Direct Action

Sometimes it is hard to speak the truth. Especially when policy becomes personal.

Right now in Mendocino County, CA the government is running an extortion racket charging $25 per tag per marijuana plant. If you have 24 or fewer plants and have a tag on them, the sheriff wont come and get you. On the other hand, people who refuse to pay this illegal, unconstitutional tax, even though they are already legal under state law, are threatened by possible sheriffal activities.

I happened to be on a panel with one of the leaders of an organization that worked this arrangement out or is at least cooperating with it. He said “ Well, what can we do? We are stuck.” I have heard the same sort of whining from all over the country. The reason for all this is a concerted effort by the Department of Justice to coordinate a rollback of medical marijuana businesses and patients’ rights. It gets down to the personal where in Mendocino County the sheriff and the government are trying to exploit the situation.

In Montana, the state legislature with the acquiescence of Governor Brian Schweitzer, has passed legislation that rolls back the rights of patients and dispensaries. The marijuana proponements didn’t whine about it they quickly collected a fund to fight in court and are now planning another initiative that will roll back the repeal.

This is the exact kind of action that I advocate. First of all people are getting together to fight for their rights, they are willing to put up resources for it, and they are willing to hire professionals to help them do battle. They are not conceding to Medical and Financial Terrorists.

When medical marijuana advocates ardently try to negotiate they don’t realize that as far as marijuana is concerned these officials have two fingers crossed behind their backs. They can’t be trusted, they aren’t honest and they are subject to pressures that frankly I don’t understand. They have engaged in blackmail, embezzlement, violations of civil rights, violations of ordinances and zoning laws. The list goes on.

As far as marijuana is concerned I am much more inclined to leave it up to the people to vote to remove politicians abilities to violate peoples rights using the initiative process.

There is a practical reason for this too. With the Obama administration still practicing its bait and deceive politics, the cost of lawyers protecting the people could become astronomical. With initiatives, some of these costs and risks could be shifted to the states and localities. And then there is the cost of lawyers. It is really much cheaper to run an initiative in most places, especially in small towns and cities, than to pay the hourly legal fee, which as anybody who has experienced these knows, can run up pretty quickly. It is like a taxi meter run wild.

So when people say what can we do? How can we cope with this I say go local, write initiatives take the politics and cops out of it. Put it in the hands of the county health department. Let me explain. It is under the health and safety laws but right now the police are enforcing these laws and there is no reason why this part of the code should not be enforced by the health department. We need to take the criminal justice system out of the picture as far as medical marijuana is concerned.

So I know that this blog did not sound too witty and did not have the trememndous irony and sarcasm that you usually think of when you read my columns. I promise in the future that I will try to continue that, however, this is such an important matter and so immediate that I wanted to put it in a vernacular that nobody could misunderstand. If you really get it you, will start organizing.



  1. Montana Biotech on

    These Cannalytics guys are real douches!!! I had this guy [email protected] keeps on me like he KNOWS cannabis analysis! It is diving me nuts!! He seems to have a lack of understanding of qualitative vs quantitative testing methods! And keeps arguing why I do not sell Grow Buddy as a quantitative test kit, that is because TLC is NOT a quantitative method for cannabinoid analysis!!

    Sheesh, had to get that off my key board!!!

    Come on Ed I know you have a Grow Buddy!!! Tell me what you thought!!

    [email protected]

  2. Son of Sam Walton on

    Short –sweet and not to the point. You remind me of bacon –mostly gristle and little meat. Let me guess –you ate the dog because it yapped and were not smart enough to learn how to appease it or teach it not to yap via a reward’s system for desired behavior. I think you are a very toxic person and you need cured . . . hemp oil will reduce your stress since it has Omega’s and everything else healthy, which will cause your hormones to be better balanced. I think you should also utilize a few books and not just for paperweights or just because your professor told you to read that which you don’t understand or appreciate.

    Sadly, you represent the mindset that has failed legalization all these years. Don’t be angry because you went to prison on account of your not knowing how to stash it . . . street smarts are good for times like these. Maybe you got busted and it wasn’t your fault and you did everything you were supposed to do –I’ll assume that and don’t want to place you in the ‘Dumb File’ of humans and will recognize your anger and your issues stemming from something other than me.

    What we have learned so far is that David is me –Son of Sam Walton and David is also Anonymous and potentially other names as well.

    All you have to do is disprove me and not state such childish things like ‘poo-poo head’ or ‘My dad can beat up your dad’ etc kind of thinking. Maybe you are in the Academy for Dicks in London or are all of you called Bobbies (is that the correct spelling?). If I was a Cop –I would post as you with short choppy words sounding like you are attempting to speak English from your mother language tongue (RW: Good Morning Vietnam tribute right there). You seem to think that all weed smokers should be so couch-ridden dumb as you sound (I don’t think you are dumb –but I recognize a lad not working the noodle). Your posts are that of a burn out and sound like what Bill and Ted in their movies would have commented given they were angry and if they had internet in the 80’s like today’s (though the internet is nearing or just over 30yrs old –though it is much more practical and now used by civilians and not just the Gov’t). Even Einstein was long winded like me –but his was numbers and not words and he discovered that order and chaos were one in the same because both functioned with order and broke away unexpectedly as seen in physics- breaking away from the expected conclusion, while still utilizing a math that gives probability to chaos.

