Czechs Decriminalize Peyote, Magic Mushroom Growing

Under changes in Czech drug policy approved Wednesday by the Cabinet, growers of psychedelic cacti and fungi will no longer face criminal punishment. The hallucinogenic plants will be removed from the government’s drug “black list,” meaning that cultivation of more than “small” amounts will no longer be a crime.

Peyote and magic mushrooms were originally included on the list when the Czech’s reformed their drug laws in 2009, making the Czech Republic one of the most liberal in Europe on drug policy. But amateur cactus growers who said they had no intention of consuming their plants complained that the drug reforms effectively criminalized them for pursuing their hobbies.

The 2009 reforms decriminalized the possession and cultivation of small amounts of marijuana, as well as the possession of small amounts of other drugs.

Wednesday’s adjustment of the reforms actually tightened up a bit on the issue of marijuana cultivation. They include a change in the way marijuana’s potency is calculated. Previously, authorities measures the amount of THC in pot plants by measuring the content of the whole plant; now, they will only measure the content of the flowers, where the THC is most concentrated. That means some pot cultivators who are growing low-potency marijuana will not be able to escape drug law enforcers.


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  1. Psychedelicious on

    Harper taking note is not necessary. This is a guy who substitutes prohibition minded changes to the lyrics of Beatles songs so that they no longer elude to drug use. Harper is someone who thinks its reasonable to put people in jail because they use drugs that he thinks they should not. Any politician who thinks drugs should be illegal and use should lead to jail time, to put it eloquently, is fucking nuts.

    If I want to ingest any drug, no matter how harmful, the most irrational answer is to put me in a cage and introduce me to a criminal envrionment.

    Lets take a non-violent person harming nobody else and put them in living quarters with violent people to protect them, reduce victims, and crime. I am sorry but these people are insane. The fact that prohibition continues on ANY drug is insane. Bottom line: No drug should be illegal and the fact that the government tries to, and succeeds at putting people in jail is both disgusting and horribly unjust in terms of my freedom.

    It is because of these restrictions on my freedom that it is freeing to say FUCK THIS GOVERNMENT AND THEIR HEAD UP THE ASS BULLSHIT GANGSTER TACTICS

    In a way it saddens me to say such a thing because I would really like to have a lot more respect for our government and our prime minister but these policies prevent me from that.

  2. D on

    Harper take note