Exploratory Committe: 2012 Presidential Run

Dear folks,

The exploratory committee investigating the possibility of my presidential run in 2012 has been working day and night, especially night, to scope out the electoral environment.

I am happy to report that I have received hundreds letters of support, and not one negative reply. However, I am still looking into the dynamics of the campaign so I have to report that I have not yet made a decision.

What do you think? Should we set up Party Party chapters in all 50 states so we can run electors all over the country? Should we join up with Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party?

On another subject, I have some thoughts about Party Party platform. You know that I have already proposed that we have a cultural offensive, that is, substitute the arts for war, rather than pursuing the “art” of war. To that end, I have already proposed we start removing our troops from the 80 countries in which it has bases. My suggestion for removal of the first base is Guantanamo, in Cuba. There are several reasons. The first is that it is so close to the us that it would not take a lot of planning to get out of there and the trip home would be very shot, less than 2 hours. But the best part of leaving Gitmo is the prisoners that the US holds there would not be removed, they would remain there for Cuba to deal with. Just think of it. A revolutionary country having to deal with terrorists. It will just create more problems for Cuba and at the same time will get us out of this delicate no-win situation. Let Raul Castro deal with the terrorists. The beauty of this is that its secular communism versus religious fanaticism.

I am still working on the Party Party platform and would appreciate your suggestions. Let’s see if we can do this!



  1. Anonymous on

    Not long after the 2008 election Ron Paul was asked if he’d ever run again. I remember his reply almost verbatim, “Hell no I didn’t even come close”. Sure I want pot legalized but the lesser of 2 evils is sadly often our only reasonable option. Still there’s hope…. I hope.

  2. RonPaul2012 on

    Everyone needs to once again through their full support to Ron Paul. He will end the war on drugs, and really all wars in general.

  3. Anonymous on

    It’s not worth sacrificing public services to end the cannabis prohibition… US public services have come about after 70 or so years of fighting for wellbeing & we shouldn’t destroy all that progress for the sake of cannabis access, or for the sake of ending the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.
    -a more uneducated, unhealthy country of more miserable indentured-workers is far too high a price for ending the drug prohibitions & that is why Libertarianism shouldn’t be voted for.

  4. Anonymous on

    by not voting Dem, you let the GOP win; progress is made of incremental steps (unfortunately!)… if we don’t choose the lesser of two evils, we are allowing the greater evil all the more chance to have power… it is compromise, that is life! peace

  5. Anonymous on

    It’s not worth splitting the Liberal vote; it sound awesome, no joke, but unless a good party can realistically compete in the election, it functions as a de facto vote-getter for the Conservative party… this splitting of the vote can be really bad; like what Nader did in 2000.
    -Well intentioned people voted for Nader, instead of Gore, and so W. Bush had only to steal a few tens of thousands of votes (via private election company, DBT’s, ‘suspected felon’ vote denying, plus other racist vote stealing) to win… everyone should vote for Democrat in the presidential run because it is either Obama or the GOP; Liberal 3rd parties simply split the Liberal vote, thereby increasing the chance for Conservatives to immorally win.

  6. Anonymous on

    i dont think this is meant to be serious

  7. T on

    No offense but should not we be rallying behind higher potential hopefulls like R. PAUL or G. JOHNSON 2012 PEACE

  8. Jason Williams on

    I am 23 years old and I have never placed a vote for state or federal elections. I don’t believe in the government. You would give me a reason to believe in our country. I will register to vote for you