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Today is October 16th. I'm pleased to say that last September was my final one in captivity. I'd also like to think that was my last summer I'll spend in captivity, but I'm getting increasingly skeptical about the Canadian government approving my treaty transfer back to Canada.

Eight years ago today, on July 29th 2005, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Vancouver Police raided my store in downtown Vancouver and had me arrested while in Halifax for a medical marijuana event. I faced extradition to the United States and life in federal prison, along with my employees Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey. I was extradited on May 20th 2010 for a five-year plea deal, and I'm told Canada has changed since I've been imprisoned here.

After a December to May that had a surprising number of cool, cloudy and rainy days, the 90F -100F (30C - 38C) sunny weather I like has been here for two weeks and is likely to stay for the next four months. Nonetheless, I hope I am not here to see all of them.

January 24th-31st, 2011: In one of my previous blogs I wrote that the Chaplain was getting 25 guitars for a music program similar to other prisons where inmates have regular and easy access to instruments to play. This was the understanding of Randy, a Canadian here from New Westminster (near Vancouver) whose music business associations back home had his Canadian musician friends offer 25 Spanish guitars to DRJCI for inmate use, since hundreds of inmates here are musicians. The management here turned down this offer to have 25 guitars donated free to D. Ray James, no explanation offered.