Expert Calls For Marijuana To Be Legalised To Reduce Harm of Binge Drinking In Teens

The head of Australia’s leading alcohol research body has called for marijuana to be legalised to reduce the harm of drinking.

Robin Room, director of the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, says marijuana should be legalised under strict controls because the social harm associated with it was significantly less than from drinking.

“It makes sense to legalise marijuana in a controlled market,” he told the Herald Sun yesterday. “We are in a situation where we need to look ahead. I think we need to have the discussion and it makes a lot of sense in terms of, among others, cutting down government costs to have a fairly highly controlled legal (cannabis) market and, while we are at it, tighten up the legal market of alcohol in the same way we tightened up the market of tobacco.”

Prof Room, a leading academic at Melbourne University, is funded by the Department of Human Services.

– Read the entire article at The Herald Sun.



  1. Anonymous UK on

    I have said for many years (mostly answered by ridicule and derision) that if Alcohol and Cannabis swapped places in our society the world would be much better place in all sorts of ways. Although that said I would not prohibit any drug but there is a very strong case for handling alcohol in a similar way to cigarettes when it comes to advertising, sports sponsorship, packaging and public consumption.
    The question now is how do we move our society to this utopia – you cannot just change the laws and hope that hearts and minds will follow. There are many millions of alcohol addicts out there and virtually everyone alive today has grown up with lies and misinformation about drugs. A big challenge that will take decades if not generations to overcome.

  2. AHPMax on

    Once again the research proves the law is wrong.

  3. Dave on

    We can’t have that; it makes way too much sense. Hell there are older folks who have trashed their lives with alcohol and have found redemption and better health in cannabis but stand to have it all destroyed. And why is that?