Green Aid: Ken Unger Trial

Green Aid has taken the case of Ken Unger, a disabled Navy Veteran who uses medical marijuana. He started using marijuana after he had 3 heart attacks from his prescribed morphine. If we don’t get the case dropped, we will be arguing for a medical defense in court, which will set precedent in Missouri.

We are gearing up to fire Ken’s current lawyer (who is pushing him to plead guilty and take a 5 year plea deal, which includes drug testing) and hire one who will fight this case in court. Please email [email protected] for a full press release or questions.

Send letters, call, or email St. Charles County, MO DA, Jack Banas and urge him to drop the case:
Courts Administration Building
Room 601
300 North Second Street
St. Charles, MO 63301
PH: 636-949-7355
[email protected]

Donate to his defense fund at
Share this information as much as possible
Email [email protected] if you want to get involved and help.

Fox2 St Louis TV News

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

CBS St. Louis

…and a lot more to come.



  1. Arlene Williams aka Ganja Granny on

    Just a note of thanks. Ken’s case came to my attention in late September, early October. I have no idea why I felt compelled to help him. I am a 3rd stage breast cancer survivor and Cannabis activist. I was born in 1937 the same year Marijuana Prohibition was declared law. I reached out to all the major organizations and contacts I had, asking for direction with where to go with this case and how could I get some press. I tried relentlessly. I wrote to missouri newspapers, politicians & the Governor. I wrote to our President. Finally the day before Thanksgiving I contacted Michael Kravits who was recovering from an accident but promised he would reach out and help. I continued plugging away on my website & on the Social networks. I did LET THEM TALK a local live cable Tv show w/ Ken calling in, a week or so before Christmas. This was a great help since the show goes over the net. After the holidays I decided to call Mike again to see if he was back in action. He reached out to Ed Rosenthal and from that point on its been a miracle. Thanks to Michael Kravitz from Veterans for Medical Marijuana & of course to you ED. We all need to stand in solidarity for the Legalization of Marijuana. No one should be denied a medical alternative. No one should live in fear of arrest. No one especially the Kens in this world should be treated as he was. Ken will be in court on March 9th. God willing I will be there. I hope that anyone who supports legalization will also be there in court. We need all the support we can get. I thank anyone & everyone who has contributed to Ken Unger’s defense fund. We never know when we will need help. With someone in America being arrested for marijuana approximately every 37 seconds… Who will be next? Thanks again for all that you do! Ganja Granny sez Keep it Lit & pass it around!