NeverGetBusted LIVE! with Barry and Candi Cooper

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch the debut episode of “NeverGetBusted Live!” with Barry and Candi Cooper. Tune in at 7pm Central (5pm Pacific) on Tuesday’s to watch new episodes of the show LIVE.

CALL the toll-free number: 1-877-NGB-WEED or 1-877-642-9333 during the show to talk with Barry and Candi about your police encounters, arrests and/or court appearances.

All callers receive a free video so be sure and call with your latest police encounter and Barry will guide you and answer all your questions (must be 18). You may also want to join the online chat and send in your questions live.

Along with live calls, the first hour contains KOP ABUSE OF THE WEEK which features the teenager beaten “Rodney King” style in Houston, Texas. Seven officer were fired and four were indicted.

The second hour includes live calls and PRISON AWARENESS featuring the Marc Emery Story.

WATCH BELOW or tune in at 5PM PACIFIC for new episodes

or go to every Tuesday night and call, chat or chill with “NeverGetBusted Live!”

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