Jodie Emery at The Vancouver CannaMed Fair

CANNABIS CULTURE – Pot-TV host Jodie Emery talks to organizers, vendors, and fellow activists at The Vancouver CannaMed Fair, the city’s first expo highlighting the medicinal use of marijuana.

The Vancouver CannaMed Fair, held from Feb 4-6, 2011, featured a Who’s Who of the Canadian cannabis community and provided a glimpse inside the growing world of medical cannabis.

Princess of Pot Jodie Emery (executive director of Cannabis Culture and CCHQ) takes us inside the Vancouver Heritage Hall to meet many of the people involved in the three-day event.

The Fair, organized by Sita of Green Harvest and Tracy Curley, was the first of its kind in Vancouver and will hopefully be back agin next year.

Jodie Emery is Executive Director of Cannabis Culture (and CCHQ). Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – or read her CC Blog. Watch episodes of The Jodie Emery Show on Pot-TV’s YouTube channel.

Medical Marijuana Expo A Step Forward For Vancouver

By Jeremiah Vendermeer
Cannabis Culture

CANNABIS CULTURE – Hundreds of medical marijuana users, cannabis vendors, and curious Vancouverites showed up for The Vancouver CannaMed Fair, the city’s first medical marijuana expo.

The CannaMed Fair was a three-day, non-stop, information-packed medicinal cannabis expo featuring vendors, activist groups, musicians and guest speakers from Canada’s cannabis community.

The Fair was the first of its kind in Vancouver, and was a great step forward for the city’s growing medical marijuana community. Local pot-related business like CCHQ, seed-sellers like The Vancouver Seed Bank, glass vendors like Lethal Glass, and local dispensaries like Delta 9 were in attendance, providing information about pot products and medical marijuana policy in Canada.

Marijuana activists including Hempology 101‘s Ted Smith, Princess of Pot Jodie Emery, Victoria City Councillor Philippe Lucas, BC NDP Leadership candidate Dana Larsen, and many others gave speeches or made appearances (or took part in the “Reach For The Pot” game show) over the three-day event. Cannabis researcher Dr. Paul Hornby and drug policy experts including Rielle Capler and Kirk Tousaw took the stage, answering questions from the audience.

Cannabis Culture cameras were flashing for three straight days – view the photos below in our Vancouver CannaMed Fair photo gallery.

On Saturday night, Fair-goers met at the British Columbia Marijuana Party vapour lounge in downtown Vansterdam – on the Pot Block – for a night of mingling, music, and munchies. CC cameras didn’t stop snapping – see the results in our CannaMed After Party photo gallery.

Special thanks to event organizers Tracy Curley and Sita von Windheim for doing such a great job. Hope to see you again at next year’s CannaMed Fair!

Click here to see a Cannabis Culture News LIVE broadcast from the CannaMed Fair (or watch below).



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