Marc Emery’s Prison Blog #26 – Newsletter #3

January 24th-31st, 2011: In one of my previous blogs I wrote that the Chaplain was getting 25 guitars for a music program similar to other prisons where inmates have regular and easy access to instruments to play. This was the understanding of Randy, a Canadian here from New Westminster (near Vancouver) whose music business associations back home had his Canadian musician friends offer 25 Spanish guitars to DRJCI for inmate use, since hundreds of inmates here are musicians. The management here turned down this offer to have 25 guitars donated free to D. Ray James, no explanation offered.

Then, Randy’s understanding was that D. Ray James would provide these guitars, as of course they should. GEO Group receives $1,004,000.00 US EACH WEEK on this contract, enough to pay for standard inmate amenities. Yesterday I spoke to glum and dejected Chaplain Higbee who stated that he was unsure if GEO Group would provide for any musical instruments at all for D. Ray James. He was inclined to think they wouldn’t. Saving souls is his stock-in-trade, but I think he’s discovered he’s working for a devil of an employer!

So GEO Group turns down 25 free guitars for inmates, but won’t commit to providing any instruments with its total $2,450,000,000.00 (yes, $2.45 BILLION) received from the US taxpayers in 2010 alone! GEO’s competition, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), provide for inmates at the foreigner-only federal prison up the highway in McRae, Georgia; there they have a collection of guitars, drums, bongos, congas, and even two pianos for inmate use. There is a music practice room. Inmates put on concerts in the gym once a month for any musicians who put themselves on the concert performance list. There is a band practice room. There is a CD player room where inmates can plug in their headphones and listen to a CD currently playing. Most prisons have similar programs, but not this place.

One microwave oven per unit of 64-80 men is providing problematic. I put in a cop-out (request) for a second microwave in every unit and the written response was “no.” Yet the microwaves are in such constant use 18 hours a day they are burning out rapidly. It would probably save money and reduce wear and tear to have 2 microwaves in each unit, as well as easing tensions of long line-ups for use. Microwaves in Q building’s Pod 5 & 8 burned out in the past week, so inmates from those pods were invited into the pod next door (6 & 7) to use their microwave, making even longer line-ups and increased stress on the microwaves.

At McRae, there are seven (7) televisions in each unit or range: four in Spanish and three in English. Here we have just two televisions in each unit: one in Spanish (largely sports), and the other is supposed to be for English. However, because each unit here is 95% Hispanic [native language being Spanish], there is some unsubtle pressure in each unit to make both TVs Spanish-Language, a perspective I understand given the inmate population. But this brewing conflict is abetted by the stinginess of GEO Group management. When I posed this to the B.O.P. monitor on site, they remarked that the third TV for each unit is already here, but “coaxial and electrical issues” are the hold-up.

Nine days ago, ten exercise bicycles were put in the basketball courts for inmate use. As of today, all of them are out of order. I sat on every one of them and tested them myself. Despite a claim to have spent $2,000.00 per bicycle, they seem to be light-duty household models worth no more than $300.00 each. Something doesn’t jibe here. Bradley, another Canadian inmate here, just fixed them!

They installed a kiosk out in the yard area that is to be used to load songs onto the Mp3 players they plan to sell in commissary for $130.00 each. There is a satellite dish atop the rec office to receive the latest songs, which will cost inmates $1.60 per song to download onto their “Secure System” inmate Mp3 player (no iPods for us!). The Mp3 players are not for sale yet, so we’ll see how that goes. A critical matter is whether the $130.00 cost and $1.60 per song cost is to be counted towards the $320.00 monthly maximum limit inmates have on their commissary spending. For example, January has 5 commissary purchase days, which for my unit happens to be Mondays on January 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31st. As of today, January 24th, I’ve reached my limit, so next week, January 31st, I can’t buy anything from commissary, and I just typically order food. So if I order an Mp3 player, it means that month I’ll have to cut back on $130.00 worth of food (packaged meat, fish, condiments, tortillas, hot-sauce, spices, noodles, etc.) Ordering 20 songs in one month is a $32.00 purchase, and that means I’ll have to order $32.00 less of food. Even under regular circumstances like this month, I’m going to have to go a week on austerity rations. You can see someone is making money on these inmates because these songs are available from $0.79 to $1.29 per song from mainstream providers like iTunes and Amazon.

Attachment B (Page 1)Attachment B (Page 1)DRJCI now has an inmate photographer taking photos for $1.00 each in the visitation room every Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holiday, which is very good. Inmates will also be able to get a photo taken of themselves in the yard against a wall on every third Sunday for $1.00. The price is OK (although SeaTac FDC offered 2 copies for $1.00), but probably 200 to 300 inmates will be lined up to have a photo taken in the 7 hours (8:30 am – 3:30 pm) one Sunday a month. It means many will have to wait SEVERAL hours just to have their one photo taken. And if it’s raining and you have to wait outside, or on February 20th, raining and cold…? There’s no reason it can’t be done weekly, it just requires one camera and one inmate. After all, it will make money. The cost of a 4” x 6” glossy photo from a digital camera is approximately $0.20.

I’ve been reading numerous jailhouse lawyering and paralegal texts, and familiarizing myself with Lexus/Nexus, the database that contains all federal statutes. I made a disconcerting discovery in the last few days filling out forms, grievances, reviewing appeals, motions, requests for transfer of inmate funds, and all the useful activity I like to think I do on behalf of the inmates. When I started here on November 30th, the other paralegals, Guy and Darren, would fill out this “Half-Time” early deportation status request form on behalf of the largely Hispanic inmates and mail it to and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in Atlanta, GA. All done at no charge, of course, as is all our paralegal work. This form was an application for an inmate who had never been deported before to get early deportation at the halfway point in their sentence.

Attachment B (Page 2)Attachment B (Page 2)Needless to say, this excited the inmates who “qualified”. Over the next six weeks I assisted a dozen inmates fill this “application.” A little leery, I asked my friend Loretta Nall to call the ICE office in Atlanta, GA to confirm the program existed. Buy by mid-January she had not done this for me. That is a glaring difficulty here, that there is no way for us to email or call any government office, lawyer or reference on the “outside” to corroborate the many legal concerns that come our way. Even though this is supposedly an Immigration & Naturalization Service Federal Prison for deportable “aliens”, there is no one here in any way knowledgeable in immigration matters to advise or assist us.

