Ed Rosenthal For President in 2012

Folks, I didn’t want to have to do this, but as a patriotic American, seeing this country going to hell under the bipartisan watch of both Democrats and Republicans, I have decided to set up a presidential exploratory committee and we will seek the endorsement of the Party Party, which at present doesn’t exist formally, but which meets regularly at bars, cafes, raves and peoples homes, amongst other places.

Obama’s latest adventurist imperialist war, the one he started in Libya, drove me to consider this option. His refusal to treat his severe Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome (#MDS) has resulted in this terrible situation. This may be the only way we can get out.

The platform of the Party Party is to withdraw American troops from all the countries they are stationed. That number, 80, is probably more countries than you can name and hasn’t done the American people any good over the past 100 years.

As for Americas domestic wars, such as the War on Drugs, and the newly enhanced War on Poor People, they will be history if the findings of the committee determine I should run for office.

The Party Party’s platform also includes a provision to stop selling arms to countries all over the world, and to start making real efforts to dismantle our nuclear arsenal, whether or not Russia does.

Instead of spending money on wars, the federal government will spend money on cultural events and rebuilding infrastructure. I know that if I choose to run, it will be an uphill battle, but my endorsement as #2 anti-prohibitionist warrior will be a great launch.

The dispensaries all over the country are sure to support my campaign. I know that people are ready for something different. Believe me folks, my presidency will be different from any you have ever seen. Let me know what you think. I have to make a decision quickly so I can buy a hat to throw in the ring.

More to come.



  1. Ronald Gascon on


    My friend we should be working together as a team. Check out what I have going already at http://webstation19.8k.com/jonpol.htm
    I don’t think it matters which of us does V.P flip a coin for it.

    Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested
    peace freedom and Tolerance
    John Galt jr.

  2. Son of Sam Walton on

    Ken Hayes was a cocaine trafficker according to the DEA (though an obvious and absolute lie –since it’s coming from an agency or company that actively and daily violates the Sherman-Anti Trust Act by denying almost every American from having the right to work in our own country by single handedly loosening Chinese restrictions on hemp in America), when Ed wasn’t a coke dealer and also, Ed was deputized for growing in the City Limits –it doesn’t state Ken was, though he might have been . . . what screwed Ken so much to the point that you are angry with Ed is the fact that Ken went on the Lamb as a Cocaine trafficker –when according to the SF New: Ed stayed and faced the music –1 day served . . . that means if Ken would have stayed –Ed could have helped him –but when you have a major cocaine trafficker on the run –and helping a dope dealer fleeing the law would have been a politically bad idea –seems like Ed’s smarts and staying still to be caught is what really helped him . . . cops love nothing better than to make an example of a fleeing cocaine dealer since the odds are really high that Ken Hayes was ‘notionally’ involved in drive by shootings and financing gangs (according the description of your average cocaine distributor on the run). If you are angry at Ed for not ‘piggy backing’ Ken from the po-po: then yes –you have every right to be angry at Ed . . . if Ed is truly bad –then you owe it up to us to show us documented reason as to why we shouldn’t trust Ed . . . Ed is also a human being –so he has room to err and if I sold has many books as Ed and had my face in the cannabis political game –I don’t think I’d be inclined to run away or help a fleeing cocaine dealer . . . you owe it to every one of us to pin-point how bad Ed is if he is –if he cannot be trusted with the Keys to the City. But if Ed is proven to be a good man whom might make mistakes in this deadly game and it is up to you to forgive him . . . you cannot let something that happened in the past get in the way of the goal –by forgiveness –you could be essential for Ed to repent of his ways and to see the flaws of the past in order to solidify victory.

  3. Anonymous on

    you’re a joke, ed. the only thing you’ve ever cared about is you! you left Ken Hayes in Canada as a political prisoner and didn’t take care of him in ANY way on any day. not one single dollar! yet you forget what he did for you and the movement. i’ts o.k., go ahead and feed off of the glory you get from people that don’t know about your history, but there’s plenty of people that know the real you!

  4. Montana Biotech on

    I want to be your counsel on cannabis science!! I could head up the department of cannabis/Hemp research!! Please Ed, don’t forget about Montana Biotech!!

    Ed Rosenthal and Joe Lacerenza at the Garden City Cannabis Expo in Missoula, MT!! http://tinyurl.com/3dv5acx

  5. Anonymous on

    i think it would be a great idea for you to run but somthing tells me some of them big pharma guys would do somthing to stop it.