    The drug war is chaos and can be methodically (with order) be traced to sex slaves, slaves, murder, prison, corruption, war, poverty, etc. I want you, DAVID to read a big long book on why drug prohibition is bad and tell me why without ever stating anything about one’s going to jail for drugs and dealers selling to kids –why we need legalization. Are you that smart to take the challenge . . . I offer you no reward or terms –it’s just a good fun exercise . . . I’ll read it the same time you do. My book will be about Narco-Terror and little kid arms being cut off in Cambodia with a machete costing $1 drug dollar in 78’. Quit insulting yourself since you too are Son of Sam Walton . . . can you at least do me one little favor: how on earth did I get that name –where did I pick up Son of Sam Walton? Are you naive to economics and violence? Your precious paycheck that you so think you have the right to spend on plastics and wood and petrol begets a deadly chain reaction since it is you whom sent me to war Sam, I mean DAVID . . . your material addiction and money addiction sponsors capitalism and capitalism forces agendas and the kind of slave labor that often goes violent in either bullets or sickness and starvations and poverty . . . now you have thrown your garbage in the neighborhoods of Lagos and forced them to buy petrol plastics because your Western Heritage or European Heritage or Australian (wherever you are from) Heritage brought about modern poverty from consumerism to all and you want to remain blameless. Hunting, tribes, gathering and farming are optimal and not working at a job and paying taxes that supports your colonial investments. You are a part of the problem as I am too and what are you going to do about it –what are you going to do about it . . . steps toward a better tomorrow I hope and not the typing rants of a burn out. I thought being burnt out on pot was all hype . . . that’s why teenagers don’t need pot because of the resin coating your brain keeping your puberty hormones from reaching to your neurons as fast as they should be . . . legalize pot and you reduce youth use or at least give them the option of safe drugs being always available and not just hard drugs when your weed dealer is out or has something else to offer . . . you are the perfect example of what ecstasy use and meth psychosis can do to a person. Damn it David –now you made Sam sad for hurting your feelings. I am leaving this comment to go cry . . . will you ever forgive me? Wise up Son –get that noodle on your side KID –open your mind and quit crying because you think I wrote something dumb, when it clearly was made for the likes of smart readers –have you no respect for the Cannabis Community . . . To use your argument against you: you are a typical Cop and American since different thinking threatens you. Americans are way too smart due to the fact we are a mixture of different cultures and colors galore (And all nationalities too –I just represent the red-whit and blue) and there is no shame in serving my country because my opinion is set in the Mountains of FACT and also my thinking kept you out of war since you would have been drafted due to lack of volunteerism –and your lack of service is what makes the cops see David as just another TV watching stoner who will cry for help if a flood or terrorist attack happened and not man up to pull the reigns. I’m fashioning Blinders for my horses and my horses are dubbed cops and politicians. With or without you DAVID –we will win this drug war and in so we will rid the premise of Americas’ War on Terror, which is fighting those whom use drug money to send us over there under the guise of 9/11 –while keeping us there fighting, while they use drug money . . . stop drug money and we stop 65% of all global terrorism until they find another way to finance and re-up on guns and men.

    For real –I’m off to cry now for being so harsh and hurting David. Don’t be sad –I cried when my Drill Sgt. told me how the cow ate the cabbage. If you think Military is so bad –then don’t be a coward and join to make a dent in the so called mindset you disagree with, because they do represent you and your thinking since you are too afraid to take one for the TEAM . . . too afraid to make a difference –too afraid to not possibly influence others whom only see it one way or only a few ways . . . you are just too afraid of me to write something real and cognitive –since you haven’t what it takes to whip the LOGIC out of me. All who disagree with me are currently flocking to their recruiters to see if I might be right and you will never no and you will be left out of the giant Legalization Parade . . . I fight harder so you can be a troll behind a water bong –while remaining under your troll bridge and trolling your troll ideas on your computer. Simpleton I think you are called. Capitalist I think you act like.

    Here some yapping dog for you DAVID: yap –yap –yap. Are you happy I formulated that which you originally confused me with? Yap –yap –yap.

  3. David on

    Not gonna work, yapper. You have posted a fake post as if you are someone else. Go haunt some other website. Your constant rantings and bullshit fake postings are the signs of a nark, a mental case and a pro-USA dumbass.

  4. Anonymous on

    Hot damn dude. You must write a lot. Any normal commenter would take hours to write all of that. But they say Tolstoy and J. R. R. Tolkien were long winded too. You must be a writer because only a writer would write so much. I know it would take me hours to write what you write. My wife’s a secretary for a local lawyer and that woman can type faster than The Fast and the Furious can drive.

    I get what you are saying. I used to work as a grounds keeper for a local College and I did security for concerts on the side. You could win bets by predicting who dressed as a weed smoker or a drug user. You always saw the cops patting down the students who dressed like Yo MTV Raps or Motley Cru when they were being ticketed for speeding. My brother’s a cop in a small town and he always points out and says, “I could bust him, I could bust him, I could bust him” from the way they dressed or walked. He told me that he could bust people because of the music they listened to told them that they get high from the music playing in their car. That tells me I should always listen to Beethoven or Madonna when driving fast. Of course I’d be busted on the spot for listening to Milli Vanilli.