On Saturday, an inmate brought in a 2-page form (attachment B) called a “Motion for Sentence Relief under the Federal Prison Bureau Non-Violent Offender Act of 2003.” I found this suspicious immediately. It seems to be a motion, or application, for early release of a non-violent offender over the age of 45. It is framed as a motion, but H.R. 3575(a) is a House Resolution, meaning that this may have once been proposed legislation, but actual laws use differing numbering. Federal Prison Bureau doesn’t exist. It is the Federal Bureau of Prisons. When I put “non-violent offender relief act of 2003” into Lexus/Nexus, nothing came up. The so-called application was a fake; a hoax. The so-called law doesn’t exist. I came back to the inmate and said, “This is a fake.”

I then took it to Miguel, a Hispanic paralegal from Peru who has worked in law libraries for 14 years (1991-2004, 2009 to present), and is really knowledgeable around Lexus/Nexus, and he said, “of course it’s a fake. If it was real, I myself would qualify.” I asked him why hoax documents circulate in prisons, he said that so-called jailhouse lawyers charge money (commissary) to file these fake motions they’ve convinced other inmates are real, exploiting the hopes and frustrations of prisoners who are desperate to get out and whose English or knowledge of the law is unsophisticated. These unscrupulous people charge $5.00 or $10.00 or $15.00 or whatever they can to “help” inmates, largely Hispanics, to file bullshit motions, or writs of Habeas Corpus, or even these “half-time” early release applications.

Attachment AAttachment APondering this, I took a closer look at the so-called “half-time” release application we’ve dutifully assisted 30 to 40 inmates in filling out since I’ve been in the law library. I put the term ‘Stipulated Deportation Order’ and A.R.S. 41-1604.14’ and ‘Class 3’ ‘felony offense’ and ‘A.R.S. 13-1404’ and ’13-1405’ and ’13-1406’, ’13-1410,’ and ’13-604’ and I could not find ANY of these so-called statutes or terms anywhere in the Lexus/Nexus. For example, felonies are classified as “A, B, C, D, & E Class” felonies; there are no class 1-6 felonies. (Attachment A)

There is no term “Stipulated Deportation Order” anywhere in any deportation or immigration statutes or regulations. This “application”, too, is a hoax. I was careless and didn’t verity it early on, and sincerely helped a dozen inmates fill them in and send them off, no doubt giving them false hope of early release. After I “assisted” them, they looked at me and said “how much do I owe you?” and I was always so pleased to say “Nothing. This is my job to help you and I’m happy to do it.”

Now I feel foolish. I feel I should make an announcement in my unit that the half-time application is a hoax and apologize to the four people in my unit who got their “applications” filled out with me. I feel crestfallen giving false hope to those inmates. I even sent one by certified mail with $5.54 worth of my own stamps and I was somewhat curious when the ‘letter received’ signed portion never came back.

When I told Miguel of my discovery, he said, “of course it’s a fake. That is what I told them.” (‘Them’ being the two paralegals.) “What?!” I exclaimed, “You didn’t tell me!” “They didn’t want to believe me,” he said. “This fake notice is even at other prisons like Leavenworth (Kansas) and in Arizona.” The two paralegals are whom I learned from, so that disappointed me. They didn’t do due diligence on the authenticity of this bogus ‘application’. I went to them and said “The Half-Time for is a hoax. None of it checks out. None of it.” One said, “I’ve gotten a response.” Then he showed me his response (attachment C), which is a form-letter brush-off that doesn’t in any way acknowledge the “half-time” application. Basically the form-letter response says, “We don’t know you. There is nothing we are doing for you.” When I said we should tell the inmates it is a hoax, they said, “I don’t want to be the one to do that.”

Attachment C (Page 1)Attachment C (Page 1)This is the problem with having no connection to the outside world by email or phone. With only 300 minutes monthly, I can only afford brief 10-minute conversations once a day with Jodie; I have no minutes available to seek legal help from anyone. This discovery has made me a bit sad, but certainly wiser into doing my due diligence on any work, and not taking anything at face value until I’ve confirmed the actual facts of a matter.

Yesterday and today I filed two “Hail Mary” requests that are unlikely to get desired results with Bureau of Prisons. A “Hail Mary” is a very long shot attempt at something. Pablo, an Argentinean inmate in my unit, failed a urine test at McRae C.F. last year, a private prison run by Corrections Corp. of America (CCA) in Georgia, north of here. His dirty u/a (as a failed test is called) showed ‘marijuana metabolites’ in his urine. His punishment was severe and draconian, totally over-the-top, for a failed urine test; he received:

– 90 Days total in solitary confinement (30-days while waiting for the verdict, 60 days for the punishment)
– 67 days loss of good time credit (67 days extra jail time)
– 1 Year loss of Visitation
– 90 Days loss of Telephone
– Disciplinary Transfer to another prison

Attachment C (Page 2)Attachment C (Page 2)This is extraordinary for a solitary failed urine test; loss of 67 days’ good time credit, loss of visitation (for a year!), phone, and 90 days solitary confinement! Wow! That’s really piling it on. And then to get moved to another prison – all over maybe one joint! So I’ve filed a request to have some of his good time reinstated, appealing for mercy. To get this request to the B.O.P. Department that can relevantly make a decision, we will have to file the request 5 to 9 times, going to the next level as it gets refused, as it certainly will the first 4 times because DRJ cannot reinstate good time, particularly from a disciplinary action that took place at another (non-GEO Group) facility. Only by the 5th appeal does it get dealt with by Bureau of Prisons (B.O.P.).

Today I met Mr. Peters, the inspector from Washington D.C. for Bureau of Prisons, and had a twenty minute conversation with him. I went over my list of what I feel are necessary improvements that ought to me made here; Corrlinks/email, exercise equipment, additional TVs, additional microwave ovens, shower curtains for privacy, more money spend on current books and subscriptions to the library, a music program with instruments, practices and performance opportunities, legitimate accredited courses, a career room with pamphlets and brochures for correspondence courses, all the amenities and opportunities that are at McRae (again, it’s a facility exclusively for foreigners like this one) or any Federal low security prison for Americans. I added, “What did I do that was so bad you had to send me to THIS place?” Of course, I was emphasizing my point with the last remark. He dryly responded, “The designation center in Grand Prairie, Texas sent you here, it had nothing to do with me.”

