NeverGetBusted Live Show with Barry and Candi

The brand new “NeverGetBusted Live Show with Barry and Candi” will video stream live from and on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 from 7pm – 9pm Central (5pm – 7pm Pacific).

I will take live calls from citizens regarding police encounters, arrests and/or court appearances. The toll free number is 1-877-NGB-WEED or 1-877-642-9333. The show will also feature and analyze a “Kop Abuse” video of the week.

As a certified Expert Witness, I will consult citizens and give valuable tips and advice explaining how to stay free and how to NeverGetBusted. Since Candi works alongside me on each case, she will chime in from time to time and provide an interesting perspective from a female activist’s point of view.

If you have a question or want me to analyze your encounter Tuesday night, send an email with the following and I will add you to the VIP call list to insure you get through:

1. Name (you do not have to give full name)

2. City and State you will call from

3. Nature of your call (quick explanation)

Tell everybody to tune in every Tuesday night for this new show that promises to be edgy, raw and real (must be 18 yrs or older).

All the shows will archived so if you miss one, it can be watched later at

P.S. – Police may call and will be treated with respect as long as the officer reciprocates. If the officer gets rude, Barry will talk back.