    I never thought of volunteering in that kind of way, all the very lengthy ways you suggest. We always think we don’t have time or that it’s not our problem or that we are already doing enough. Maybe there is room for improvement in the way we live. Maybe the cause needs us to keep our eyes on the prize without so much as a blink.

    What is this about yapping dogs? I guess if a dog doesn’t yap enough or even loud, you wouldn’t know if an intruder or the cops was at your door. I don’t think you are a yapping dog, just a very loud and well trained guard dog. Keep up the long works Son of Sam Walton. You are very entertaining I’m sure to most who understand or who have good enough imaginations to see what you see. I guess those that don’t like you can read High Times and comment about nugget porn and music and celeb stoners. Maybe they’re only into clothing and naked women covered in pot.

    Hot damn dude, my son’s talking about joining the New York Army National Guard. I don’t know if I want him to do it after all you’ve written. He wants to be a doctor and med school is free for everyone enlisted. We couldn’t afford it. Ten years enlistment I think and he’ll get a position at a hospital guaranteed from what my niece tells me. I guess he wants to help too. He was eight when we were in New York on September 11 ten year ago for my wife’s job.

    Keep writing.

  5. David on

    You remind me of a tiny little yap dog that used to live next door. The vociferous little yapper would bark bark bark for hours. It had nothing better to do. It was easily angered. And it was relentlessly annoying. Pretty soon the animal control people came and took the doggie away. The neighborhood was quiet again, Understand?

  6. Son of Sam Walton on

    Let me sum it all up for those who don’t understand: Volunteering is good . . . consumerism is bad. Drug prohibitions is bad . . . drug legalization is good. Drug users or activist must come at it from every angle if I can learn house to house and street to street and room to room tactical warfare . . . turn legalization into all out warfare by guerilla tactics by volunteering for this and that . . . Ed’s little Sheriff friend would be hard-pressed to do what he did to me if I was hiding in his mist of: Pothead does what for the country and looks and acts just like me –good God –I think I’ll join L.E.A.P. Example: driving in a roadside bomb environment or even training for it automatically makes me a better driver than the vast majority since its always the dead or the wrecked who keep their eyes on the road, which is nonsense –if you do not look like Mr. Bobble head on your dashboard: head all bouncing side to side at all the mirrors and peripheral and intimate details of the nearest vehicles driving patterns and speed and how far each half second his tires move in between those little lines we call lanes and not knowing 100% surefire how far you can drive on the sides without tires getting off the road or divulging into other lanes . . . ahhh –equals a much more successful drive . . . if you don’t look like Mr. Bobble head, then logic dictates you will be blown up because of a Medium size box of McDonalds’ fries (empty of fries –full of plastics that go boom) 100ft away didn’t ketch your eye (or whoever close one can see such faint objects) –which means we need to be prepared for all . . . listen to Bob Marley –I’ve got his CD’s –but dress like a cop taking his child to the football game (uniform optional) . . . Invite cops to your house because your counter-culture lifestyle looks like one is enthralled with NASCAR or hunting or whatever a cop concedes as normal and non-suspect behavior or lifestyle. I do believe that if DAVID in our posts was to work with the cops because his town got hit by a Tornado, then they see eye to eye (killing them is the next best option DAVID –but let’s do the peaceful approach). Kate who works with disabled adults and their housing is currently going to a Police Officer’s Charity Ball or asking Officer Smith how she can help out the Joplin Tornado victims . . . she goes out of her way to align her image with the so called enemy of our movement(s). If a pothead is in jail then they are a burden to society and that means they are a parasite who refuses to get out (or not to have done it in the first place) and do Lions Club, School Board, American Red Cross etc –but nope they picked jail . . . now if any of the following did lots of community and National and even Religious projects and then got busted –I think we would have more people question as to why council member David got busted and is he bad or is the law bad? Perfect example is Marc –all we got to do is take up his flag and learn from his mistakes and scream out excelsior and let others learn from out mistakes etc. I will assume Marc was very active outside of Cannabis and the same as Ed . . . but these people are old (not being mean –just biologically rational) and we utilize what they started and synthesize what we can do and what we’ve grown up with etc. Don’t assume that people will see legalization as the same as you see it . . . “What –you potheads want to make the roads less safe –we’ve already got alcohol –society doesn’t need another dangerous and addictive drug out on the streets –what you want kids to have access to them to like cigarettes and alcohol” and that is the mindset heavily guarded. Those who disagree with my proven logic are further proving that we did actually evolve from apes or primordial ooze and if that’s the case: let’s just be animals and stay with the whole herd and graze as the herd grazes and moo only when mooed to and its always best to get more grass for yourself –don’t worry about Betsy’s calf –only care about yourself and don’t up set the herd.