He went on, “but I will say that when McRae opened – and I worked there for two years – they had none of those things they currently have now. All that progress was achieved by having a continual dialogue between the Warden and inmates. So keep taking your case to the Warden. I can’t order him to do anything in regards to expenditure of monies. You keep bringing your concerns and requests to the warden and things will come. I’m aware McRae has seven televisions per unit and an excellent music program, but that didn’t happen right away. When McRae opened, there was nothing. It came about over time.”

In fact, at McRae they have dozens of pull-up bars, exercise equipment (treadmills, steppers). After the Chow Hall is closed, it’s turned into a games room. There are special meals on all religious holidays, celebrating even the Santeria holy days for the Haitians. There is a veggie tray for vegetarians and Kosher meals. There is a special meal for all inmates of each nationality’s Independence Day (any inmate with a population of over 100, so the national holidays celebrated are the Mexican, Dominican Republic, Haitian, Cuban, and Colombian Independence Days.)

I pointed out that while it’s true everything takes longer than you think it ought to, one of our washing machines hasn’t worked since October 15th, 2010, over 3 months ago, and has never been repaired. The fire-alarm issues persist after 14 weeks of aggravating aural assaults. As to Western-Union deposits to inmate accounts, we are being told that for Canadians and others outside of the USA, that service should be available within the week. We shall see about that, but I hope so, because Canadians cannot put money into a Canadian inmate’s account here by money order, Western-Union, or Canadian VISA or MasterCards, so it’s impossible to put money into MY commissary account from Canada. How discriminatory is that?!

Attachment M (Page 1)Attachment M (Page 1)My friend and fellow paralegal Avedis, or “Mike”, has been a powerful voice for the rights of Jews here at DRJ, in regards to religious services, dietary requirements, and religious observation. The Rastas, Muslims, and other faiths have similar grievances to Mike. (See Attachment “M”).

The water to drink here contains sediment, floating flecks of black and blue. Jodie saw this when she came to visit and the pop and water machines were broken; we were given styrofoam cups for the drinking fountain water, but warily examined bits of debris or paint or metal in the bottom of the cups we had to drink water in. The tap-water here comes from a giant and old water tower on the DRJCI property. I talked to the infrastructure person on staff today and told them in my opinion the water here was unfit for human consumption.

His first response was “I’ve been drinking it for 13 years and I’m OK.” I agreed that was a good sign, but I questioned whether the water tower had any filters and whether those filters had been kept clean. They said that the water was filtered on the way into the tower but were unsure if it was filtered on the way out and how often, if ever, the filters were cleaned. Mike’s family is in the water bottling business and is familiar with potable water and reverse-osmosis filtration. His opinion is that the water here is unfit for human consumption, and that the area surrounding Folkston is swampland. The water would be of very poor quality.

Attachment M (Page 2)Attachment M (Page 2)DRJ’s Library made its first acquisition of “new” books today, about 150 remaindered books of little use to the inmates – but it’s a start I guess, albeit pathetic, penny-pinching response at that. The library needs 500 to 1,000 contemporary bestsellers like Stephen King, James Patterson, Dean R. Koontz, contemporary business books, modern text books, and contemporary Spanish authors en Espanola. Notably the inmates were not consulted about the books they would like to read, nor were any of the Library Aides, and especially not me. I’ve only had 35 years of bookselling and library experience, what would I know?

Whatever was cheap and easily available with the least amount of thought was what was acquired, so they can refute my repeated refrain that no money has been spent on the library since DRJ opened in October 2010. However, still no money has been spent on relevant paralegal or prisoner litigation books or newsletters for the law library. I have had to provide all of that. B.O.P. regulations require a certified librarian for a prison of this size, but there is not a certified librarian at DRJCI. The D. Ray James Correctional Institution’s inmate manual states: “D. Ray James provides easy access to a full range of materials for education and leisure purposes.” There is virtually no educational material at DRJ however.

There is still no progress on the Laotian man, Nong, being granted permission (as is his right) to marry his fiancé here at DRJCI, after 10 weeks of complying with all the requirements. No updates on the man requiring replacement dentures after GEO Group lost them 7 months ago.

Attachment M (Page 3)Attachment M (Page 3)Recently an inmate came into the law library to tell us the sad news his mother had died. He’s indigent and has no money on his phone account. He went to the Chaplain, explained what happened, and asked if the Chaplain could arrange a free call to his family. The Chaplain told the inmate that rules here required the inmate to “write or call your family and have them fax the death certificate” and THEN he could get the free “family emergency” phone call that DRJCI procedures allow for! The next day the paralegals, including me, brought this up with the Assistant Warden, and he immediately agreed, “That’s the wrong answer. He should get his call.”

My Political Agenda

All of this time in prison is helping crystallize my political agenda to take to the people of Canada upon my release. Canada and America are broken, and I can fix this. But it requires not tinkering, not soothsaying; it requires a rational prioritization of what government can provide and what it cannot. It must not attempt to indulge the futile, the irrational, the impossible.

Currently, The Conservative Party of Canada, propped up by opposition political parties too timid to go to the polls to push them from government, are indulging in a (sterile) orgy of deficit spending, military aggrandizement and aggressive prison building and incarceration. All three of these self-destructive policies drain the blood and treasure of any nation that travels this path to its inevitable destination, a ruinous police state.

The Canadian Military has been unnecessary for 50 years, and today serves no valid purpose, as we are not under threat from any outside force (except from, perhaps, those whom our troops, alongside the American military, terrorize and kill in occupied countries overseas – so any attacks against Canada would be the direct result of our government’s own actions).

The Tory policy of spending $450 billion over 20 years is catastrophic folly. Think what $450 billion could do in the pocketbooks of ordinary Canadians: it could pay for staggering improvements in health care, education, job creation and individual well-being and personal wealth. Prison expansion is emblematic of a failed society. The goal is to abolish prisons. Prisons are schools for criminality, they do not rehabilitate, nor, as our criminal justice system is structured, can this be made possible. Our society is made more unsafe and more violent by the policies that make incarceration inevitable: Prohibition, and prisons themselves, whatever the offense, make criminality more pervasive.

As I speak across Canada when I return, I will explain how Canada can be made perpetually prosperous, demonstrably free and just by:

1) Repealing the prohibition of cannabis and all substances.

2) Abolishing the military and withdrawing from NATO.

3) Ending the ‘security & surveillance’ state apparatus and repudiating the US government ‘security’ state integration.

