Santa’s Helper Nailed for Medical Marijuana Stash

On September 13, Chicago police stormed a two-bedroom apartment in North Center and arrested 52-year-old Michelle DiGiacomo, who lived there with her 14-year-old daughter. They tossed the apartment, cuffed DiGiacomo, and hauled her off in a squad car. DiGiacomo recalls her daughter screaming as the police led her away, “Please! She’s all I’ve got!”

DiGiacomo would later write her many friends, describing the night she spent in jail: “I shared a cell with a woman who had severely beaten her grandchild. She attempted to get in my bed to stay warm. She told me that’s how you do it in prison.”

DiGiacomo is accused of ordering nearly 1.5 pounds of marijuana from a grower in California. The package was FedExed to a UPS storefront in North Center, and the cops were all over the shipment. Sergeant B. Williams (the initial is his preference) of the CPD’s Package Interdiction Team tells me a drug dog sniffed the pot at some point in the package’s journey, a warrant was issued, the package was opened and the contents confirmed, another warrant was issued, and the FedEx truck that delivered the pot to the UPS store actually had an interdiction team officer at the wheel. When DiGiacomo picked up the package, investigators followed her to her home a few blocks away, and within minutes they were barreling inside. Under Illinois law, the amount of marijuana with which she’s charged is considered a Class 3 felony punishable by two to five years in prison. The street value of that much pot, Sergeant Williams says, is over $10,000.

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  1. albinorat on

    $10,000 for 1.5 pounds? what is she going to sell pin joints for $15 a piece? by the way the police price marijuana its clear they don’t have to buy it, they just take it!

  2. Anonymouse on

    The lesson here is that you should never order more than an half oz at a time…

    Do not order cannabis unless it is shipped in food saver vacuum sealed bags (double bagged).

    Vacuum sealed food saver bags are necessary for those that back pack in the wild. If an animal can’t smell the food inside it won’t try to eat it, nor bother with it. Same thing goes for drug sniffing dogs…

    Cannabis is on its way to becoming rescheduled, decriminalized and legal. Soon stories like this will be looked upon as the dark ages of our so called modern civilization.

  3. Anonymous on

    Like the dog comment about putting the scent all over the place- plant seeds all over like johnny apple seed. Have no expectation to harvest the buds-just toss your seeds any place with dirt and light. Could germinate them and hand plant them if you want ot assure growth too- up to you. Having the cops investigating non true grow sites would be hilarious and time costing

  4. SwaziX on

    What she should have done is wait a couple of days before she opened the package. That way she could have denied knowing what was inside it and possibly avoided jail.

    Also if you work in a situation where they use drug dogs, try bringing a bud to work/school and rubbing that bastard all over every surface you can find – boss’s door, bathroom, wherever you can think of. That way once the poor dog gets in to do his work, he’ll “alert” on everything and keep the storm troopers busy spinning their wheels looking at nothing.

    Do this often enough and you could raise suspicions that the drug dog is no longer effective. They cost big bucks to train, so every one we make ineffective is another win for common sense and freedom!

  5. Anonymous on

    this is war on drugs in the most inhumane fashion.How many more years will we have to live in a heartless society ?