  6. Stoneth on

    I’d bet your presents alone would be cause for change. I’d happily support you and for the first time in my life would actually vote. At 34 years of age that’s saying something.lol

  7. Ed R on

    The Party Party’s #1 platform issue is marijuana re-legalization.

  8. Anonymous on


    Ed, you the man!

    I’ve had more than 2nd thoughts on Ron Paul, because personally I just think deep down, he’s another puppet.

    But you, my man, you are the change we need, you could be savior of this damned Country, please run. please, please, please run.

    You have my vote, and I’m certain you’d have MANY more.

    But you’d HAVE to legalize as well, that alone would get you voted in, but if you promise to end all the wars also, it’s a no brainer!!


    President ED! 😀


  9. Catharine Leach on

    The man is a genius…

  10. Son of Sam Walton on

    As long as you keep Marc in mind along with Mexico and Militant Islam being financed by illegal drugs -you could be controversial enough to draw votes away –an accurate picture of those looking for change would be counted –hopefully enough to open the eyes n’ ears of the politicians and those in power. It could work Ed: Worse Case Scenario Ed is that too many people will take it seriously and you could be campaigning a lot longer than you expected –you never know in this high-speed info-mania world of ours . . . if every pot-head of legal voting age who was also angry at the 3-5 Trillion that has been spent on drug prohibition and denied revenue and opportunity from prohibited industrial hemp voted for you –plus lets say 15-18% of every American whom doesn’t use pot, but who are a part of that vast percentage of those who have tried it could get you more than expected. At least it will ruffle up some of the papers and documents of our legal system . . . get LEAP and NORML involved too. Let everybody know how much money Americans can make and how many jobs can be added if we had industrial hemp . . . tell them about the big business corporate deals between China and the DEA (China being our largest supplier of hemp without the DEA offering them any legal resistance to grow hemp in China like they do to their own citizens and their involvement with convicted drug dealer and murderous Islamic terrorist of the devastating 08’ Mumbai Attacks: David Headley). Let the people truly come to know and understand and be in the boots of half or more of those dead in our wars in the Middle East from drug money. . . conjure up images of the 20+ thousand American wounded from drug money alone and the several thousand from 9/11 dead and injured from what drug money alone can finance . . . tell the people the truth: Our war against Muslim Terrorists have cost at least half a trillion dollars just to go up against illegal drug money for all these years. Tell them about all the possibilities hemp has as an environmental cleaning agent as done in Chernobyl and then remind them of the Gulf oil spill . . . tell them about how nutritious hemp seed is as food and remind them of our population and increasing illegal immigrant population (which at least half is attributed to the drug violence in Mexico and lack of jobs due to many Latin American countries outlawing industrial hemp and being corrupt) –tell them how healthy eating hemp food is and remind the people of our obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer problems we face with subtle increases. Remind the American people of how much more expensive the cost of living is and fewer wages and more outsourced jobs and more wasted taxes due to the war on drugs and outlawing industrial hemp to the point to subtly no longer continue Americans upon that trail of self-reliance. Remind them of drug laws and how the African American is targeted more often for drugs and their neighborhoods are often hurt if not destroyed by the illegal drug trade and criminal enterprises of dope dealing gangs and broken families addicted to illegal unclean street drugs whom are also facing mass incarcerations for drugs so much to the point that the War on Drugs has chopped up at least half the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remind them of hemp’s cancer curing potential. Remind them of trees being used for paper and houses and being chopped down around the world for grazing fields –and then remind them about hemp being used for paper and is often a good supplement for wood from trees and can also be used in Animal feed, which would reduce the needs of grazing land by hundreds of Acers around the world –which overall will stop the destruction of literally thousand of acres of woods and trees destroyed for paper, wood and grazing lands. Tell the people how strong hemp or marijuana roots are and remind them why California has some of the mudslide problems it has . . . tell them that simply growing wild hemp (very low in THC) throughout the country and woods and plains could slow and reduce soil erosion and wild fires to such and such an extent when dealing with the fact that the plant burns slower than other plants. You might not be voted into office –but you will have been responsible for divulging out information to the masses that will have to be later viewed and taken into consideration in the future. You could bring Common Sense back into politics, while reintroducing the American public with the basic rule in physics or for the real world: for every action there is an opposite reaction.

  11. RobbyRacoon on

    Are you serious? I’d definitely vote for you if I thought that the Senate and House would allow you to accomplish anything worthwhile. As we’ve seen, the GOP is dedicated to breaking the government in every way possible, and the Dems can’t find their ass with both hands…

    Given that, voting for you wouldn’t be a favor, I’m sure. I’d still do it anyways if you wanted, though 🙂