MAMA: “I’M COMIN’ HOME!” 4/21 Book Signing and Reading at Cannabis Culture HQ

“I know some of you consider yourselves hardcore tokers; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this [particular book]. I’d bet my best Nepalese Temple and benwa balls that some of you are hardcore sex monkeys, too. It’s amazing how often these attributes go hand-in-hand…”

So began my first foray into organizing (if you can call it that) my thoughts, opinions, advice and personal experience about sex and weed into words, presenting them for all the world to take or leave with a big, honkin’ grain of kosher salt. It was Marc Emery who initially suggested I take what was then simply a collection of sassy Cannabis Culture forum posts in the Stoner Sexuality section and turn it into something unique, informative and entertaining; even better, a vehicle for antiprohibitionist activism and if I’m reaaaaaallllyyyy lucky, some semblance of a career as a writer and magazine editor.

Fast forward well over a decade and I’m still writing about your favorite two subjects and mine and lo and behold, the collection of pithy forum posts morphed into my Pillowtalk and Roachplay columns in SKUNK Magazine and now, my collection of SKUNK columns and quizzes has been turned into a gorgeously raunchy, candidly colorful book by the Guru of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal. I guarantee, it includes pot questions you’ll never ASK ED.

Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Getting’ It On holds no punches – the truth and nothing but the more-often-than-not hilarious truth about all things kinky n’ kind. I write about what everyone and their hip grandma has been saying since time immemorial: marijuana is a kickass aphrodesiac for both men and women and while sensimilla and skronking don’t necessarily have to go together, it’s absolute and utter bliss when they do.

Swift on the heels of 4/20, on Saturday, April 21st at 7pm at the Cannabis Culture Headquarters and BCMP Vapor Lounge (307 W Hastings – see map) in budiliciously beautiful Vansterdam, B.C., in the spirit of Marc’s support of the pursuits of pleasure, freedom and fine counterculture literature, Jodie Emery will be hosting a book signing and reading of Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Getting’ It On.

I’ll be bringing my stories, quizzes and Q&As to life; you’ll get the rare opportunity to get it straight from the hussy’s mouth, ask questions and even elevate your intellectual status amongst friends when you tell them you’re attending a reading of an internationally acclaimed Canadian author (just don’t bother telling them it’s not Margaret Atwood). Never mind that that author writes about “the spacecake-induced orgy you had at that house party. The jellyhash-assisted anal probing. The hookah-enabled masturbation.” Literature – both non-fiction and fiction – is a sign of a healthy society. Pot culture is vibrant and strong across the globe, as evidenced by authors like myself and retailers like Jodie holding these events. While The Man can try to keep us down, He cannot silence us.

While you can pick up Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Getting’ It On anywhere you can pick up quality printed material, including online, if you buy it at the reading or any time during the 4/20 weekend celebrations, not only will I sign it and personalize it with something witty and cool, I’ll be donating $5 of every book sale to Marc Emery’s commissary fund, to say THANK YOU to Marc for everything he’s done for the movement, for pot writers and for myself. Bring your SKUNK magazines and I’ll sign them for ya’, too.

Special thanks and love to Green Harvest, Dana Larsen and Tamara Cartwright-Poulits for sponsoring this high and happy homecoming.

“We all must do our part to make the world a better (and wetter) place, changing things one stoned skronk at a time. I love you all so very much. I wish I could line every last one of you up, human-bong you and give you oral pleasure!”