Pot Brownies Not ‘Usable’ Under Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Law, Appeals Court Rules

Baked goods and other food containing THC, marijuana’s active ingredient, are not “usable marijuana” under Michigan’s medical marijuana law unless they contain actual plant material, an appeals court has ruled.

However, registered medical marijuana patients who possess THC-laced foods may still be able to claim immunity from prosecution under a different section of the law.

The ruling comes in a case centering on a January 27, 2011 traffic stop in Oakland County. Police charged Earl Cantrell Chambers with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver after a search of his car revealed “marijuana found in various locations within the vehicle, including mason jars, plastic bags, and a binder of plastic pouches, as well as containers of brownies that were individually labeled to indicate the weight of the brownie and content of medical marijuana,” according to the Michigan Court of Appeals opinion issued Thursday.

Chambers also had “packaging materials, including Glad zipper bags, labels, price labels, plastic portion cup lids, a vacuum sealer, and a grinder,” the opinion states, and paperwork indicating sales had been made to a list of people.

When arrested, Chambers presented both a medical marijuana identification card, a caregiver certificate and applications for four patients. Chambers was tried and convicted of possession with intent to deliver and sentenced to 33 days in jail and three years of probation.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Hey dude don’t blame the concentrates for their possible impurities!

    ANY pure solvent is safe as long as it’s totally removed, though admitedly the higher its boiling temperature the greater the risk of trace contamination. People are catching on though and vacuum rigs are now being used to purge even butane extracts.

    I think pure ethanol (95% + 5% h20) is perfectly safe even if traces remain (since it’s arguably safe in much higher conc’s) and what about subcritical CO2 (what GW Pharmaceuticals uses too), which leaves absolutely no trace (due to it having a lower boiling temperature than even butane) and even if it did it’s only CO2 – something your body produces and the cannabis plant consumes (& produces too). Where’s the danger here?

    A good concentrate contains all the ‘goodies’ (cannabinoids and terpenes) minus all the ‘unwanted crap’ which can even have negative consequences (allergy inducing pollen, fertilizer & protein nitrosamine precursors and many other natural chemicals which aren’t really great to smoke or vape).

    Far from every chemical in cannabis is unique and there’s plenty that clearly have no medical or recreational benefit (and are found in other plants) and which only serve to at best dilute the desired chemicals or at worst contribute to producing adverse reactions in people themselves or produce known toxic substances upon heating.

    Give me a pure concentrate anyday over the bud it was made from!!!

  2. Anonymous on

    Absolutely correct … California law makers did the very same tactics on Concentrates..No solvents can be used to extract.. Water is the only exception…

  3. Anonymous on

    Last time I checked THC was ‘plant material’…certainly isn’t made anywhere else…

  4. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    This is just another example of the pigs wasting time, money and resources on enforcing federal cannabis prohibition, regardless of the will of the voters. It goes against the intent of the will of the people and the laws governing them, and the prohibitionists do it just because they can get away with it. They enjoy the power trip of fucking over people and ruining them despite the law, and getting away with it. They just decided what they’re going to enforce and what not, and that they’re not going to allow the law to be effective as intended.

  5. Bhonze on

    That’s the whole problem with non-users making the pot rules; how F^ked is it to make the statement you need to use the whole plant. it really makes no difference it is just a matter of what one likes. And furthermore all you need to do is get your 1/4 oz and go home and make your butter, hash what ever. All they are doing is creating another BLACK market. Put ME in charge Dammit!!!