4) Abolishing the current prison system and replacing it with home detention, restitution, and in the case of violent threats, remote-area detention. We live in a sophisticated electronic ear where it is easily possible to restrain individuals with total monitoring and electronic pain-control to correct behavior. Public safety in this regard is the only legitimate use of the ‘security’ system. Housing criminals together at such huge expense and no benefit must end.

5) Ending all corporate subsidies, loans, and monopolies by the federal or provincial governments.

6) Abolishing the Income Tax and taxes on Canadian-situated investment. Taxation required will be through consumption/consumer taxes (sales taxes).

7) Ending taxpayer financed foreign aid while abolishing the tariffs on products from developing nations, which will truly help the ordinary African or Latin American worker.

8) Ending any preferred status or monopoly privileges for phone, telecommunication, cable carriers. Unlimited Canadian based competition is to be facilitated.

9) The government will continue to finance the nation’s health care and schools. The nation’s health care program will expand to include universal dental care. Taxpayers will choose the recipient of their tax dollars in choosing schools, medical and dental services. Competition among service providers will be robust.

10) Deficit financing, provincially and federally, is outlawed. Prioritization as I have described it is imperative to maintain Canada’s standard of living.

11) The tar-sands oil extraction project is environmental insanity. No government should permit such poisonous defilement of a nation’s natural heritage.

Decisions regarding the governments’ priorities need to be made: I choose schools, hospitals, doctors, dentists, universities, the CBC, a just society, competition, and genuine wealth sharing with our lesser-off fellow workers in the third world. I reject failed or irrelevant institutions of the past: prisons, prohibition, the military, income tax, deficit financing, and all of the crime, crisis and economic malaise that comes with them.

Write me at:
Marc Scott Emery #40252-086 Unit Q Pod 2
D. Ray James Correctional Institution
PO Box 2000
Folkston, GA

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    …we fine tune marc’s election platform , get him out of prison and back to canada and voila…our new prime minister…..bring the keystone cops back to life and we won’t need a parliament

  2. Anonymous on

    You have been watching too much “Law and Order” genius. The fact of the matter is that most cases end just like Marc’s – with a reluctant guilty plea for a lesser charge and/or for less time. This is not a cop out but rather – how our justice works MOST OF THE TIME.

    What good would it have done to fight this in court? At the end of the day, a court (except for Supreme Court) simply decides if you did the deed – and Marc CLEARLY did the deed. As an ‘activist’ Marc might have chosen to fight this and hope it would be eventually heard by the Supreme Court but that would take TONS OF CASH (literally pallets of bills!), A LONG LONG TIME, and realistically – would not happen.

    The Supreme Court can only hear a VERY VERY VERY small number of cases each year and knowing the politics around this issue it’s doubtful anything would be achieved through that avenue (if they even heard the case it would be miraculous!).

    As for your generally bad attitude towards pot & pot smoking (I’m not sure how you ended up on cannabisculture!?) I ask: what is it your business what I do with my money? I am a very hard-working professional with a family! A HEFTY and increasing percentage of my paycheque goes to taxes and I contribute to society in every way you do (at very least).

    If after my 10 hour work day I choose to have a glass of wine, or roll a reefer, or snort a line, or inject a certain solution into my veins – WHAT IS IT YOUR BUSINESS?!

    I don’t judge you for humping a (willing) donkey, while fingering her nose and singing Oh Canada (or the Star Spangled Banner, wasn’t sure I heard donkey vocalizing ‘ee haw’ or ‘eh haw’) – so why you gotta hate on me?!

  3. bhilleli on

    @Dave said:

    from Dr. Weinberg:

    “Without religion you would have good people doing good things and bad people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things it takes religion.”

    Not so… People find ways to justify their horrid actions. Evil people rarely view themselves as evil!

    The biggest human killers of all-time did so in the name of fascism and communism. Both are almost anti-religious! Communism saw & thus banned organized religion as (according to Marx) “the Opiate of the Masses” and fascism is self-obsessed, with the leader taking on G*d like powers & personas

    Stalin was responsible for over 20 million deaths of his own citizens. So many of these were completely needless starvations!

    Mao’s terrible planning and brutal policies resulted in nearly 40 million deaths.

    World War II is remembered as a battle of “The Allies against Germany and Japan” but that is NOT THE CASE! It was ultimate battle of fascism vs. everyone else! The fascist’s of the world, Italy’s Mussolini, Spain’s Franco, Japan’s Hirohito and of course, German’s Hitler joined forces against the rest of the world.
    The general consensus is approx 65,000,000 deaths – SIXTY FIVE MILLION DEATHS! I believe it is likely far higher, nearing 100,000,000 as both the Holocaust death toll and the Chinese Death toll were likely higher.

    That’s over ONE HUNDRED MILLION DEATHS in the span of less than 50 years.
    Religion, despite many centuries head start (and a valiant effort :-() fails to even come close to the toll of fascism.

  4. bhilleli on

    1) Repealing the prohibition of cannabis and all substances.

    AGREED. I am a social libertarian and always thought that “free nation” meant: the right to do as I please so long as I do not infringe upon other’s rights to do the same.

    I would like all drugs, including diacetylmorphine and coca to be legal. That said – if you make this statement you will probably end up a ‘fringe candidate’ that few take seriously. Alas, one must be a realist, wish as I may, we dont live in a bubble!

    2) Abolishing the military and withdrawing from NATO.

    DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! It’s a necessary institution. It’s far more than just for fighting wars, the military is there to deal with natural disasters and to deal with unrest/issues should the police force be unable or unwilling to handle. As a force ‘of the people’ it tends to be of great importance when governments or police forces abuse their power.

    It’s also an establishment that leads to alot of formal/informal contacts (militaries do interact), not to mention contracts.

    At the end of the day, even if you discount Afghanistan (which I don’t, being a Jew from the MidEast I realize fundamentalist Islam is a very real threat. They massacred us long before the re-establishment of Israel, made almost 1 million of my brethren homeless in the mid 40s (we don’t call them ‘Jewish refugees’ because most became ‘Israelis’ – they were absorbed and moved on with life), even if you think it’s all rubbish – Canada does have real domestic issues that require a military. For one, there’s the northern border that has been overtly threatened – Russian defacto invaded it already (they send subs without permissions, they plant their flags on the sea floor) so it’s not something to be taken lightly. There is also the issue of the Natives. This is a powder keg that might go off at some point and its CLEAR that the police aren’t willing or able to handle it (see Caledonia – ‘Natives’ stole houses, lands and terrorized families, as the police watched on so-called ‘keeping the peace’)

    3) Ending the ‘security & surveillance’ state apparatus and repudiating the US government ‘security’ state integration.

