Eddy Lepp: Appeal Denied

The latest letter from Eddy Lepp via Lompoc Federal Penitentiary.

Please send Eddy words of encouragement, Charles Edward Lepp – 90157-011, Lompoc Federal Prison Camp, 3705 West Farm Road, Lompoc, CA 93436

You can read more information or donate to Eddy’s Prison Books at Green-Aid.com

It is with sadness and a heavy heart I send this message to my loved ones, we lost my appeal. I am shocked they were able to decide in just a few days when we were sure it would take several months.

I suspose this proves i am in fact a P.O.W. and that darker forces are at work here. However, my attorney says not to give up hope as she believes they are in error, just as [the judge who sentenced me, Marilyn]Patel was.

She will file a blank appeal to to 9th Circuit Panel of Judges. If we fail there, then we will go to the U.S. Supreme Court. The original court went against a supreme court ruling to do what they did so there is still lots of reason for hope, it will just take time.

I thank you all for being there for me thru all of this. May Jah continue to bless us all. I love and miss each if you very much. Again, thank you.

Love & Respect– EDDY



  1. O B Gold on

    This seems like a crime to me, to keep Eddy Lepp in a federal prison serving 10 years for growing cannabis. There are many 1000’s of people growing cannabis right now (Thank God!). The support industry for these growers is one of the new success stories in American enterprise. And there are millions of people using the cannabis these growers produce every day. Should all these people be incarcerated in federal prison? Of course not, you say. Eddy should not be there either.

  2. Anonymous on

    release all cannabis prisoners in the usa and put an end to a fail drug war. there has to be a group of powerfull SOB’S or individuals responsible for keeping this tyrannical law on the books. yes it’s going to take time but the american people have every right to protest our government for change in both our economic priorities and a completely new direction for america. this will take organization, individual initiative and money to march on our state capitals and the white house lawn. it’s about that time folks, time to make some noise. remember seattle washington and the WTO some years back? that brought about change folks. the hard way but change non the less. I’m tired of hearing stories of innocent people young and old in prison for this plant. no longer, should our valuable tax dollars be spent on this DRUG WAR, CANNABIS POSSESSION AND THE WAR. Bring our Troops home, restructure americas priorities and create jobs. get off the backs of industry and create jobs. this country has work to do right here right now and that doesn’t mean congress should try and make any further futile attempts at winning a drug war that cowardly targets small time players and addicts across the country thats is suppose to resemble progress of this nations war on drugs. their not fooling anybody so stop trying. they should be ashamed of themselves. until we the people redirect the efforts of this regime, ‘our congress’ to put the club of federal law enforcements persecution of the marijuana industry and regulate it.

  3. guitarod on

    There is something terribly wrong with the U.S. justice system & Canada is set to go down this same road. Eddy Lepp & Marc Emery are about as dangerous as most people’s grandmothers. They are being punished for doing God’s work. They are high profile inmates & do get attention drawn to their cases.
    The laws were made to were originally made to harass Blacks & Hispanics.
    I believe that the war on drugs will not be viewed favorably in the course of history. Too many innocent victims wasting away in prisons.

  4. Dr. Pat Pardis on

    Just know Eddy there are 10’s of thousands of us fighting for freedom for cannabis, and freedom for all those incarcerated by tryanical laws. I am on the board of directors of MTCIA (montana cannabis industry assoc.) and we are sueing our state legislature for replacing our medical marijuana act, which was passed by 62 percent of our voters, with SB423 which is a repeal bill in disguise.

    There is no doubt the war is about far greater things than just marijuana. Its about tryanical government, about freedom, and choosing our own pathway for health.

    We stand with you. Know that there are thousands of us standing behind you.
    We’ve got your back covered.

    Dr. Pat Pardis

  5. ganjarefermon on

    This is really a downer, hang in there Eddy! Were all fighting out here to free this plant!