Should You Worry About Marijuana Edibles in your Kid’s Halloween Treats?

With the return of fun-size candy to store shelves, we can reliably count on a new Halloween-related scare campaign to make the rounds – razor blades in apples, needles in chocolate bars and poison-dosed goodies. This year, it’s kids confusing their trick-or-treat goodies with their parents’ pot-infused candy.

The Colorado police sparked this one off after warning the public about little ones getting into the pot-infused edibles that have proliferated since marijuana was legalised in the state.

Be wary, they say, of dangerous cannabis edibles – including cookies, brownies, cakes, chocolates, lollipops, and other candies.

But is the Halloween hysteria about THC treats justified?

The concerns about kids accidentally consuming pot are seriously exaggerated based on the number of incidents reported. One highly publicized study found that 14 children went to the emergency room after exposure to marijuana between October 2009 and December 2011 – only 7 after eating pot-infused food. Compare that to the 16 children who were poisoned by e-cigarettes in Colorado last year – up from 4 in 2012 – after licking or drinking legal nicotine-laced products that come in alluring flavours like root beer.

Read the entire article at The Guardian.



  1. Anonymous on

    I think it’s more, keep an eye on your kids, keep an eye on your drugs (weed or tobacco), accidents happen

  2. Anonymous on

    In other words, ” This drug has caused less harm than that drug, so there”!