    Not a Canadian Issue! Do you want to get into office and make a difference or be part of another far left fringe? The difference is PICKING YOUR ISSUES WISELY and ‘KEEPING IT SIMPLE’…

    America’s security apparatus has gone a tad haywire – that said: they do have reason to fear, they are the biggest target in the world and will always be that so long as they succeed… They give more money to other nations (per capita and total) than any other, and are the only nation in my lifetime that has gone to bat for another nation with which they are not allied (the Muslim Kosovar Albanians, the Somalis, the Kuwaitis… Also the Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakitstanis, Israelis but one can argue an alterior motive there).

    SUMMARILY: It’s a complex issue with no right answer – even if there were, you are a Canadian – so why touch it?!

    4) Abolishing the current prison system and replacing it with home detention, restitution, and in the case of violent threats, remote-area detention. We live in a sophisticated electronic ear where it is easily possible to restrain individuals with total monitoring and electronic pain-control to correct behavior. Public safety in this regard is the only legitimate use of the ‘security’ system. Housing criminals together at such huge expense and no benefit must end.

    Again – flesh it out. What type of remote-area detention are you referring to in regards to violent criminals? At the end of the day – with protection from the elements and protection a consideration – these remote areas would look alot like JAILS, would they not?

    As for home detention – it works on a small scale, has anyone tried it on a large scale? From infrastructure to enforcement – I can think of many issues.

    Maybe the answer is to just change the people running the prisons (path of least resistance and most affect). After all, its not the buildings or the money, just the fools in charge.

    5) Ending all corporate subsidies, loans, and monopolies by the federal or provincial governments.

    Are you saying you want an end to tax cuts for corporations? As somebody who is fiscally conservative (but socially libertarian) I have an issue with this. Trickle down economics work – this is one reason the Bush Tax cuts worked so well and were extended by a left-of-center Obama administration.

    I do think more checks/balances should be put in place though. For example, I believe there should be strict guidelines of the spending of the funds AND I am opposed to corporate bail-outs. I also think that misuse of funds needs to be treated more along the lines of fraud and less along the lines of an ‘unfortunate oversight committed with innocent mind’.

    Corporate bailouts are the worst type of socialism – society become the owners of the debt (the ‘socialist’ part) while the corporation retains ownership of the assets and profits… A BAD DEAL. Then again, one could argue that not saving the corporation would hurt even more in the long-run do to lost jobs (‘society’), taxes (‘society’) and resulting economic woes.
    A difficult issue.

    6) Abolishing the Income Tax and taxes on Canadian-situated investment. Taxation required will be through consumption/consumer taxes (sales taxes).

    I don’t know enough to comment. If you do abolish the Income Tax though, how much higher will you make our sales tax?

    I would wager it would have to be VERY HIGH (and we already pay VERY HIGH taxes by world standards!) and would drive away business.

    That said – it is an interesting idea and is different from the usual Leftwing yipyap to ‘penalize the rich’ (which has always struck me as ridiculous and WRONG! I like to ask people of this belief: at what point does one go from ‘inspiring entrepreneur’ to ‘evil money grubber’ that should be taxed to death? At 100K, 1 Million? The second he makes more than you?)

    7) Ending taxpayer financed foreign aid while abolishing the tariffs on products from developing nations, which will truly help the ordinary African or Latin American worker.

    Reduction of tariffs don’t help nations without viable economies, they don’t help earthquake ravaged areas, help stamp out corruption OR create the means of production.

    That said – I think its worth exploring. ONE THING IS FOR SURE: The money tap of foreign aid to these regions has done LITTLE TO NOTHING to improve their situation.

    I do believe these nations need to help themselves instead of looking for handouts and/or blaming outside influences for their woes (American Imperialism to UFOs – none of them are keeping you in your pathetic states! It’s the failure to get your own houses in order!). Israel is my favorite example of what a nation can achieve in a short time. A mishmash of survivors – hundreds of thousands of Jews from newly formed Arab nations persecuted for generations and exiled and those that escape Europe before (and fewer after) the Holocaust came together to build the JEWEL of the MidEast! THEY OFTEN DID NOT EVEN SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE, WERE SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES AND WERE THE WORLD’S FAVORITE SCAPEGOAT yet were able to turn a desert in the south, and a malarial swamp in the North into an amazing nation that today boasts HIGHEST PER CAPITA scientists, highest per capita startups, socialized healthcare for all (even better than Canadas! They even pay for in vitro!!!) and a thriving democracy.

    NOT PERFECT – BUT SHOWS THAT WHEN PEOPLE ‘GET THEIR HOUSE IN ORDER’ and WORK TOGETHER NATIONS THRIVE… This was long before US-Aid, which only started coming in after THE LAST WEEKS OF THE LAST MAJOR WAR (in 73). Shit, going totally off topic again… The mind wanders, sorry.

    8) Ending any preferred status or monopoly privileges for phone, telecommunication, cable carriers. Unlimited Canadian based competition is to be facilitated.

    Not sure how you achieve this. Although I’ve read that there’s some artificial manipulation, I’m not sure I buy it. I KNOW FOR A FACT that Rogers/Bell were the first ones in, and thus, built the infrastructure on which others had/have to piggy back onto. They took the biggest risks, had the most to lose. How do you tell a company it’s grown ‘too big’… How do you force the breakup of a corporation due to its being too successful? And is it really a good idea? (think Google or MS and what their market-shares allow them to do in terms of standardization, development, etc)

    I am for opening up competition though, to both Canadian and foreign companies. I do not like how the CRTC forces Canadian content (if Canadian content and culture can’t compete, so be it… Artificially mandating only slows the inevitable… LET THE PEOPLE CHOOSE WITH THEIR REMOTES!)

    9) The government will continue to finance the nation’s health care and schools. The nation’s health care program will expand to include universal dental care. Taxpayers will choose the recipient of their tax dollars in choosing schools, medical and dental services. Competition among service providers will be robust.

    Canada already has trouble paying for the healthcare system. It seems every few months I have to dish out dollars for something previously covered. As for drugs – I don’t know what I’d do without my private coverage!

    I like socialized medical care, dental care and even drug care (I might be wrong, but I believe Israel has all 3) but am not sure how a government can pay for these in the long term.

