Pressure Builds to Legalise Medical Marijuana After Boy Denied Treatment

Federal, state and territory governments have lost the “consent of the governed” on the issue of medical marijuana, the president of the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation says.

Dr Alex Wodak’s comments follow a clash between the parents of a three-year-old boy and a Melbourne hospital after doctors stopped administering cannabis oil to the child because of concerns about legal ramifications.

Rhett Wallace and Cassie Batten were told by doctors at the Northern Hospital the treatment was withdrawn due to uncertainty about potential criminal charges, the ABC reported.

They turned to cannabis oil to treat their son Cooper’s seizures about a year ago, after doctors told them they had no way of stopping them. They said it had been highly effective.

But after at first helping to administer the drug, the ABC said, hospital staff warned Wallace and Batten that if they continued to give Cooper the oil, police would be informed.

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  1. Mrs.Ratsrectum on

    Heartless denying the treatment! Why don’t the law enforcement authorities simply ignore it?! Issue a waiver to allow it!