The War on Drugs and American Gun Runners To Mexico

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From the perspective of the American citizen, all of our wars are abject failures. The recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and so many other places on the planet (Somalia, the Philippines, Colombia) have slaughtered millions of innocents and made our world more dangerous for Americans, while strapping future generations with massive debt.

The war on poverty is such a failure that homeless and hungry are growing by the millions, even as we have more millionaires and billionaires (can there be a connection here?).

But of all the pathetic failures, the war on drugs has got to take the cake. As conservatives chant, “We’re number one,” America consumes over half of all the illegal drugs with only five percent of the world’s population. The CIA has been caught again and again, going back decades, running drugs and working with the world’s biggest narcotraffickers.

Although most Americans lose in all of these wars, the wealthy benefit, making billions. It is estimated that the US banking industry makes billions of dollars from laundering drug money alone.

And now we find out that our government is running guns to the Mexican drug mob– 2,500 assault weapons and body armor penetrating cop-killer guns.

Members of the Mexican Congress have called the operation a violation of international law and even an act of war, as we would see it if Mexico did this to us.



  1. Anonymous on

    These guns that the authorities let get into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels have been direcly linked to the murders of United States ATF and border agents. I guess the ATF and DEA leadership believe in cracking a few eggs to bake some cake.

  2. Anonymous on

    Yeah, look what happened to Secord, “the poor man has suffered enough, suspended sentence” and Olie North made it big on FOX. The answer is, don’t get in the way of the cash flow and nobody cares!

  3. Mr. Green Bud Marine on

    Is this for REAL??? Oh my god this is like old Ollie North all over again, that slime bag piece of shit. America’s founding fathers have at this point rolled OUT of their graves, and are rolling down the street towards Washington D.C.