Michigan Police Oppose Medical Marijuana Bills

Officials representing law enforcement and health workers urged Wednesday that lawmakers not pass bills that would permit medical marijuana dispensaries and “edible” forms of cannabis during the lame-duck session.

The legislation, which has passed the House and is among many bills pending on the Senate floor, contains too many risks to be adequately addressed during the two days remaining before the Legislature adjourns for the year, they argued at a press conference.

“We’re concerned they’re rushing this through in lame duck when it should be vetted more thoroughly,” said Terrence Jungel, executive director of the Michigan Sheriff’s Association.

Jungel and Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Director Robert Stevenson said police and health officials have had too little opportunity to comment on the measures.

“Never did anybody contact local law enforcement; never were we allowed to be involved or were we invited to be involved about the concerns,” Jungel charged.

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