    With the invention of the internet and smartphone and texting and a nationalized war on Oil and international terrorism –our thinking must too change and so forth our actions. As a writer myself, I realize that there is more currently achievable value in watching a two hour movie than reading a giant book, which means we must fuse the two . . . the internet is the new novel and it doesn’t have to be on a Kindle. Our whole way of life has changed because of computers, cell phones, MP3s, 9/11, Mexico, job outsourcing, reality TV, Pirates of the Caribbean IIII etc and we must have a different approach . . . don’t just assume that Jodie and Jeremiah and Kirk and Ed and NORML and Ron Paul and New Hampshire and Washington State etc will do all the work . . . we must shove the prohibition establishment 80,000 ways from Sunday. Only a low IQ person thinks I come here to criticize the movement . . . I have come so you can have new ideas if such ideas are applicable for each individual design and style . . . a fool will think I believe in Conspiracy theories when in reality it’s a bunch of agendas seeking help and strength from other agendas (psst. Don’t let them know I support your agenda OK Mr. Business or Politician or officer) and that agenda helps that agenda for strength and finance and what better way than to utilize something that makes more than Enron: drugs . . . be it Obama or Osama’s next in line –CIA wants drugs illegal to help finance non-taxable dirty deeds and Osama wants to keep drugs illegal so he can fly 4 planes into the U.S. and buy uranium as you all have read (but thank God money doesn’t exist –because nothing –not even terror costs money –right?) and Ed wants drug legalized for medicine and people’s rights and Jodie wants drugs legalized for medicine and people’s rights etc . . . Agendas that strengthen prohibition or focuses on prohibition must be matched by Legalization agendas and I can tell you with 100% accuracy that in the REAL WORLD –its more likely that Tiger Woods scored the Winning Touchdown for the 2011 Super Bowl than for drugs to be about having the right to get high –if it is not –then prove to me that Mexico with all its cartels and bloodshed is nowhere near the U.S. If any fail to prove to me that Mexico is not near us –not even bordering us (because I don’t like the news with all its violence and it makes me angry and sad to think my Mexican friends and their 3 young innocent kind children might get killed or wounded –the ones I party with when in the Jungle Mountain Tropics of PV near Guadalajara) –then I will stop writing all of this . . . you must not think that all who currently read this are the only ones to this site –they’ve got new people etc. Only a greedy fool places the pipe in their mouth to inhale for the reason of legalization . . . not all can handle pot and pot has a probability factor of causing people to drive dangerous (though very low in comparison to other things like alcohol, the flue, cell phone, etc) and to not work well with machines etc. Alcohol already proves the dangers of getting high, but that’s the prohibitionists biggest leg to stand on and we must use the truth: drug legalization will damper the child sex industry; war; violence; domestic abuse because alcohol is the only intoxicating outlet for drug pissers needing money; Rwanda finances in hemp fuel, Egypt growing hemp for paper and fuel; David can finally donate 3oz of seeds to tornado victims who might get a little hungry and need the protein and calcium and antioxidants; Kate who works in housing can no breath with a sigh of relief when she realizes that her housing projects will cost 25% less and cost 35% less on heating fuels because now we have subsidized hemp in the form of lumber and gas and with food prices dropping by 1.08% with increased hempseed world wide (or higher) –she can feed those people better. But alas –all who fail to see my logic are either ignorant or have such a strong hatred for humanity because life wasn’t faire to ya’ll and you want to make sure nobody gets a piece of the pie and that’s just plain wrong.

