City of Vancouver Begins Crackdown on Marijuana Dispensaries Selling Edibles or Allowing Smoking on Site

Marijuana dispensary operators have begun receiving letters warning them that the time has come for edibles to disappear from their stores.

“City policy is that edibles, except for oils, tinctures and capsules, will not be permitted to be sold,” states a document issued by the City of Vancouver’s planning and development services department. “Effective immediately, edibles cannot be sold in your business.”

The letter goes on to warn store operators that if an inspection occurs and edibles are found on the premises, the city will issue a verbal warning and photograph evidence of edibles as for sale. Furthermore, the business will not be deemed eligible for the city’s new class of marijuana business licence “until we are satisfied that the sale of edibles has ceased”.

The document also states that smoking will no longer be tolerated inside cannabis shops. This includes lounges such as the row of clubs that border Victory Square on West Hastings Street.

“Smoking is not allowed inside any commercial premise,” it reads. “By ‘smoking’, we mean dabbing, vaping, vaporizing and the use of e-cigarettes.”

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