Nation’s Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary Fights In Federal Court To Stay Open in Oakland and San Jose

For more than six years, the federal government watched quietly as Harborside Medical Center grew to become the nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary despite knowing that its operations were illegal under federal law.

Those years of inaction could now become a central issue in a federal court action in which the federal government is seeking to seize properties in Oakland and San Jose from which Harborside sells marijuana to patients.

In a drastic change of policy last summer, U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag began federal civil forfeiture proceedings against two landlords who lease property to Harborside arguing the government has the right to take the properties because they house illegal drug businesses.

Haag’s decision to seek the properties sparked a precedent-setting legal battle that resulted Thursday in two landlords, the city of Oakland, Harborside and the federal government arguing before a judge about whether the business should be allowed to continue to operate while the forfeiture actions move through the courts.

Unable to win state court approval to evict Harborside from its properties, landlords from the dispensary’s Oakland and San Jose locations asked a federal judge Thursday to order the business to immediately cease operations.

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  1. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Haag had to take action once Harborside got to big because #1 they were visibly diverting a hell of a lot of money that would have gone to the cartels and #2 Harborside was of sufficient size to add a nice chunk of change in asset forfeiture. That locks in one hell of a nice bonus, cash bonus, extra money, for her and her ilk, in addition to any bribes or favors they get from the cartels for getting the legal competition out of the way.

    Cut the crap! Make bonuses from asset forfeiture illegal! Haag and her ilk do not deserve any bonuses for pulling this shit. If they want a bonus, then bust an enterprise that is NOT legal according to state law.