  7. Son of Sam Walton on

    I’m talking about a Paradigm Shift into our thinking and one step more each time. Sadly you are out dated . . . cannabis users still dress that way and cops don’t have to reach very far as to make them suspect . . . look at the death of the 4th Amendment. It’s easier to hide with the squares. I know of tons of young smokers who will either get busted and get bitter and allow it to stunt their own personal growth or will not pick up the American Red Cross banner or vote or write to their politicians –too many sadly. Just because everybody you know who smokes volunteers doesn’t make it so (Goddamn –didn’t know you got internet in the Emerald City). Remember when the Judge said “only people smoking pot are to blame for their door being kicked open” (non-SIC)? Do you know what that means? Sometimes we have to take one for the team and put away that which we want to do . . . I would love nothing better than to grow my hair out and wear DEAD shirts in the corporate environment, but I have seen the ugly side of Law and corporate and realize that what we are doing might not be enough . . . look at the DEATH of the 4th and if we get pot legalized . . . precedents are what matter and just because they don’t bust users anymore doesn’t mean the laws and the cops and the mindsets won’t go after something else –something that human logic would dictate shouldn’t be tampered with, but alas, we have laws set in place that will one day protect the weed smoker, but the next day it might not protect the ones doing Religion since one can argue a loophole so big with precedents that one might drain Freedom of Religion out or something else you like or take for granted –but thank God the rise of the 3rd Reich and its red tape system didn’t happen right? Wrong: Bureaucracy kills if not challenged 100%. I bet you more drug users dress like they might be suspect than not. You do not want to step foot on to the REAL WORLD you have paid in taxes to that I have seen or it will destroy your soul if not ready. If what we can do now can in 185yrs destroy Democracy and Capitalization to something better than the above (deadly are the two fused or I’ve met the first person who ignored the reasons for Vietnam’s illegitimate War). What I’m getting at is that more of us should press harder . . . if I’ve made you angry, I’ve either called you out or you misunderstand my logic. Why would you not trust a Veteran who knows blood and oil and sand . . . logic dictates because I hate such things that I would better know how to bring about peace or I’ve written to a woman who has been rapped and robbed and had her baby brother shot –am I right –was it a militia or some Government force that brutalized you? At least American troops due to our melting-pot of soldiers will actually be the strongest of any current forces to not engage in such brutal acts though war begets brutality and you will never know and you will only think you know it if you ignore this. Imagine that in your world (peace, civilians, jobs, movies –no war, but you have heard and studied war), there is only the numbers 1-10 and in my world (the same as yours –but with the added factor of knowing and seeing slaughter) there is a set of number of 1-1000 . . . I have seen the numbers that you have not come to grips with or discovered. I have no idea where you are from, but in the real world: Marijuana is treated like the plague and penal code speaking: it is better to have sex with a minor under 14yrs old than to make your own hash or grow your own plants and that is not right –how do we stop that mindset? Hint: kill them or work with them, thus melting into their own image, but diluting their mindset –both are sufficient. Why do you think Special Forces are so special . . . they blend in –keep their beards fluffy –tan and give out huge –huge chunks of medicine and food . . . wicked is the man who will risk his life to inoculate one little girl who has a 65% chance at dying in 4 months from pig shit in the water –am I right –is he wicked or not you tax payer? You the tax payer are to blame and we must do something a bit more if we are unwilling to stop paying illegal taxes. Maybe I should have been one of the countless millions of Americans who laughed at the World Trade Centers falling down with those stupid people in their expensive suits dying and falling off of it –but I cared enough to at least try to help (misinformed or not) and I’m once again taking one for the team when I was forced by your taxes to graduate from University a few years after the housing market collapsed. There is no reason at all that we cannot do more and more . . . I write to my politicians and local newspapers on ideas how to end the war, end violence in Mexico and recreate our economy at the ground up . . . I’d be laughed at if I was to write to them that I sincerely believe the hope of all mankind rests in Tribal Lifestyles, where everyone of us are just merely surviving and working each other and we own no stuff, because if I want more, then you will have less, unless you make all your stuff like cars, fuel, clothing, food etc. . . . to get away from the mindset of using money is a huge jump of faith, but I see no reason as to why weed activists shouldn’t be the ones to usher such things in . . . are they not about peace or when its all legalized –will they be secure in their freedoms and jobs (nothing on their records and no illegal drug tests) and just forget about everything and what it all meant in the 60’s etc. If I was mandated so by a new kind of Tribal Authority –I’d strip bear my house and use the wood as kindling and I wouldn’t be angry –but relieved. I sadly don’t see such a thing for us in the near future as long as we watch commercials and buy that which we cannot eat, wear or live in. Civilians are too safe in their thinking and are to blame if said civilians get paid in currency and unable to make bigger and better strides (unlike getting paid in house, clothing or food only). With the fall of the American economy –we have the greatest chance to be a non-capitalism society . . . what gives you the right to work if someone else cannot? Americans are under the impression that opportunity is real, but it is not. The same opportunity must be given to all 7billion and if not –we must limit so called liberties and freedoms that make it 100% possible that others will not have as much. Legalization movements are 100% short term efforts if said activists pay taxes and eventually forget about others’ hardships . . . when we realize that there is no more jail time for drugs –and when Yemen has no more water, what then? Or are our efforts in getting it legalized going to contain trace amounts of hope for the future? Is legalization in short only for us or is it for all . . . how can you not see that legalization doesn’t effect children in Chad who will never know the difference between Marijuana and ‘Survivor’ TV series . . . too much do the activist talk about why pot should be legalized and not what hemp can do, which is purify water for Chad locals –feed them –clothe them and make them gasoline etc. Since I took one for the team –at the bequest of your taxes: I demand that you look at it through my eyes and you will see the light of humanity coming from filth, dust, and bomb debris . . . as I say: Legalization is 100% not about one’s right to get high or use drugs and not getting busted –its 100% about stopping (or reducing) the fracturing for natural gas, which 100% destroys the water unlike oil (will you yourself Kate drink from a meth lab?), which is cleaner than CNG as of now –but for the legalization to be about gasoline from biomass such as hemp and algae . . . its one of the few plants that can teach people how to fish, instead of your taxes and shopping habits placing a factory on once good land –tossing out a fish for 4days of work. Hide inside the status-quo and change it up because this is way more about legalization –this is about human life or are you unable to read all the AP articles from this website and unable to drive down to Mexico or unable to fly to Kuwait or unable to see the angst of Muslim Parisian youth? Marijuana and drug legalization is about networking (food, clean soil, medicine, concrete, wood, fuel, rope, soap etc) and by pushing the envelope even further –we might show our capitalists taxpayers a new way to live and that generation will affect the next and so on and so forth to something a bit better than what we know it –or do you hate all the children and laugh at what they are about to inherit. Read, research, analyze, don’t be so lazy as to not spend months at a time in a hell hole such as a 3rd World Nation or Mexico or to do more over here if finances and other things keeps you from doing what you want with humanity . . . At least Marc Emery is using his time wisely by keeping the faith and helping people (though very limited due to his incarceration) –he has every right as a consumer tax payer to be bitter, but I don’t think he’ll let it hurt him . . . now excuse me –because you obviously represent the greater amount of the population who won’t ever give congress and politicians advise in a letter or email or Facebook or phone call on how to drive up the economy and drive down the price of gas (politicians are like pets and need training) –I have to manage my finances so maybe I can drive to a Red Cross place near by for Tornado victims and I’m fucked if they are not shuttling busses like they did for Hurricane Katrina . . . I guess I can walk the 85miles and back in under two hours in this humidity . . . once again –thank you if you are not the kind of human who doesn’t seem to find enough time to write at least one politician and newspaper a month (I write to many and Canadian: politicians and papers) about how you perceive the cow eating the cabbage. It doesn’t even have to be lengthy and you might be so busy that you won’t even turn on a TV, but maybe once every 4months and only use the internet but once every other month and I can understand why you wouldn’t have time to write and help . . . all get 24hrs in a day (except those flying very fast high up with a nuclear clock watching time go backwards or forwards in a base form of current time travel described by Hawking and proved). Only millions of people with similar ideas can affect the outcome. Learn –Write –Help –Rinse and Repeat.

