Israel to Consider Legalization of Drugs

A special committee has been tasked with studying the prospect of legalizing ‘soft drugs’ in Israel as traditional methods of fighting drugs continue to fail.

Following a major rise in the number of drug addicts amongst the Israeli population, several members of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) have called for the formation of a special anti-drug committee to consider legalizing the possession and use of soft narcotics.

They have described the existing anti-drugs mechanisms in Israel as ineffective and obsolete.

Knesset members argue that the traditional policies employed in the fight against drugs have not only failed to reduce drug consumption but also led to an alarming rise in organized crime.

They have also asked for the committee to make an assessment into the position of soft drugs in society compared to cigarettes and alcohol.

Many advocates of drug legalization argue that the prohibition of drugs is the backbone of organized crime and drug trafficking. They argue that taxing soft drugs would pay for public education on the issue of drug use.

– Article from PressTV.



  1. Son of Sam Walton on

    Right on: most Terrorism is funded by drug money, since governments and corporations won’t touch terrorism with a stick outside of state endorsed drug rings similar to the U.S.’s CIA and all their various drug scandals. 80% of all the 9/11 victims were from dope bought mostly in Europe and most of the terrorism and Hamas or Hezbollah attacks are sponsored by European users, though some of the drug money does come from Africa and Asia and even Australia and not much from North or South America since the U.S. and Canada is in Mexican territory.

  2. Dan on

    I think you’ve got it the other way around. Notice how Israel always follows the US legislations in delay.

  3. David762 on

    Is to let Israel re-legalize illicit drugs, and then the Israeli government can tell the USA government to end our War on Drugs. Our government doesn’t listen to the scientific experts, doesn’t listen to the ex-drug warrior experts, doesn’t listen to the American people themselves — but they will listen to the Israeli government. ‘Our’ governments only questions then will be: ‘How quickly do we implement this change?’ and ‘How high did you want us to jump, Nitty?’

  4. TheOracle on

    Did you ever wonder if cannabis sales were used, at least in part, by some anti-Israeli groups to buy weapons to use against Israel? Did you ever wonder what bringing crop to shop above ground in Israel could do both to exclude possible cannabis money from being diverted for arms and also to persuade even Arab and Muslim cannabis lovers to vote with their feet to go to Israeli cannabis shops and speak in praise of the existence of Israel as a bastion of freedom in the Middle East. There is little sense a suicide bomber blowing himself up in a cannabis coffeeshop in Israel that is run by Palestinians/non-Jewish and whose customers are also all Arab/Muslim. Keep an eye on things in this regard anyway, though. They’d be the Netherlands of the Middle East, but without anyone talking about that dumbass weedpass (wietpas). People’d be like, Israel got some terrific selections of weed and hash, rivaling Red Lebanese hash and Moroccan hash from the Riff and even black Afghan hash.

  5. Anonymous on

    So maybe Harper can call up Israel and get new orders to hold off on completely fucking over Canada?