    Consider the issue of demographics – our populations, minus immigration, are about to get SMALLER. It used to be that the younger generations ‘productivity’ (taxes etc) would subsidize the non-working years of their parents. This model breaks if you have less younger people than old ones! The rate to maintain our current population is about 1.3 children (per person, or per couply, don’t recall…). THE ONLY WESTERN NATION TO MAINTAIN THIS RATE IS THE USA – and they are at EXACTLY 1.3 – so not growing, but just barely sustaining.

    This demographic bomb is about to hit Europe socialized systems. Mark Steyn and many others have written books on this (I mention Steyn’s only because its one I read recently)…

    10) Deficit financing, provincially and federally, is outlawed. Prioritization as I have described it is imperative to maintain Canada’s standard of living.

    Do you think governments don’t prioritize today?
    It seems to me that it’s simply a balancing act (like much in life) and you never make all the people happy all the time.

    You need the economy to pay for the services (services which everyone prioritizes differently)
    You need businesses to fuel the economy

    And YOU NEED *TIME* – as in: you need to be politically popular in order to have the time to achieve your mandate.

    Balancing these, among other things, is impossible which is one reason everyone hates politicians (ok ok, there are many other reasons as well… From the tunnel vision ‘stay the coursers’ to the thoughtless ‘what does the poll say I should doers’….)

    11) The tar-sands oil extraction project is environmental insanity. No government should permit such poisonous defilement of a nation’s natural heritage.

    Again – don’t fall into the (excuse the term) “Leftard” camp which see black and white. The oil-sands employee thousands, have enriched the economy and the resulting profits have funded necessities, including environmental programs!

    Do establish some controls, do think long-term but DO NOT jump the environmental bandwagon. It’s never that simple!

    Oil is a HUGE business in Canada. When people think ‘oil’, they think of Saudi Arabia in Iran but CANADA is actually the US’s #1 supplier of oil and many believe this nation sits atop the biggest deposits in the world.

    Besides money, closing down the oil-sands might increase our dependence on foreign oil.

    SOrry if gone on tangents… Gotta sign off.

  5. Anonymous on

    if u ask me he should be in jail for longer – thats where he belong

  6. Anonymous on

    if u ask me he should be in jail for longer – thats where he belong

  7. Dashiki on

    Marc….you so crazy

  8. Richard on

    Why of all the issues Marc could have chose to fight and make a difference has he chosen this one to be the most important when so many other issues world wide continue to be much more greiveous (ex. sex slaves, human trafficing)? And why do people want him out of jail when Marc’s whole plan for years was to land himself in jail and suffer as a martyr?

  9. Anonymous on

    pathetic comeback Bally Hoop. Typical stoner hissy fit zero cred no substance
    no wonder pot is still illegal with tools like you cluttering up the activism drawer
    You and all the other chemical dependant apologists fear all except classic stoner blab
    which went nowhere and is still going nowhere
    you guys are old slow druggie people o better than drunks
    ..and are still on that entitlement freedom flag crap that went down in the 90s,,
    which is more than 20 fucking years ago
    real people fight for their freedom, not whine that they missed the bus
    because they slept in due to oppression
    get with it Gramps- hurry up and develop some ailment you can use as a cover story
    so you can keep huffing weed instead of growing up like you missed
    talk about knowing yourself.. you don’t know you have a self yo know
    and to think we will be working to pay the pensions of living lumber like you
    you won’t respond because you made your point- one fixed response and all you can do is repeat it

    say hello to Gerry Garcia for me at the wheelchair races

  10. Anonymous on


  11. Anonymous on


    Interesting conversation with the head devil, and since you are not american I will translate for you:

    You are going to have to pay the warden a bribe. That is what the devil meant when he said “these things take time” time is money, an old american saying, get it? Apparently the prison you were talking about has a few big spenders there.

    I am ssure the warden would love to have lunch with your beautiful wife, arrange the cash transfer and…hope he doesnt double cross you…aftr all…he is SATANS minion.

    And if that doesnt work…watch you back, they may decide thay are tired of your trouble making and…it happens everyday in prisons in Babylon. Luckily it appears no one there wants to do you harm yet. For ‘compensation’

    Good luck dude

  12. Jodie on

    Yes, you can send books. The address and guidelines/rules are posted at under “Write to Marc”. Thank you for the support!

  13. Jodie on

    The US transfer application is in at the Department of Justice, and they can make a decision anytime. Our lawyer said it should be around June.

    After that, the Canadian government (Public Safety Minister, Corrections Canada) makes their decision – they already have the application submitted, and I’ve been interviewed by them in my home, so it’s underway. However, they can take as long as they want to issue a decision. They approve 70-80% of applications, so let’s hope for (and write letters to encourage) Marc’s to be approved. After that, it’ll take 2-3 months to get home, and then he’ll serve his time in a Canadian facility until he’s able to be released on parole.

  14. Dave on

    Supposed righteously-malicious-bullies would do well to ponder this partial quote from Dr. Weinberg:

    “Without religion you would have good people doing good things and bad people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things it takes religion.”

    I like to send a couple of books; will they let them get through?

  15. Mo von Hollen on

    Hi Mark. David,my husband, who ran for your party in the riding he was teaching in, was the most liberating experience of his life thus far. He is in mourning for Canadians loss of sovereignty…deep,deep mourning. I agree with him. With live in the shadow of this era’s Rome. They own us whether we know it or not. For me, ignorance WAS bliss.D reads every tiny scrap of information regarding your situation, and is backing Dana for his run for head of the provincial N.D.P.. I have been educated by him about all that has and is going on regarding yourself, and your dismaying situation. If anyone at any time can be “YANKED”(pardon the unintended pun) out of our country, makes ALL of us insecure. For instance, will they track me down due to this e-mail to you? If they don’t like what I am saying, will I be next? Your being handed over summarily to the U.S.A. scares me silly. And Jodie–your absolutely beautiful lady; how she must grieve having you being sent so far away to serve an “insane” sentence out in one of the scariest parts of the U.S.? But, as usual, you continue to be brave, and I am proud to be able to say I know you. I don’t expect that you would remember me, but just know that Mo and Dave in the frozen North think and talk about you and the whole situation daily. We are spreading the work up here, to anyone who will listen. Keep strong Mark. Don’t let them break you. I wish we were wealthy so we could contribute more to you and Jodie. Know that there are many, many of us up here in Canada that care so, so much for what happens to you. Bye for now, and if you want, I will write again, maybe even just to say Hi. Please take as good of care of yourself as you can under this Kafka like time you are having to endure. I will not sing the national anthem again, until someone, somewhere can get you home, where you belong. This has proven to me that we are NOT the “true North, strong and free”. What a travesty. I am so very worried about you “disappearing”, a la Noriega. Set up some system to put in play if you feel you are in imminent danger.In the meantime,be very,very aware of the potential danger you are in. We care, but we are kittens compared to the mighty lion that has you captive. BE CAREFUL,PLEASE!!
    Try not to provoke the Giant until we can find a way to get you down the beanstalk.