  8. Son of Sam Walton on

    ‘I know it’s hard for you, dude, but try to stay on topic and present some kind of linear thinking instead of the bizarre psychobabble that you always spout on this website. Ed Rosenthal is more a hero for freedom than you will ever be. That’s all you needed to say. Not this garbage about “dressing like you might be a retired cop or an off duty cop…”
    You really need some mental health counseling- fast. And please go post somewhere else. Your rants are sad for any sane person to read. Thanks.’

    You make no sense and I must posit your question back to you. I can see that your view of the real world is skewed by your lack of volunteerism and helping others, while being stuck in Northern North America or Western Europe. Your comment is that of the mindset of Colonizing Capitalists or Far-Right Radical Muslims whom must sincerely believe their way is the only way . . . Helping or volunteering puts other’s shoes on your feet (walking in other’s shoes) and volunteering will allow those you work next to and help to see your role and views as being equal and non-threatening.

    Pasting your comment is to show your nonsense and is the lowest form of disrespect I can show a human without the act of violence since I cannot hurt obviously a dumb creature as yourself (you are ignorant and not arrogant –or there needs to be a final solution to your type of human rights hating garbage –hence you are ignorant and not mean because my soul doesn’t want to give up on your kind –which might be a mistake if you understand German 1930’s history). I bet you you’re the type of capitalist loving sob who will cry wolf over the DEA, but not help someone in need . . . if its not about drugs –then you offer no hugs right? My logic is proven to those who’ve pulled hundreds of hours volunteering or traveled to various 3rd World Nations to see the horror. I know it’s tough for an American Idol enthusiast as yourself to see the real world outside of glitz, commercials, dancing, singing and being told what to eat and drive and how you are supposed to conduct yourself in a Capitalist society. Just because I’m stuck in a capitalist society doesn’t mean I have to be a victim of it.

    You’ll complain about my logic and common sense without offering any other suggestions as to how I can better seek mental health, which tells me your are freaking nuts . . . insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You cannot even attempt to tell me that volunteering is wrong when you disagree with me . . . why not come out and play little DAVE and see the real world, so I don’t have so much pent-up emotions on the calamity of human kind and machines . . . take the slack you couch potato and help others and not your own stash. If I was a cop –I wouldn’t bust people outside of intoxicated driving and all the messes that intoxicated people can get themselves in to, such as domestic, fighting or robbing etc. I can admit that –you know why: I gave 90% of all my precious goods in Iraq to all the poor Indian contract workers that you finance with your taxes or finance with your oil purchases . . . you could boycott your taxes like Thoreau. I won’t do such a thing and will cower my tail between my legs and do something a little less penalizing, hence helping others. You really are only looking out for your entitlements Dave . . . you get all sore about a little prison time for pot –but Mother Nature forbid that you put down the trimmings and bong and help someone else, which logic dictates that you want jail or prison by not going out of your way and acting like a human and not just DAVE. You have no idea how the Cow ate the Cabbage because your real world is that of your lack of experience. If I was to tell you that the deserts of Kuwait looks like Kansas prairie after a mild snow –where the yellow grasses and remaining wheat pop out of the snow –you wouldn’t understand . . . but if I was to tell you that there are more plastic water bottles (petrol plastics and not biodegradable hemp plastics) than the night has stars squared (mathematical squared you ignoramus) hence all the pollution in Kuwait from your precious oil –white colored plastics looking like snow in Kansas (Kansas is in the U.S. if you didn’t know DAVE), then you’d understand how important it is for all the weed activists to go out and do something a bit more than complaining, going to meetings and marches and working in Medical. Your precious little fines and jail time doesn’t do anything to help a starving child . . . but if you are wise and as smart as I seek to be, you will know that doing unto others will get you very close to legalization and then pot will be turned into biodegradable plastics . . . in the real world, given you are Canadian or American or German or British etc. –the reason I joined was so you wouldn’t be drafted since lack of Volunteers (word of the day) means draft in such evil governments that you yourself condone by not volunteering for anything yourself, while expecting your very own paycheck for doing work that pays you more than you deserve, while you laugh and giggle to ‘Shrek’ at the same time a mother has to carry her dead bloated baby by the legs to toss into the Indus or a father asking why Americans keep drugs illegal so his little girl could have her chest removed from a drug money bought bomb or our fighting drug money sponsored insurgents killing civilians because of our presence . . . one step at a time you parasite dubbed DAVE. One change in your thought and action could lead to more and then we’d be just a little better off in this world from Capitalism and Americanism that you so love according to your very actions. Those books you read to make you think you are different: was it made with paper and do you know that trees make up most of the paper and that hemp could too if legal and used wisely and trees are life for many in this world and need very little cutting down there of . . . one action at a time . . . don’t be one of those fools who complains about the war while pumping your gas or listening to your Bob Marley CD, which uses petrol plastics in its container . . . a dog chasing his tail will get more results than you.

