Money Bomb Success Means Ad Blitz For Freedom Party of Ontario

CANNABIS CULTURE – Ka-Boom! The Freedom Party of Ontario’s 24-hour Money Bomb blow-out on Saturday raised a total of $7064.67 from 542 generous donors. Party members say the money will be used to buy TV ads on local stations.

“The Money Bomb was a great success,” Freedom Party of Ontario Leader Paul McKeever told Cannabis Culture today. “It achieved more than we needed it to achieve.”

Pot Poet Chris Lawson on stage at Vapor Central during the Money Bomb.Pot Poet Chris Lawson on stage at Vapor Central during the Money Bomb.McKeever said most of the money raised in the event, which was hosted at the Vapor Central lounge in Toronto, will be used to purchase a series of advertisements on Ontario TV channels.

“Those TV are key to getting the Freedom Party brand out there and promoting each of our candidates,” he said, “because now when people see “Freedom” on the ballot, they’ll know exactly what it is. People don’t usually read election platforms, but if you force something in front of their face – and that is what commercials do, it’s push technology, not pull – then they can’t help but learn about you, and that’s something we’ve never had until now.”

McKeever said the ads could be running as soon as this Thursday and will be broadcast until Oct 4 on Sun News.

Trailer Park Boys Mike Smith and Robb Wells with Freedom Party candidate Matt Oliver.Trailer Park Boys Mike Smith and Robb Wells with Freedom Party candidate Matt Oliver.The Freedom Party of Ontario was founded by Marc Emery, the former Cannabis Culture publisher now imprisoned in the United States for selling marijuana seeds, and Robert Metz in 1982. The current party has a slate of candidates running in 57 ridings across Ontario that includes many prominent marijuana legalization activists.

On the federal level, the Freedom Party supports the repeal of cannabis prohibition. On the provincial level, they propose major changes to Health Canada’s medical marijuana program to include compassion clubs and dispensaries as legal sources of medicine. Click here to read the party’s plank on access to medical marijuana.

The Money Bomb was broadcast LIVE on the Internet and featured a number of musicians and comedians including Lindy and Robb Wells and Mike Smith (better known as Ricky and Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys).

“The amount of excitement and exposure we’ve been getting has been amazing,” Freedom Party candidate and Money Bomb co-host Chris Goodwin told CC. “That is a lot of cash, and what’s more, over 540 people donated to the Freedom Party in one 24-hour period – that’s a staggering number.”

Find out more about the Freedom Party in this CC article or visit the Freedom Party of Ontario website.

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