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Being a computer coder takes a physical toll. The long hours sitting at a keyboard can cause back and wrist pain. You can run to a pharmacy and pick up some Advil, or if you’re in Silicon Valley, you can drop by the Palliative Health Center for some Sour Diesel.

Taxes are never far from Dave Hodges' mind. According to the state of California, Hodges, the founder and operator of the All American Cannabis Club in San Jose, owes almost a quarter million dollars in back taxes. According to Hodges, the state owes him -- about $11,000, in taxes he "mistakenly" paid.

San Jose lawmakers took a major step toward downsizing and regulating the city's thriving medical marijuana industry on Tuesday, adopting a package of zoning regulations and laws that will sharply limit how and where pot collectives can operate and initially cap their number at 10.