Jodie Emery on Running Prince of Pot’s Cannabis Culture Empire

Photo by Lisa ThomsonPhoto by Lisa ThomsonWhen Jodie Emery’s friends started smoking marijuana in grade school, she condemned them for it. “Anti-drug” is what she called herself then. It’s an obvious and ironic juxtaposition to her current position, wife to Canada’s most well-known marijuana activist, Cannabis Culture magazine publisher and political hopeful, Marc Emery.

Today, what once stood as a the Prince of Pot’s marijuana empire, now rests with Jodie. Last year Marc pleaded guilty to conspiring to manufacture marijuana, a charge relating to his business of selling cannabis seeds by mail, and was sentenced five years in prison.

Strapped with the burden of her husband’s public life, Jodie’s learning how to negotiate her own aspirations while managing her husband and his many responsibilities.

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