Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Question Attracts Out-of-State Support

Proponents of legalizing medical marijuana in Massachusetts have a huge money advantage over opponents of the 2012 ballot question, almost entirely due to the contributions of one deep-pocketed out-of-state advocate.

Peter Lewis, the Ohio chairman and retired chief executive officer of Progressive Insurance, has given $465,000 to the Committee for Compassionate Medicine, the ballot committee behind Question 3. Lewis is a well-known benefactor for pro-medical marijuana laws.

The committee raised $512,860 since January, according to its report required to be filed with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance 60 days before the election.

The Vote No on Question 3 committee raised just $600 since January from two donors, $100 from Massachusetts Family Institute director Kris Mineau and $500 from Westboro homemaker Josephine Hensley.

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