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The Freedom Party of Ontario (FPO or FpO) is a provincial political party in Ontario, Canada. It was founded on January 1, 1984 in London, Ontario by Robert Metz and Marc Emery. Thirty Years Later, we have 70 candidates in ridings across Ontario, but we need candidates in these 37 ridings. Comment here or Message us... It's official: Ontario provincial election June 12, 2014! Interested in running as a Freedom Party candidate? Please write me at [email protected]

There have been two recent updates in Marc’s situation. He’s been moved to a new unit in SeaTac FDC in preparation for his transfer to an FCI (US Federal Correctional Institution) because SeaTac FDC is for pre-trial inmates and Marc has been sentenced. He will be shipped out soon, but we don’t know when. However, we do finally know where he'll be: Taft FCI in California.
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