Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ it On

Everybody’s doing it, but only Mamakind writes about it. She embodies the counterculture combo of Chelsey Handler, Dan Savage and Tommy Chong—with a little Barbra Streisand thrown in for good measure.

In Sex Pot, Mamakind tells it like it is, answering any and all burning questions regarding the pleasures of the flesh, mind & spirit and wherever the three shall meet. She deftly helps her readers negotiate those sticky situations in which–with the little help from marijuana–desire and rage collude to make sex an ecstatic event.

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  1. foam on

    Great imagination and great writing covers all the stuff you felt but were afraid to say or do -taboo sex and pot and all sorts of other debauchery..

    Highly recommend this one if you like to laugh and have fun

  2. Anonymous on

    If you can’t see that this is tongue-in-cheek book about marijuana & sex in general and not necessarily a how-to, then you must be fairly pathetic (or a fairly negative person at the very least). Thanks.

  3. Anonymous on

    If you need a guide to get it on, then you must be fairly pathetic. Please.