Edibles in Schools? The Leafly Cannabis Legalization Roundup

A day to celebrate as a nation brings the last battle for bills as the legislative session turns to recess for the summer. Legislators are pushing to meet their deadlines and supporters are vocal for change. You know the world is making changes when a presidential candidate is holding fundraisers at cannabis events in Denver! This week brings major positive reform to the recreational laws in Oregon and Washington, a push for medical cannabis in Pennsylvania, and a last chance for legalization in Rhode Island. Let’s see what’s new in the world of legalization:


A new bill has been introduced by California Legislature that would prevent medical marijuana patients from being denied organ transplants based on their cannabis usage. Current California laws do not prohibit civil discrimination and many institutions will kick a recipient off the waiting list if the patient’s medical marijuana history is disclosed. An effort that is being promoted by Americans with Safe Access, Assembly Bill 258 or the Medical Cannabis Organ Transplant was introduced by California Assembly Member Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) and has already passed through the Senate.

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