Drug War Executions Continue

Whether it’s overseas in foreign countries like Iran and Malaysia, where drug trafficking is punished with the death penalty, or here at home in North America, where police SWAT teams kick down doors with guns blazing, the Drug War Executions continue.

I’ve written before about the horrifying fact that more than one thousand people face execution for drug offences each year in 32 countries around the globe.

Here are just a few stories from the past few weeks out of countries like Iran:

“Iran Hangs 8 Drug Traffickers”
January 3 2011, Reuters
Iran has executed eight convicted drug smugglers and four kidnappers in the past week, state media reported on Saturday.

“Ten More People Executed for Drug Charges in Iran”
January 20 2011, Payvand Iran News
Iranian judiciary issued a statement announcing the names of the prisoners and details of their charges of possession and use of heroine, opium, hashish and crack, and indicating that some of these prisoners were also sentenced to flogging and a monetary fine prior to execution.

“Dutch Freeze Ties With Iran Over Drug Hanging”
January 31 2011, Reuters
An Iranian-Dutch woman, arrested in Iran after taking part in demonstrations has been hanged for drug smuggling, prompting the Netherlands to freeze official contacts and issue a travel advice to such nationals.

and the latest from Malaysia:

“Three To Hang For Ganja Trafficking”
TEMERLOH, Jan 27 (Bernama) — Three people including a couple were sentenced to death by hanging by the high court here Thursday for trafficking in 4.521kg ganja last year.

Executing someone for committing a non-violent ‘crime’ seems barbaric to the majority of the civilized world, and most countries do not punish drug crimes with the death penalty – at least officially.

Sadly, here at home in North America, the Drug War Executions don’t happen at the gallows, but right at your front door.

Every year, SWAT teams of ski-masked, black-clad police storm neighborhood homes looking for drugs and drug dealers, and kill a bunch of people (and pets) along the way. It happens a lot (this year, StoptheDrugWar.org will track every death directly attributable to drug law enforcement).

No arrest. No trial. Just unceremonious killing in your livingroom.

Watch the video below to see one of the latest botched raids (there have already been more) and some great comments from Judge Andrew Napolitano of FOX News and Radley Balko of Reason Magazine.

Until we end drug prohibition and stop police from using violence to fight non-violent crimes, the Drug War Executions will continue.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.