again and gain weight — something that felt a little like a miracle after chemotherapy had robbed him of his appetite.

I soon found out a similar miracle had taken place just a little north from the Haslams in the Stevens household.

Their daughter Deisha has a rare form of epilepsy that causes frequent seizure. Conventional medicine did not help. When they started her on cannabis oil they saw almost immediate results.

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