    Mo von Hollen

  16. Anonymous on

    I have just happened to come across this information in which you posted about the circumstances in which you are dealing with. My hat is off to you Marc, your strength and courage to deal with it on a daily basis is remarkable inner fortitude and self discipline.

    Im from East Vancouver buddy, I stop in your shop every now and then to check up on the vibe. I don’t smoke the medicine Cannabis at the present but have in the past, but I do have a respect for its healing and medicinal properties. I am a shaman artist of the Thunderbird clan and I am of first nations heritage. I think this corporation called Canada is in dire need of a total upheaval. I think your ideas are revolutionary and they stand strong on the principle of change. It is people like you have continued to inspire change regardless of their circumstances wither in the past or the present. Be well my fellow friend, I hope the Universe will manifest things much quicker for you with regard to getting out. It’s a complete folly with regard to the reasoning as to why you are going though this. The policy makers themselves are in need of a shift in perspective as to the types of laws that keep sincere souls like yourself couped up in a cage.

    This system is in dire need of a huge revolution and it starts with us, people who truly care about the welfare of it’s citizens and it’s future. I can only say that I shall offer up a prayer, to speed things up for you. I have met you before, in a brief moment of passing, but i certainly hope to spend a quality moment or so with you in the future when you are freed from such hyprocisy. Its embarrassing really, what our Country is allowing to happen with you….in fact, its pathetic…..BE STRONG YOU WARRIOR, atleast your keeping yourself busy in the meantime by being of service to others…..your remarkable Marc.

    A fellow soul in appreciation for you,


  17. NuttBoxer on

    Stop sounding like such a Libertarian! You’re making entirely too much sense!

    Hope you and all those imprisoned for victimless crimes come home soon.

  18. BallyHoo on

    You don’t seem to understand, this isn’t about pot. It’s about freedom. You are just another pathetic loser who doesn’t know him/her-self.

    Why visit a site, that has a massive , positive following if you are going to spew poison shit?

    Are you twelve years old?

  19. Brian on

    But Marc only did those things to save his friends from the same fate. Also they were asking for a LIFE sentence for seeds for all three. Marc did the decent thing and took all the heat and got his friends off the hook. If you had not noticed, one of his friends just died from cancer…..and she would have been in prison, instead of being surrounded by her family and friends. I would suggest you wakeup or shut up.

  20. Brian on

    It has everything to do with our personal freedom and sovereignty. Weed is just something that brings people together to discuss the “other” issues. Something we can rally around. For those with chronic diseases, “weed” is a godsend. Those people should not be denied legal access to the ONLY medicine that helps them. Period. And those growing to help them should NEVER be placed in jail. Period. There is no argument that supports the government position. Zero.

    Fully legalizing “Weed” here in Canada and especially the US could literally turn our countries around financially in as little as 2 years. Not in terms of smoking it, but using the fiber and oils for fuel and building supplies etc. So many people who have land can grow this and earn much needed dollars, helping them and their communities.

    Our forests would not have to be cut down and clear cut for wood and paper products. More trees mean cleaner air etc. 1 acre of “weed” supplies more pulp than an acre of trees, its cheaper to produce, less environmental damage and you can grow it again the next year where in comparison it takes 40 years to do the same with trees.

    Fuel created from “weed” is cheaper, easier to produce, renewable, almost zero environmental impact and brings much needed revenue to communities.

    So as you can see it is much more than smoking pot. Its our entire lives that can be enhanced by this dreaded “weed”.

    But of course this won’t happen and we will have to live on a planet that is slowly dieing from our abuse, even though we have a “weed” that can solve all of our problems if we could only find the time to support it.

  21. Anonymous on

    Marc Emery plead guilty in a Vancouver courthouse . accepted the extradition terms,
    and when tried in a US court plead guilty to all charges and meekly accepted a five year jail sentence

    He not only did this all to himself, but he delivered himself into the hands of his enemies
    and signed his own chit for prison..
    Maybe you should conduct a THC fast, you seem like a nice guy who temporarily becomes an asshole
    when he gets stoned

  22. Anonymous on

    Does anyone know what steps are left in the transfer back to Canada?

  23. Anonymous on

    ” …Agree with his views or not,
    everyone of us should be ready to die in order to live free.
    If you’re not ready to kill or be killed for your freedom,
    you better hope someone else is….”

    —-I guess that would be you —
    So why not off yourself for Pot
    and have someone post it on YouTube.
    Im sure you’ll get at least three hits..
    maybe even as many as ___ five

    “…And if we ever get strong enough,
    the Emery incident should be made
    the subject of a judicial inquiry.
    Maybe the tables will turn one day!…”

    —-Just keep clearing the trays off those tables,
    and its your turn to wash the floors on this shift @ at McDonalds

  24. Anonymous on

    What are the remaining steps? Does the US have to approve it next and then Canada?

  25. Anonymous on

    Get ahold of the name of the bastardo in canada who gave marc over to the prison facility in Us and cut hes head of.


    Like he would have killed somebody.

    Insane world somebody needs to bite a bullet.

    Have the world gone MAD or what???????

    Common sense god damn.