    But then again little David boy –you are the very reason I went to war: you decided that you had a legal right to go and spend legal tender (that’s cash you idiot) on groceries (you can hunt, gather or farm right –why shop?), gas, plastics, electronics, wood, CNG, clothing etc . . . are you blameless, when it comes to buying anything that might have been made in a Nike or Old Navy sweat shop? I’ve seen the slave labor up close that you so love to buy your products from –and it tore me apart because you are a Shortcut to thinking kind of human who just wants Wal-Mart’s Role Back Prices and Coupons. Your consumer addiction is an addiction you share with said cops who bust folk for pot (Hay –you’ve got something in common with pigs Dave –you spend money like its your Mother Nature Given Right). I’m so sorry you are not nearly as open minded as I am, because if you were, you’d understand the REAL WORLD . . . All I had to do was study, research, travel, go to war and help others and it all just sort of clicked . . . and I’m only as good as the DAVID who will help others –working right next to me and the rest of us. I understand that certain aspects of consumerism and capitalization keeps the DOJ and Feds from legalizing for multiple reasons they have and to not be a part of them is to not dilute their model of living and thought. Have you ever seen what happens when you pour water out of a glass full of it: it empties or if you add water to soda –it dilutes . . . so which is it DAVE, how are you going to be more than some toker and midnight joker. And I do appreciate you telling me I’m as big as a hero as Ed . . . but recognition is not what I want (though it feels good like a pat on a back does). You have some serious mental issues like the Status-Quo and the Elite do . . . you think just like the Cops and judges and DEA because you fail to take a few steps back and look down upon the gritty violent world away from your secure borders, while pushing your shopping-cart down aisle 13. Just because you don’t understand Hegel or Nietzsche or Jesus or Einstein doesn’t make them stupid and your inability to understand String Theory doesn’t make the theorist stupid, it just makes you ignorant. What I have to offer to the world, whether it be 1 person or 1million listeners is the ability to see and analyze all your little actions in this world . . . to question why you get paid in money and not live in some form of Tribe that meets all the needs of everyone and to realize that you can make a difference –even though we are forced to waddle in our own feces like Hogs from time to time (nothing will be perfect but all must strive for perfection). Dave, I know you are a cop and a prohibitionists or you wouldn’t have made me call you out as the selfish officer of the LAW you are . . . at least I gave my slaves from India long breaks and extra food . . . the next best thing I could have done was get my 16 out and start shooting at the rich white corporate giants running the war right next to me, but I didn’t and it wouldn’t have helped out much either. Let me help you get started in right thinking: 1 + 1 is 2; 2+2 is 4; 4+4 is 8. I never once said Ed didn’t help, but with so much terror and destruction and violence running rampant in front of our own faces and not just on the TV, we must pick multiple battles . . . Did you know that smoking pot is the only drug or one of the few items in this planet that one passes around, like when its in the pipe or joint -all passed around . . . this should at least give you a hint . . . hemp is a multi-purpose plant that helps humans more than they deserve, which should tell you something . . . Dave –this website is not for cops but if you want to join L.E.A.P, you can.

    This site is for those seeking info on how to inherit a better world and Pot and drug legalization is one step closer to that world -otherwise this would have been a Dorito website etc. Dave -any ideas how many slaves worked for your computer materials from China or the STAN -at least do something for them and offer them a better world. Quit thinking with your GDP side of your soul . . . money and laws are only as real as you want them to be and neither are perfect.

  9. Kate on

    What I get from your comments are that, other than sitting around getting high all the time and looking forward to jail, we do nothing? I am a superintendent for a geared-to-income building which houses people with physical and mental disabilities. Everyone I know that smokes….everyone…has a full time job, volunteers for other causes outside of cannabis, raises their families and all without looking like a drugged out hippie.

    Sorry but you are sadly out of touch if you think this outdated “look” of cannabis users is still relevant. The government may wish us to be like that, but we aren’t. Only the ignorant think we are.


  10. David on

    I know it’s hard for you, dude, but try to stay on topic and present some kind of linear thinking instead of the bizarre psychobabble that you always spout on this website. Ed Rosenthal is more a hero for freedom than you will ever be. That’s all you needed to say. Not this garbage about “dressing like you might be a retired cop or an off duty cop…”
    You really need some mental health counseling- fast. And please go post somewhere else. Your rants are sad for any sane person to read. Thanks.

