Seeming Stoners Win First-Ever Slopestyle Snowboarding Gold Medals

CANNABIS CULTURE – The first US Gold Medal at the Sochi Olympics went to 20-year-old Sage Kotsenburg, who hadn’t even been expected to make the team.

“Whoa how random is this, I made the finals,” Kotsenburg tweeted, and told reporters “I’m so stoked to be here,” at a post-win press conference, leading to puzzlement by Russian translators.

On a course so controversially dangerous that one of the riders broke his collarbone in practice, Kotsenberg decided at the last minute to try a trick he had never performed before for his Olympic run. He called his brother named (no kidding) Blaze to get his approval before attempting a backside 1620 Japan (which entails rotating 4 1/2 times) and winning the gold.

The following day, Jamie Anderson of South Lake Tahoe, California – a clear favorite to win the women’s slopestyle competition – also won a gold for the U.S. Anderson called the opportunity to compete in the games “mind blowing” and said she was going into the event with “an open heart and open mind.” She ended her interview with “namaste” and a flashed a peace sign. reported:

Based on the personalities of the two American gold medalists, it seems like being a slopestyle competitor is good for the soul. Despite all the pressure, Anderson — just like Sage Kotsenburg the day before — was maddeningly chilled out, sounding like a stereo-typical stoner during interviews. In fact, her blissed-out attitude probably puts a lot of stoners to shame.

It’s little wonder that British bronze medalist Jenny Jones calls Anderson “a bit of a hippy,” as Reuters notes. She wears “mantra beads” around her neck that were made by her yoga teacher in Breckenridge, who “made them for me with sacred energy put into them.” Anderson also wears a large quartz crystal she describes as “a powerstone” and a triangular moonstones, explains the Washington Post. And that’s just for starters. “You should see what’s in my backpack,” she said, according to Yahoo Sports. “A medicine bundle.”

The first-ever “straight” snowboarding medal was won by Canadian Ross Rebagliatti in 1998, but he was almost stripped of his medal after testing positive for marijuana after the race. Rebagliati admitted that he had smoked marijuana in the past, but said the positive test was the result of accidently inhaing nearby marijuana smoke at a going away party in his hometown of Whistler, BC. The Olympic committee allowed Rebagliati to keep his medal and he is now opening a medical marijuana dispensary specializing in “Ross’s Gold”.

Meanwhile, the author of an article in the National Law Review frets about workplace safety in the wake of the legalization wave. But if these Olympians are any indication, maybe the problem is that our workers aren’t smoking enough to embrace life with the proper enthusiasm.

Ellen Komp is Deputy Director of California NORML and a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. She manages the website and blogs at Tokin Woman.