  26. Anonymous on

    yeah sure marc will be the first US president who has done time LOL

  27. David Bourgeois on

    I trust that everybody understands that Marc Emery is the best hope the cannabis movement has. It amazes me how he has continued to be a force even behind American bars. I hope Americans and Canadians realize that obtaining freedom for Marc Emery is obtaining freedom for ourselves. We should all be trying to win supporters for Marc.
    Agree with his views or not, everyone of us should be ready to die in order to live free. If you’re not ready to kill or be killed for your freedom, you better hope someone else is.
    My father dropped bombs on Nazi Germany in the 2nd World War.
    Now I’m supposed to be the beneficiary of that fight against totalitarianism.
    Instead, I witness Harper send a Canadian citizen to a U.S. gulag.for seeds!
    I witnessed my fellow Canadians succumb to American threats to shut down the border if we dared decriminalize pot. My country, America’s bitch!
    Yeah, we’re on guard for the true North, strong and free (what a joke!)… we’re on guard all right, unless it threatens our pocketbooks … then we bend over for the Americans. God did we quiver and shake when they threatened border shutdown! “Pot legalization? Oh no, we we’re just kidding! You want Emery? No problem! We’ll have him in cuffs at the airport with Vic Toews personally delivering him to you Yanks.”-Yeah, we bent over collectively for the Yanks! The only way we can ever regain face and our country’s sovereignty is to repatriate Marc and legalize cannabis. Anything short of that and we’re still America’s bitch forever!
    Marc bugged some key players in the U.S. (drug czar John Walters in particular) and so they had their boy Harper deliver him to his U.S. masters for especially cruel treatment in the U.S.— Oh yeah, this incident should do wonders for U.S./Canada relations (sarcastically said!).
    I know Marc loves Canada. I, on the other hand, think that Canada ceased to exist as a sovereign nation on the day Emery was extradited. Canada can’t protect its’ citizens from the U.S. so it is now essentially a U.S. colony.
    We went from being a British colony to being a U.S. colony.
    I’d actually rather honestly join the U.S. than belong to a wimpy country like Canada.
    Hell, even the Bloc Quebecois has more of my loyalty than Harper does.
    I know Harper’s kind: the “5,000 year old planet”, not “Adam and Steve”, “bomb abortion clinics”, “hate gays” crew of so-called fundamentalist Christian assholes.
    Christians who want lots of jails and big armies; I think the world can do without whatever they really are. They aren’t acting like Christ and never have!
    We are either going to be ruled by visionaries like Emery or jerks like Harper.
    It isn’t over yet. Harper’s day will end and Marc will return a hero.
    And if we ever get strong enough, the Emery incident should be made the subject of a judicial inquiry. Maybe the tables will turn one day!

  28. John Dillinger on

    I’ve been arguing many of the political points you’ve just made, such as no need for a military in Canada, and a totally different approach to dealing with “criminals”. I would say, however, that we also need a different approach to “public” education, that is, abolish it. The current “education” system (more like indoctrination system) is the source of much of our problems.

    Hope to see you out soon to implement your plans.

  29. Anonymous on

    I recall marc claiming before he surrendered that his stint in prison would create the change needed to overthrow the machinations of the global drug war. I read three of his blogs and he seems to have forgotten all about that and is acting like he is the Warden of the jail he is locked up in in the US. And nothing at all is happening from his followers and so the entire resistance to the drug war is kaput. The only people fighting the prohibitionist goons are the dealers who shoot back and dig tunnels. The enlightened drug consumer army are lame and whiney.

    thats more than too bad, thats pathetic. What am I doing about it> I am rethinking about the entire movement
    ignoring the marijuana marches, no longer affixing my name to petitions and having nothing to do with heat score Vancouver activists with video hookups. I am better off distancing myself from entire decade failure resistance policies
    and just growing my own and minding my own business , like they used to in the 70s. marc drifted from this live and let live principle and look where he ended up? in fucking jail for a half a decade. and absolutely nothing changed. When he gets out if five years, it will only be worse.. conclusion: don’t do what marc emery did or you;ll end up like him

  30. Brian on

    It really sucks to hear you are in such a shitty place. But I am guessing that was to be expected since you are such a “danger” to society. At least you seem to be getting along with everyone there.

    In regards to all your hopes and dreams for change, I have to say none of those things will ever happen. The powers that be will never let it happen because each of those things are a step backward for them and their agenda for total domination and control. Unless we remove EVERYONE from power and start fresh not allowing ANY members of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Masons, Mormons, JW’s, Zionists or anyone who is a member of a private organization that uses politics to further private agendas, nothing will ever change. Period. And to do that, the people will have to rise up like in Egypt and force the change. I don’t think that will happen in Canada or the US, especially if American Idol is on the TV. Sad but true.

    Take care Marc. I hope you come home soon.

  31. Anonymous on

    Here’s what GEO’s website says about their “programs” on

    * Recreation opportunities at GEO facilities include, but are not limited to:

    * Softball

    * Basketball

    * Volleyball

    * Court-style games

    * Exercise equipment

    * Table games

    * Television

    * Books & Magazines

    * Library Resources

    * Board Games

    * Guest Lecturers

    * Special interest classes

    Did Marc get any of that? Well, technically. They do have a library, just a crappy one. They do have books and magazines, just not many and not appropriate ones. The “guest lecturers” are real, they just didn’t mention that they would be conducted by Bubba and would be about shooting wild boar. They may have board games, involving giving the inmates a “board” of wood and letting them play with it. Note they said “television” singular, not “televisions” plural. DRJ got lucky and got two but their other facilities probably only have one. They do have basketball, but that’s it for the sports program. The “exercise equipment” exists, as long as all you want to exercise is your legs, on a silly exercise bike. I guess the “court style games” are games in which Marc plays defendant in a mock trial.

    Then there’s this.

    Programmatic Milestones:

    * Developed the largest In-Prison Therapeutic Community chemical dependency program in the world.
    * Established the first private mental health correctional facility, servicing predominantly special needs populations.
    * Each day, more than 5,500 offenders are enrolled in academic courses ranging from basic literacy to
    college-accredited courses.
    * Issued more than 10,000 GED certificates over the past ten years.
    * Provides a variety of substance abuse intervention and prevention programs to over 3,500 offenders on a daily
    * Enhanced religious program in two facilities to include a voluntary, faith-based, residential Bible college where offenders can earn a Bible degree through correspondence courses.
    * Collaborated with the Private Sector, in Lockhart, Texas, to create the largest employer model PIECP in the country.
    * Provide meaningful and productive employment to approximately 300 offenders daily within the PIE program at the Lockhart Secure Work Program Center.

    Is Marc getting any “college accredited courses”? Did he get any” substance abuse programs” for his weed habit? Is he getting his Bible degree? I don’t think so. He’s getting gypted. Why the crappy conditions? Probably because GEO’s stock prices are still about a dollar less than CCA’s. They gotta cut costs to the bone, for the sake of profits.

  32. Michael Dunne on

    You are such a wonderful example of free thought. You have the power and you will triumph not only for Canada but for all real Americans everywhere. Faith, hope and love, you got it all.

  33. Opus on

    We need Marc home now!!!