  11. Son of Sam Walton on

    Sadly Ed, this is justified by our current status-Quo. The best thing to do is non-violent guerilla warfare, such as dressing like you might be a retired cop or an off duty cop with short hair and a trimmed beard. Surprisingly when we have so many weed users and activists dressing like they hooked it with Bob Marley or went to a Dead Concert –we don’t always get a whole lot of respect for being viewed as the freak they think we are . . . to negate all of this everyone who currently believes in using weed is now seeking status-quo employment with drug tests (if you can get one without the Drug testing –more power to ya) and for all weed consumers under the age of 30 (given physically able to) are temporally opting out (maybe a year or two) of college or a career to log in thousands of hours in the Military, Police, Fire, EMT, American Red Cross, Habitat 4 Humanity, Peace Corps and various missions and shelters . . . only those who sincerely want to be abused by this sheriff or prohibitionist will go about their days and volunteer nada. Logic dictates we volunteer outside of just weed activism and compassion cooperatives –but to do more. To help the entire community and country will allow others to help us and to see us as responsible and caring adults willing to take one for the team and doing such work, especially in the Military, police, Fire and EMT will allow us to destroy the system from the inside . . . Rome collapsed from the inside remember and the Goths and Germans were only salt on wounds as evident when they allowed a German (maybe it was a Hun) to be a leader in Rome (though not a Cesar). Everyone who thinks they have the right to smoke without jail who live near the Joplin, Missouri area or Grove, Oklahoma area (like those in the Tenn or L.A. or Alabama disasters of the South or other places etc.) are rushing to help those tornado victims –like on a day off or a weekend and not just sending money unless you have a job that works you 7day a week or if you have no one willing to take care of your child or sick spouse or aging parent etc are unable to do. Only those who will inherit the Earth and Vaporizer will do volunteer work or get a job in Police, Military, Fire, EMT etc . . . choosing to do a community service vs. doing a job you only want to do that only seeks profits for you and for the corporation . . . I didn’t want to go to War, but I did . . . I didn’t want to wake up early in a 100+degree humid morning/day but I did in order to help Hurricane Katrina Victims, thus missing a college class, but I did . . . if weed users cannot take one for the team –then they must sit in their jail cells and wait it out . . . if you cannot help –then don’t complain . . . service is more than bending over and picking up limbs or trash or sorting up rubble from a Tornado destroyed home, but writing to your politicians and newspapers etc –all forms are necessary from time to time. So Ed –get all the weed users you can gather and tell them how important it is they do all of the above given its applicable to their abilities. No one has the right to an opinion who cannot back it up with civic service of any measure . . . don’t let just the straights do all the work; let the weed users be citizens too. If all the weed users who were able to, did more volunteer work or civic jobs like fire, military, police etc than our non-weed using citizens percentage wise –then people will see us as human beings able to contribute instead of being too high and only complaining, especially in a society whose jails offer food, beds, AC/Heat, water, medicine, etc –a safe environment in comparison to war, flooding or Liberia or Somalia.

  12. Old Hippie on

    Different county entirely. But trust me, I feel your pain.

  13. Anonymous on


    This is what we have to be careful of, our communities are so caught up in just getting over the hurdle of getting mmj legalized and aren’t thinking long term at protecting those different laws and policies from future, maybe hostile governments. All I know is that it is going to be a long 4 years.

  14. Dirty Harry on

    I live in a NON medical state that also happens to have a drug tax stamp law…
    Tax Rate: $5 / gram of processed marijuana; $750 / unprocessed marijuana plant; $250 / gram of other taxable substances; $400 / 10 doses if not sold by weight

    $750 per plant, and your still busted because MJ in any form is not legal in this state, even though they tax it and will take all your shit for tax evasion if you don’t have the stamps affixed. The stamps are dated to expire in six months so you can’t try and reuse them.

  15. Tony Aroma on

    Is this the same sheriff that used the tags as evidence of past grows and turned that info over to the DEA. The reason why Marion “Mollie” Fry and her husband Dale Schafer are now serving 5 years for growing over 100 plants over several years. The same sheriff that laughed about how he kept telling these people they were legitimate right up until the time he called in the DEA on them?

  16. Kathleen Chippi on

    Word is Matt Cook is headed to CA to “help” CA kill their mmj like he did in CO. We have RFID chips following plants from “seed to sale”, pot cops, video surveillance of patients via the internet to DoR and all law enforcement review and on and on. People MUST stand up! With the loss of Ben Masel, lets do what he said—GET ACTIVE!

  17. Anonymous on

    In Colorado we are wondering how we had mmj legal for 10 years with NO HARM and now we have a whole new arm of law enforcement–pot cops–100 of them. The general assembly has stomped out our constitutional rights to privacy and access in CO. And when people like me speak up–they all say we need to compromise. Last I looked, we do not compromise fundamental rights, especially when it’s based on lobbying from law enforcement and rehab centers. Enough is enough!

    this was today in CO:

  18. David Alonzo on

    As usual, Ed Rosenthal is one of few cannabis activists and experts to tell the truth about the corrupt or weak people who are allowing our medical marijuana victories to be stolen from us.

    Ed is totally right- instead of allowing politicians, police and losers roll back medical marijuana legalization, we should organize, get funding, and sue.

    We should also work hard to get rid of any politician or other official who tries to interfere with medical marijuana.

    Obama has also shown himself to be a total hypocrite, and his US attorneys are interfering in state’s rights by threatening state officials who want to protect medical marijuana users.

    The war on marijuana is like all the USA wars, and it needs to be seen for what it is- a fascist, right-wing, anti-freedom coalition who want to kick down our doors and throw us in prison for a plant.

    Thanks to Ed for always standing up to these fascists. We need more people like him.